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Framework for internet‐supported inter‐organizational product development collaboration

Eva‐Maria Kern & Wolfgang Kersten
The purpose of this article is to introduce a framework for internet supported inter-organizational product development, which enables companies to efficiently configure their development processes according to their needs.

Improvement of the process stability of arylmalonate decarboxylase by immobilization for biocatalytic profen synthesis

Miriam Aßmann, Carolin Mügge, Sarah Katharina Gaßmeyer, Junichi Enoki, Lutz Hilterhaus, Robert Kourist, Andreas Liese & Selin Kara
The enzyme arylmalonate decarboxylase (AMDase) enables the selective synthesis of enantiopure (S)-arylpropinates in a simple single-step decarboxylation of dicarboxylic acid precursors. However, the poor enzyme stability with a half-life time of about 1.2 h under process conditions is a serious limitation of the productivity, which results in a need for high catalyst loads. By immobilization on an amino C2 acrylate carrier the operational stability of the (S)-selective AMDase variant G74C/M159L/C188G/V43I/A125P/V156L was increased to a half-life...

Experimental analysis of a bubble wake influenced by a vortex street

Sophie Rüttinger, Marko Hoffmann & Michael Schlüter
Bubble column reactors are ubiquitous in engineering processes. They are used in waste water treatment, as well as in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and food industry. Mass transfer and mixing, as well as biochemical or chemical reactions in such reactors are determined by the hydrodynamics of the bubbly flow. The hydrodynamics of bubbly flows is dominated by bubble wake interactions. Despite the fact that bubble wakes have been investigated intensively in the past, there is...

Assessing India's lead market potential for cost‐effective innovations

Rajnish Tiwari & Cornelius Herstatt
The purpose of the present study is to assess India’s potential as a lead market for cost-effective frugal innovations. This is of special interest since lead markets have traditionally existed in economically highly developed countries, whereas developing countries have faced negative country-of-origin effects. In the case of India a reversal of this trend may be observed, for some time. The paper aims to identify factors which are impacting India’s emerging role as a fountainhead of...

8th International Congress on Biocatalysis (Biocat2016), Hamburg, Germany, 28 August - 1 September, 2016 : meeting report

Skander Elleuche, Petra Esselun, Ralf Grote, Barbara Klippel, Anna Krüger, Andreas Liese, Margit Ostrop, Christian Schäfers, Carola Schröder & Garabed Antranikian
The “8th International Congress on Biocatalysis (biocat2016)” is part of a biennial conference series. Biocatalysis is a topic based on the edge of biology and chemistry, which brings together scientists from the life sciences, engineers and computer scientists. This international conference serves as a platform to meet researchers from all over the world, to find collaboration partners for future projects and to gain novel insights into modern topics and techniques. Biocat covers the most exciting...

From open source in the digital to the physical world: a smooth transfer?

Nizar Abdelkafi, Thorsten Blecker & Christina Raasch
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the transferability of the open source principles of product development from the realm of software to the realm of physical products.

Adaptation in coupled problems

Christos Vokas & Manfred Kasper
The purpose of this paper is to address the formulation, implementation, and adaptation of closely coupled multi-physics problems with h- and p-adaptive finite element methods. A general formulation is chosen allowing for coupled problems of various types. Adaptation algorithms for h- and p-refinement are given.

Forwarding strategies for 6LoWPAN-fragmented IPv6 datagrams

Andreas Weigel
Diese Arbiet untersucht verschiedene Implementierungsstrategien für den Weiterleitungsaspekt des 6LoWPAN protocols für „low power and lossy networks“ (LLNs). Die Leistungsfähigkeit in Hinblick auf Latenz und Zuverlässigkeit wird für das LLN-typische Datensammlung- Verkehrsmuster für direkte und reassemblierende Strategien untersucht. Ein neuartiger Ansatz basierend auf Lauschen und dem Aussetzen von Transmissionen wird entwickelt und es wird gezeigt, dass dieser die Ende-zu-Ende-Zuverlässigkeit in einem Großteil der untersuchten Simulationsszenarien und Testnetzwerken signifikant verbessert.

On the road to biopolymer aerogels - dealing with the solvent

Subrahmanyam Raman, Pavel Gurikov, Paul Dieringer, Miaotian Sun & Irina Smirnova
Aerogels are three-dimensional ultra-light porous structures whose characteristics make them exciting candidates for research, development and commercialization leading to a broad scope of applications ranging from insulation and catalysis to regenerative medicine and pharmaceuticals. Biopolymers have recently entered the aerogel foray. In order to fully realize their potential, progressive strategies dealing with production times and costs reduction must be put in place to facilitate the scale up of aerogel production from lab to commercial scale....

