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Lead-time optimization potential of digitization in air cargo

Benjamin Bierwirth & Kai-Oliver Schocke
The air cargo supply chain consists of several parties: the forwarders collect air cargo shipments and consolidate these shipments in regional warehouses all over the continent. They decide upon the export airport and bring it there to consolidate all shipments in their air cargo hub - warehouse according to the chosen flight. Using local truckers, the shipments, consolidated by airline, are forwarded to the handling agents to load air cargo containers or to build up...

Electrochemical tuning of the optical properties of nanoporous gold

Dirk Jalas, Li-Hua Shao, Rashmi Canchi, Toshiya Okuma, Slawa Lang, Alexander Petrov, Jörg Weißmüller & Manfred Eich
Using optical in-situ measurements in an electrochemical environment, we study the electrochemical tuning of the transmission spectrum of films from the nanoporous gold (NPG) based optical metamaterial, including the effect of the ligament size. The long wavelength part of the transmission spectrum around 800 nm can be reversibly tuned via the applied electrode potential. The NPG behaves as diluted metal with its transition from dielectric to metallic response shifted to longer wavelengths. We find that the...

Nanofiltration for safe drinking water in underdeveloped regions – a feasibility study

Sreenivasan Ramaswami, Zafar Navid Ahmad, Maximilian Slesina, Joachim Behrendt & Ralf Otterpohl
The fact from the United Nations that in 2015, about 663 million people worldwide did not have access to an improved drinking water source, does not resemble the reality wherein more than 1.8 billion people worldwide were consuming water which is unsafe for drinking. Nanofiltration, with the ability to reject several trace organic compounds, heavy metals and viruses at a lower energy demand than reverse osmosis, has found application for the production of high quality...

A novel cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase from alkaliphilic amphibacillus sp. NPST-10 : purification and properties

Abdelnasser S. S. Ibrahim, Ali A. Al-Salamah, Mohamed A. El-Tayeb, Yahya B. Elbadawi & Garabed Antranikian
Screening for cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (CGTase)-producing alkaliphilic bacteria from samples collected from hyper saline soda lakes (Wadi Natrun Valley, Egypt), resulted in isolation of potent CGTase producing alkaliphilic bacterium, termed NPST-10. 16S rDNA sequence analysis identified the isolate as Amphibacillus sp. CGTase was purified to homogeneity up to 22.1 fold by starch adsorption and anion exchange chromatography with a yield of 44.7%. The purified enzyme was a monomeric protein with an estimated molecular weight of 92...

Computability Theory

Karl-Heinz Zimmermann
This book is a development of class notes for a two-hour lecture including a two-hour lab held for second-year Bachelor students of Computer Science at the Hamburg University of Technology during the last few years. The course aims to present the basic results of computability theory, including well-known mathematical models of computability such as the Turing machine, the unlimited register machine (URM), and GOTO and LOOP programs, the principal classes of computational functions like the...

Betoninstandsetzung unter Wasser : Mörtelentwicklung und Applikationstechniken

Lina Phan Anh Nguyen-Sauerbaum
Für die Instandsetzung von Betonbauteilen unter Wasser stehen aktuell keine gängigen Verfahren zur Verfügung, die ohne Trockenlegung oder Einschalen des Bauteils auskommen. Diese Arbeit legt die Grundlagen für eine Betoninstandsetzung unter Wasser ohne Einschalen des Bauwerks. Es wurden neue Mörtel entwickelt, die unter Wasser einsetzbar sind und Applikationstechniken untersucht, die eine Applikation unter Wasser mit erfolgreichem Haftverbund erlauben.

Reducing truck congestion at ports – classification and trends

Ann-Kathrin Lange, Anne Schwientek & Carlos Jahn
Truck drayage in container ports faces several challenges. Due to the ongoing growth of container ship sizes, there are increasingly high peak situations in landside container handling at logistic nodes in the port, e.g. container terminals, empty depots, freight stations. In combination with rising demands to improve the port’s ecological footprint this requires the port and its companies to adapt to the situation in order to reduce congestion. To identify important methods, key parameters, past...

A concept for multi-criteria environmental assessment of aircraft trajectories

Sigrun Matthes, Volker Grewe, Katrin Dahlmann, Christine Frömming, Emma Irvine, Ling Lim, Florian Linke, Benjamin Lührs, Bethan Owen, Keith Shine, Stavros Stromatas, Hiroshi Yamashita & Feijia Yin
Comprehensive assessment of the environmental aspects of flight movements is of increasing interest to the aviation sector as a potential input for developing sustainable aviation strategies that consider climate impact, air quality and noise issues simultaneously. However, comprehensive assessments of all three environmental aspects do not yet exist and are in particular not yet operational practice in flight planning. The purpose of this study is to present a methodology which allows to establish a multi-criteria...

