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Entwicklung eines enzymatischen und synthetischen Produktionsverfahrens für 1,3-Propandiol aus Glycerol

Fabian Rieckenberg
In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde die grundsätzliche Realisierbarkeit eines enzymatischen in vitro Produktionsprozesses für 1,3-Propandiol (1,3-PDO) aus Glycerol demonstriert. Dabei konnte eine sehr hohe Ausbeute von ca. 0,95 mol 1,3-PDO/mol Glycerol erzielt werden. Der klar identifizierte produktivitäts- und kostenbestimmende Faktor stellt in dem in vitro System die Glyceroldehydratase mit ihrem mechanismausbasieren Suizideffekt dar.

CFRP-recycling following a pyrolysis route : process optimization and potentials

L. O. Meyer, K. Schulte & E. Grove-Nielsen
Pyrolysis is a well known method to recover carbon fibers from composite waste. In order to bring these recycled carbon fibers back into new composites, and to provide a `closed loop' for this material, their properties have to be investigated and proved suitable for new products. In a former study a strong influence of the pyrolysis process on the surface of the recovered fibers was found. This in turn influenced other properties like fiber strength,...

The role of the chief technology office - responsibilites, skills

Frank Tietze, Philipp Lorenzen & Cornelius Herstatt
So far the academic community has drawn little attention to leadership functions in technology management. The CTO – the Chief Technology Officer – is such a leadership function expected to combine technology and management issues. This paper analyses how the CTO is understood by corporations focusing particularly on typical responsibilities, key skills and necessary qualifications as well as the organizational integration into corporate structures. To approach these issues a survey among executive recruiting consultants (“head-hunters”)...

COLIBRI MODULE O17 : documentation of project results : final report

Jens Myrup Pedersen
During 2014 and 2017 the project COLIBRI (Collaboration and Innovation for Better, Personalised and IT-Supported Teaching) was carried out between seven European Universities, two companies, and a national documentation center. The aim was to develop and try out new and innovative teaching methods. You can read more about the project at www.erasmus-colibri.eu . The purpose of this document is to share the experiences we had during the three years, in a way that is useful...

Freibord und Freibordvorschrift

Odo Krappinger
Freibord und Freibordvorschrift

On a Probabilistic Approach to the Influence of Wind on the Longitudinal Ventilation of Road Tunnels

Werner Blendermann
On a Probabilistic Approach to the Influence of Wind on the Longitudinal Ventilation of Road Tunnels

Benevolent benefactor or insensitive regulator? Tracing the role of government policies in the development of India's automobile industry

Rajnish Tiwari, Cornelius Herstatt & Mahipat Ranawat
The impressive and sustained growth of India's automobile industry in recent years has catapulted it into the league of the world's top-seven producers of four-wheelers. In the past decade, its exports have surged more than 25 percent a year on average. The turning point was arguably the 1991 policy of economic liberalization, but the impact of the reforms might have been subdued, if the Government of India had not played a pivotal role in the...

Gerichtete MWCNT/ Polypyrrol Hybride als Material für anisotrope Aktuatoren

Thea Schnoor
In dieser Arbeit wird die Herstellung vertikal und horizontal gerichteter Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT)/ Polypyrrol Hybride beschrieben und die richtungsabhängige Aktuation untersucht. Die für die Aktuation verantwortliche Komponente des Hybrids ist hierbei das Polypyrrol; bei geringen Potentialdifferenzen und Strömen wird das Polymer reversibel reduziert bzw. oxidiert. Dieser Vorgang wird begleitet vom Aus- bzw. Eindiffundieren solvatisierter Ionen aus der umgebenden Elektrolytlösung in die Polymermatrix, das Volumen des Polymers schwillt bzw. zieht sich zusammen. Da Polypyrrol...

Relevanz und Potenziale frugaler Innovationen für Österreich

Rajnish Tiwari, Stephan Buse, Katharina Kalogerakis, Jakob Scheitza & Cornelius Herstatt
This qualitative-explorative study set out to investigate potentials and relevance of frugal innovations, as enablers of “affordable excellence”, for Austria. Employing a multi-method approach combining literature review, case studies and expert interviews it sought to generate preliminary insights about the strategic imperative of frugal innovations for Austrian firms. The generated insights were analyzed with experts in a focus group to identify the resulting implications for Austria’s research and innovation system. The study discovered that some...

Analysis of swarm behavior using compound eye and neural network control

Wolfgang Kramper, Ralf Wanker & Karl-Heinz Zimmermann
© 2012 Versita Warsaw. The emergent collective intelligence of groups of simple agents known as swarm intelligence is a new exiting way of achieving a form of artificial intelligence. This paper studies a formal model for swarm intelligence inspired by biological swarms found in nature. Software agents are used to model the individuals of a swarm. Each agent is controlled by a neural network that processes position data from the others in its visible zone...

Analysis of laser ablation of CFRP by ultra-short laser pulses with short wavelength

Claus Emmelmann, Maren Petersen, André Goeke & Marten Canisius
Material processing of carbon fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP) by means of shape-cutting technologies is state-of-the-art today. These processes still perform in some applications with lack of part quality such as delamination and low processes productivity. Therefore, laser processing by ultra-short laser pulses has a great potential in material ablation of CFRP. Nevertheless laser process parameters have to be adjusted carefully to reduce extension of heat affected zone (HAZ) and its influence on part quality.

Metabolic network analysis and experimental study of lipid production in Rhodosporidium toruloides grown on single and mixed substrates

Rajesh Reddy Bommareddy, Wael Sabra, Garima Maheshwari & An-Ping Zeng
Background: Microbial lipids (triacylglycerols, TAG) have received large attention for a sustainable production of oleochemicals and biofuels. Rhodosporidium toruloides can accumulate lipids up to 70% of its cell mass under certain conditions. However, our understanding of lipid production in this yeast is still much limited, especially for growth with mixed substrates at the level of metabolic network. In this work, the potentials of several important carbon sources for TAG production in R.toruloides are first comparatively...

