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Dioxin in the Elbe river basin: policy and science under the water framework directive 2000–2015 and toward 2021

Ulrich Förstner, Henner Hollert, Markus Brinkmann, Kathrin Eichbaum, Roland Weber & Wim Salomons

Throughput time characteristics of rush orders and their impact on standard orders

Daniel Trzyna, Arif Kuyumcu & Hermann Lödding

Konzept OER Referatorium, TUHH

Axel Dürkop

Comparison of analytical approaches predicting the compressive strength of fibre reinforced polymers

Christian Leopold, Sergej Harder, Timo Philipkowski, Wilfried Liebig & Bodo Fiedler

Friction-induced vibrations during tightening of bolted joints : analytical and experimental results

Nicolaj Baramsky, Arthur Seibel & Josef Schlattmann

A biologically inspired framework for the intelligent control of mechatronic systems and its application to a micro diving agent

Wallace Moreira Bessa, Gerrit Brinkmann, Daniel-André Dücker, Edwin Kreuzer & Eugen Solowjow

Protein-protein-interaction network organization of the hypusine modification system

Henning Sievert, Simone Venz, Oscar Platas Barradas, Vishnu Mukund Dhople, Martin Schaletzky, Claus-Henning Nagel, Melanie Balabanov, Michael Preukschas, Nora Pällmann, Carsten Bokemeyer, Tim H. Brümmendorf, Ralf Pörtner, Reinhard Walther, Kent Duncan, Joachim Hauber & Stefan Balabanov

Machining of large scaled CFRP-parts with mobile CNC-based robotic system in aerospace industry

Christian Möller, Hans Christian Schmidt, Philip Koch, Christian Böhlmann, Simon-Markus Kothe, Jörg Wollnack & Wolfgang Hintze

Towards ceramic 3DOM-materials as novel high-temperature reflective coatings and filters for thermophotovoltaics

Roman Kubrin, Hooi Sing Lee, Alexander Petrov, Rolf Janßen, Gerold A. Schneider, J. Bachmann, Kornelius Nielsch & Manfred Eich

Hysteresis analysis and control of a metal-polymer hybrid soft actuator

Manuel Schimmack, Eduardo Etzberger Feistauer, Sergio Amancio & Paolo Mercorelli

Sex differences in the morphological failure patterns following hip resurfacing arthroplasty

Andrea Hinsch, Eik Vettorazzi, Michael Morlock, Wolfgang Rüther, Michael Amling & Jozef Zustin

BEM and FEM results of displacements in a poroelastic column

Bettina Albers, Stavros A. Savidis, H. Ercan Tasan, Otto von Estorff & Malte Gehlken

Investigation of aging processes of Ti-6Al-4V powder material in laser melting

Vanessa Seyda, Niko Kaufmann & Claus Emmelmann

Influence of process parameters on the quality of aluminium alloy en AW 7075 using Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

Niko Kaufmann, Muhammed Imran, Tim Marten Wischeropp, Claus Emmelmann, Shafaqat Siddique & Frank Walther

Wertstromanalyse und -design für Auftragsfertiger

Christoph Koch

Metagenomic potential for and diversity of N-cycle driving microorganisms in the Bothnian Sea sediment

Olivia Rasigraf, Julia Schmitt, Mike S.M. Jetten & Claudia Lüke

Key parameters of measles virus production for oncolytic virotherapy

Katja Weiss, Denise Salzig, Michael D. Mühlebach, Klaus Cichutek, Ralf Pörtner & Peter Czermak

Computational model of gastric motility with active-strain electromechanics

Sebastian Brandstäter, Alessio Gizzi, Sebastian L. Fuchs, Amadeus M. Gebauer, Roland Aydin & Christian J. Cyron

An investigation of dynamic behavior of the cylindrical shells under thermal effect

Adawiya Ali Hamzah, Hussein K. Jobair, Oday Ibraheem Abdullah, Emad Talib Hashim & Laith Abed Sabri

The temperatures distributions of a single-disc clutches using heat partitioning and total heat generated approaches

Oday Ibraheem Abdullah, Josef Schlattmann, Mahir H. Majeed & Laith Abed Sabri

Evolutionary-based design and control of geometry aims for AMD-manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V parts

Mauritz Möller, Nicolaj Baramsky, Ake Ewald, Claus Emmelmann & Josef Schlattmann

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