Mehrphasige enzymatische Veresterung von Mono- und Polysacchariden mit Fettsäuren in unkonventionellen Lösungsmitteln

Bastian Kannengiesser
In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden Möglichkeiten zur enzymatischen Veresterung von Sacchariden mit Fettsäuren zur Synthese von Fettsäure-Zuckerestern mit emulgierenden Eigenschaften untersucht. Dabei wurden potentielle Substrate, Biokatalysatoren und Lösungsmittel innerhalb einer erfolgversprechenden Vorauswahl identifiziert, genauer untersucht und schließlich zu einem Prozess kombiniert.

Comparison of single ended and differential signaling for wired biomedical implants using SPI communication with Reed Solomon Error Correction Codes

Cagil Gümüs, Andreas Bahr, Lait Abu Saleh, Dietmar Schröder & Wolfgang Krautschneider
For an implantable system for the recording of brain signals from neonatal mice the design specifications for the weight and the size of a implantable system are very tough. The animals are very small and light weight (1-3 cm, 2-3 g) and the recording data rate is very high (3,5 Mbit/s). Thus, the system has to be extremely small. With state of the art technique it is not possible to set up a wireless implantable...

The World of process engineering and biotechnology information : seven points for reflecting on your information behavior

Thomas Hapke
Overview and reflection on information use in process engineering and biotechnology. Updated and modified version of a text which appeared first in: Buchholz, Klaus, Volker Kasche, and Uwe Theo Bornscheuer. 2012. Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology (pp. 553–64). 2. ed. Weinheim: Wiley-Blackwell.

Design of a rail-to-rail folded cascode amplifier with transconductance feedback circuit

Radu Ciocoveanu, Andreas Bahr & Wolfgang Krautschneider
In this work a programmable folded cascode railto-rail operational amplifier (OpAmp) with small settling time and transconductance feedback circuit is proposed. It employs a 130 nm CMOS technology with 1.2 V power supply. The small settling time is required to charge an ADC within a given time frame. The OpAmp achieves a gain bandwidth of 19.95 MHz with a 70 pF load and a minimum settling time of 144 ns while consuming 0.551 mA quiescent...

Get involved : futureproofing your library through dialogue

Inken Feldsien-Sudhaus
Die Bereitschaft der Freiburger Kolleginnen und Kollegen zur Ausrichtung des 18. Seminars der LIBER Architecture Group ermöglichte im April 2016 ein buntes Tagungs- und Besichtigungsprogramm in Freiburg und während des Pre-Seminars auch im benachbarten Straßburg. Dabei konnten drei völlig verschiedene Bauprojekte kennengelernt und die Gebäude vor Ort besichtigt werden: der Neubau der Freiburger Universitätsbibliothek auf den vom Vorgängerbau vorhandenen Kellergeschossen, die Sanierung bzw. Transformation für den aktuellen Bedarf des Gebäudes der Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire...

Entwicklungstrends bei Basissystemen und ihre Wechselwirkungen zum Flugzeugentwurf : 2. Symposium Flugzeug-Systemtechnik, Workshop DGLR-Fachausschuß S2.1 "Starrflügelsysteme"

Dieter Scholz & Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Luft- Und Raumfahrt-Lilienthal-Oberth E.V. (DGLR)
Workshop am Technologiezentrum Hamburg-Finkenwerder, 15./16. September 1997, Tagungsband / Fachausschuß S2.1 Starrflügelsysteme, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Lilienthal-Oberth e.V. (DGLR) / 2. Symposium Flugzeug-Systemtechnik. Inhalt: Teil A: Aspekte des Gesamtflugzeugs, Teil B: Systeme und Flugzeug-Nutzung, Teil C: Systeme und Flugzeugauslegung, Teil D: Systemrepräsentanz in Flugsimulatoren

Quantum information theory for engineers: an interpretative approach

Christian Jansson
These lecture notes comprise lectures on quantum computing and quantum information theory that I taught during the last ten years for students of electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science. The notes present an alternative entrance to quantum information theory that is suitable for students studying engineering, but perhaps also for people interested in physics and philosophy of physics.

Interactive planning and control for finished vehicle logistics

Marit Hoff-Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, Susanne Schukraft, Dirk Werthmann, Stephan Oelker & Michael Freitag
Logistic processes on sea and inland ports play an important role in the context of finished vehicle logistics as the vehicles are turned over for import and export here. Due to increasing dynamics and complexity, the planning and control of these processes requires high flexibility and reactivity. For example, changing dealer demands or delays of trucks, trains and ships may require a short-term replanning of the logistics processes on sea and inland ports. In this...

Adsorption and diffusion in zeolites : the pitfall of isotypic crystal structures

Nils E. R. Zimmermann, Maciej Haranczyk, Manju Sharma, Bei Liu, Berend Smit & Frerich Keil
Untersucht wird der Einfluss von isotypischen Kristallstrukturen auf die Adsorption und Diffusion von Methan in Vollsilikatzeolithe der Gittertypen LTA, SAS und ITE. Resultate, die auf Grundlage von experimentellen Strukturen erzielt wurden, werden mit Resultaten basierend auf Strukturvorhersagen und gängigen Strukturannäherungen verglichen. Die Ergebnisse weisen darauf hin, dass der Diffusionskoeffizient hierbei sehr viel stärker beeinflusst wird als der Henry-Koeffizient. Tatsächlich können Unterschiede im Diffusionskoeffizienten von mehreren Größenordnungen beobachtet werden. Eine systematische Untersuchung hebt letztendlich hervor, dass...