Flow investigations on the Hamburg Testcase Model in the wind tunnel

Uwe Gietz & Jürgen Kux
Flow investigations on the Hamburg Testcase Model in the wind tunnel Das Untersuchungsobjekt ist der "Hamburg Test Case", das Windkanalmodell einer realen Schiffsform (Containerschiff "Ville de Mercure"). Das Strömungsfeld in einem Quadranten des Modells wurde im Windkanal mit einem Dreikomponenten Laser-Doppler-Velocimeter bestimmt. Die Messungen erfolgten in mehreren Spantebenen. Eine Messebene liegt am Hauptspant, fünf im Heckbereich und eine weitere im fernen Nachstrom. Die Ausdehnung der Messpunktraster überdeckt etwa die Abmessungen des Hauptspants mit Ausnahme am...

Atrapanieblas - fog as a drinking water resource

Moritz Robin Scharnke
Atrapanieblas, also known as fog collectors, present a technique for collecting water out of fog. Basically they consist of a mesh, suspended vertically between posts, which collects fog droplets out of the air and diverts the water to a drip rail running along the bottom of the mesh. Monthly measurements showed, that average daily amounts of over 40 liters water per squaremeter mesh have been collected by atrapanieblas. This technique is a very efficient method...

Jahresbericht des Präsidenten 2000

Christian Nedeß & Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
Jahresbericht des Präsidenten der TU Hamburg-Harburg für das Jahr 2000

Die Technische Hochschule an der Niederelbe : Nachtrag zur Denkschrift des Magistrats der Stadt Altona vom Juli 1928

Magistrat Der Stadt Altona
Der Nachtrag zur Denkschrift des Magistrats der Stadt Altona zur Gründung einer Technische Hochschule (siehe http://doku.b.tu-harburg.de/volltexte/2008/401/) enthält eine Stellungnahme zur öffentlichen Diskussion zu dieser Denkschrift. Kapitel: Gründe für die Veröffentlichung des Nachtrag Wege zur Gesundung des Hochschulbetreibs und Studiums Das wahre Bedürfnis: Die Hochschule des 20. Jahrhunderts Schlußbemerkung

Der Einfluß des Zusatzwiderstandes durch Seegang und Wind auf den Schiffsentwurf

Manohar R. Khiatani
Der Einfluß des Zusatzwiderstandes durch Seegang und Wind auf den Schiffsentwurf

Untersuchungen über den Zähigkeits- und Wellenwiderstand mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Wechselwirkung

Som Deo Sharma
Untersuchungen über den Zähigkeits- und Wellenwiderstand mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Wellenwirkung

Impacts of planning and policy strategies on freight flows in urban areas

Heike Flämig & Jutta Wolff
This contribution focuses on policy and planning strategies to reduce air pollution caused by heavy goods vehicle traffic. It examines the impacts of the implementation of the autobahn toll for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in Germany and the significance of environmental zoning in Berlin, Germany, for improving air quality, by using the conceptual framework of planning analysis.

Grundlagen zur Darstellung der Profilform von Schiffsrudern

Kîng H. Kwik
Grundlagen zur Darstellung der Profilform von Schiffsrudern

Entropiebasierte Bewertungskriterien für den Wärmeübergang in Kraftwerksprozessen und ihre Relevanz für praktische Anwendungen

Matthis Thorade
Alle bei der Wärmeübertragung auftretenden Verluste führen dazu, dass Entropie pro-duziert wird. Diese Arbeit untersucht, ob die Entropieproduktion oder darauf aufbau-ende Bewertungskriterien für die Auslegung und Optimierung von Wärmeübertragern hilfreiche Hinweise geben können. Die Untersuchung wird mit Hilfe eines detaillierten Modells durchgeführt, welches in der Programmiersprache Modelica erstellt wurde.

Wilhelm Ostwald, the "Brücke" (Bridge), and connections to other bibliographic activities at the beginning of the twentieth century

Thomas Hapke
This paper gives a summary of the activities of the German chemist and Nobel laureate Wilhelm Ostwald (1853 - 1932) in the area of scholarly information, communication, and publication at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1911 Ostwald, with others, founded the "Brücke" (Bridge), an organization with aims similar to those of the famous Institut International de Bibliographie in Brussels. The paper looks at connections to other institutions and individuals in the area of...

Three-Dimensional Internal Gravity Waves in a Stratifield Free-Surface Flow

Theodore Yao-Tsu Wu
Three-Dimensional Internal Gravity Waves in a Stratifield Free-Surface Flow

Database-oriented ship design

Eliezer Kantorowitz, Adrian Birbanescu-Biran & Jack Yanai
Database-oriented ship design

Dataset of ptychographic X-ray computed tomography of inverse opal photonic crystals produced by atomic layer deposition

Kaline Pagnan Furlan, Emanuel Larsson, Ana Diaz, Mirko Holler, Tobias Krekeler, Martin Ritter, Alexander Yu. Petrov, Manfred Eich, Robert Blick, Gerold A. Schneider, Imke Greving, Robert Zierold & Rolf Janßen
This data article describes the detailed parameters for synthesizing mullite inverse opal photonic crystals via Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), as well as the detailed image analysis routine used to interpret the data obtained by the measurement of such photonic crystals, before and after the heat treatment, via Ptychographic X-ray Computed Tomography (PXCT). The data presented in this article are related to the research article by Furlan and co-authors entitled "Photonic materials for high-temperature applications: Synthesis...

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