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Human hand grasping experiments: raw grasping data

Fabian Heinemann, Steffen Puhlmann, Clemens Eppner, José Álvarez-Ruiz, Marianne Meartens & Oliver Brock
This dataset contains grasping data from human grasping experiments. The sensors used are: FT-Sensor (for contact forces), Touchpad (contact traces), MoCap-System (Hand position and orientation), Cyberglove (finger postures).

RBO Hand 2 simulation model

Maria Pozzi, Eder Miguel, Raphael Deimel, Monica Malvezzi, Bernd Bickel, Oliver Brock & Domenico Prattichizzo
This dataset contains readily usable FEM models and code for simulating a single PneuFlex actuator, which is used in the RBO Hands.

Share of open access journal articles published by Berlin authors from 2017: data

Michaela Voigt
The publication output from nine research institutions from Berlin (Germany) was analysed and the share of open access for journal articles published in 2017 was determined. Journal articles whose authors are affiliated with at least one of the nine institutions were analysed. The data description includes: description of provided files and respective sheets, list of data fields and their source, data re-use cases. The data described here were retrieved from multiple bibliographic databases. Due to...

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