Integrated 16-Channel Neural Recording Circuit with SPI Interface and Error Correction Code in 130 nm CMOS Technology

Andreas Bahr, Lait Abu Saleh, Dietmar Schröder & Wolfgang Krautschneider
In the research of neural diseases like epilepsy and schizophrenia genetic mouse models play a very important role. Dysfunctions during early brain development might cause these diseases. The analysis of the brain signals is the key to understand this process and develop treatments. To enable the acquisition of brain signals from neonatal mice, an integrated circuit for neural recording is presented. It is minimized for low area consumption and can be placed in a miniaturized...

Technische Bildung im Spannungsfeld zwischen beruflicher und akademischer Bildung : die Vielfalt der Wege zu technischer Bildung ; Referate der 11. Ingenieurpädagogischen Regionaltagung 2016 an der Technischen Universität Hamburg vom 23.–25. Juni 2016

Gudrun Kammasch, Henning Klaffke & Sönke Knutzen
Im Mittelpunkt der Tagung stand der Umgang mit den besonderen aktuellen Herausforderungen in den Ingenieurwissenschaften. Der Tagungsband umfasst, neben dem Thema Durchlässigkeit zwischen beruflicher und akademischer Bildung, auch Beiträge z. B. zu Wissensstrukturen, zu Innovationen in der Ingenieurdidaktik, zu ethischen Aspekten in der Ingenieurwissenschaften und zu digitalen Medien in der Lehre. Gemeinsam beleuchten diese Beiträge die Vielfalt der Wege zu technischer Bildung .

Waste management scenario in Bangalore : scope for in-situ valorisation of biowaste

Sreenivasan Ramaswami
Due to unplanned rapid urbanisation since the last two decades, the municipality of Bangalore (Bengaluru) struggles to provide adequate waste management (WM) services in the city. In December 2015, as a measure to facilitate semi-centralised treatment, the Karnataka High Court ordered the Bengalureans to segregate waste at source. This study unveils the status quo of solid WM in Bengaluru and investigates the scope for treatment of biowaste at household level. Public awareness on and their...

Advanced occupational standards as basis to improve TVET and teacher training in the Sultanate of Oman

Henning Klaffke & Marc Schütte
Highly skilled teachers in TVET with professional knowledge of real work situation in their field will be a valuable resource for the Sultanate of Oman. In order to improve the vocational training system the Ministry of Manpower is running a Project called Occupational Standards and Skill Testing Center (OSSTC). The first part of the article presents the planed institutional setup of the OSSTC that will be operational till the end of the project in 2010....

Business model innovation : a case of the offshore lifting equipment supplier

Mikhail Shlopak, Richard Myhre & Gabriele Hofinger Jünge
The purpose of this paper is to present the background for and the process of development of an Internet of Things (IoT) business model (BM) for a Norwegian offshore lifting equipment supplier. The paper presents both challenges and new opportunities connected to the case company’s transition towards IoT, servicebased BM. The research methodology is a single case study research. The research approach involves four steps: theoretical discussion; a case study; analysis of the case study,...

What exactly is the Nusselt Number in convective heat transfer problems and are there alternatives?

Heinz Herwig
The often used Nusselt number is critically questioned with respect to its physical meaning. Based on a rigorous dimensional analysis, alternative assessment numbers are found that in a systematic way separately account for the quantitative and qualitative aspect of a heat transfer process. The qualitative aspect is related to the entropy generated in the temperature field of a real, irreversible heat transfer. The irreversibility can be quantified by referring it to the so-called entropic potential...

New data recording plugin for the integration of an integrated circuit for neural recordings into the electrophysiology open source user interface Open Ephys

David Katzmarek, Andreas Bahr, Lait Abu Saleh, Dietmar Schröder & Wolfgang Krautschneider
The research of various diseases like epilepsy or schizophrenia requires an accurate study of bioelectrical signals. An Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for the recording of neural signals from neonatal mice was developed [1]. To integrate the developed ASIC into Open Ephys, an open source electrophysiology user interface, a specific plugin is presented. It enables simple configuration of the ASIC, recording of biomedical signals and enables the utilization of many of Open Ephys’ functions. The...

Simulation of climatic effects on temperature-controlled containerized cargo

Sergio Barbarino, Oliver Klein, Rainer Müller, Cory Rosa, Philippe Sibomana & Alex Wunsch
This paper describes the so-called CORE Simulation Environment (CORE-SE), a scenario based simulation environment which was developed in the scope of the EU project CORE. CORE-SE in particular provides means for the simulation of logistics scenarios. It consists of a software agent platform that facilitates a multiagent-based simulation (MABS) approach. In MABS, the environment and the objects acting therein are modelled by a number of software agents. CORE-SE provides a platform to create and configure...

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