Comparing prediction market mechanisms : an experiment-based and micro validated multi-agent simulation

Frank M. A. Klingert & Matthias Meyer
Prediction markets are a promising instrument for drawing on the “wisdom of the crowds”. For instance, in a corporate context they have been used successfully to forecast sales or project risks by tapping into the heterogeneous information of decentralized actors in and outside of companies. Among the main market mechanisms implemented so far in prediction markets are (1) the continuous double auction and (2) the logarithmic market scoring rule. However, it is not fully understood...

Women withdrawers in engineering studies : identity formation and learning culture as gendered barriers for persistence?

Andrea Wolffram, Wibke Derboven & Gabriele Winker
Scholarship on women in engineering education mainly focuses on the question of how to attract more women to this subject. The topic concerning women in engineering education is here guided by the question of why women leave engineering studies. The paper aims to examine the main conflicts women encounter in engineering education and to derive implications for interventions suited for strengthening institutional bonding forces.

Comparison of hp‐adaptive methods in finite element electromagnetic wave propagation

Marc Schober & Manfred Kasper
This paper aims to show that simple geometry-based hp-algorithms using an explicit a posteriori error estimator are efficient in wave propagation computation of complex structures containing geometric singularities.

Wireless blood pressure measurement implant electronics for integration in a stent craft

Bibin John, Rajeev Ranjan, Clemens Spink, Dietmar Schroeder, Andreas Koops, Gerhard Adam & Wolfgang Krautschneider
This paper describes the design, implementation and testing of a wireless blood pressure sensing implant. The implant is mounted on a stent graft. The implant along with the stent graft must fit into a 16F applicator stent delivery system. The implant is powered using the energy harvested from wireless power transmission. The measured pressure data is sent wirelessly to an external data reader hardware. The pressure measurement must have resolution of 1 mmHg.

Innovation education programs : toward a conceptual framework

Alex Maritz, Anton De Waal, Stephan Buse, Cornelius Herstatt, Astrid Lassen & Ross Maclachlan
Innovation education has been identified as a key contributor to enhancing the innovative behavior of individuals, organizations and economies; yet very little literature exists on the development and assessment of innovation education programs (IEPs). This is particularly so in the higher education and vocational education domains. The purpose of this paper is to bridge the gap in the literature, by proposing a conceptual framework of a multi-dimensional IEP.

RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 3

Joachim Behrendt, Dario Fröndhoff, Andrea Munoz Ardila, Maria Monina Orlina, Máryeluz Rueda Morales & Ruth Schaldach
RUVIVAL Publication Series is a compilation of literature reviews on topics concerned with the revitalisation of rural areas. RUVIVAL Publication Series is part of the e-learning project RUVIVAL and each of the three contributions in this publication is connected to further interactive multimedia material, which can be reached under www.ruvival.de. The first literature review is concerned with urine utilisation as a fertiliser in agriculture. Urine contains four important nutrients for plant growth: nitrogen (N), phosphorus...

BDD-based value analysis for X86 executables

Sven Mattsen
Wir präsentieren eine abstrakte Domäne zur Ganzzahlanalyse, die für maschinennahen Code, wo Präzision besonders wichtig ist, geeignet ist. Ganzzahlanalysen approximieren Ganzzahlmengen normalerwise durch konvexe Mengen, wobei Präzision verloren geht, aber Effizienz gewonnen wird. Unsere Ganzzahlanalyse basiert auf modifizierten binären Entscheidungsbäumen (BDD), die ein effizientes Speichern von Ganzzahlmengen ermöglichen. Die zugehörigen Transferfunktionen definieren wir auf der Struktur der BDDs, was sie selbst für sehr große Mengen effizient macht. Wir stellen die Domäne in Form einer Bibliothek...

Structural and differential analysis for program comprehension of executables

Arne Wichmann
Wir führen eine strukturelle Analyse (StA), die Schlüsselstellen für das Programmverständnis von ausführbaren Programmen identifiziert, und eine differenzielle Analyse (DiA), die Ähnlichkeiten zwischen solchen ausführbaren Programmen identifiziert, ein. Unsere StA basiert auf einer neuen Abstraktion von Kontrollflussinformationen auf Statementebene zu einer Repräsentation mit einer graphischen Ansicht, die eine intuitive Identifizierung von mitgelieferten Mustern ermöglicht. Unsere DiA basiert auf Sequenzalignments und benötigt nur die Position und Größe der Funktionen. Wir validieren die StA manuell mit einer...

Development of an in situ extraction process of fatty acids from microalgae cultures

Philipp Glembin
In this work micellar extraction was investigated in order to develop an alternative process for the in situ extraction of hydrophobic substances from microalgae cultures. The main requirements for an in situ extraction process such as biocompatibility, phase separation behavior and partitioning of the hydrophobic target substance between micellar- and aqueous phases were studied for a number of surfactants. The cloud point temperatures (CPT) as well as the biocompatibility of the nonionic surfactants with the...

PGE production in Southern Africa, part II: Environmental aspects

Benedikt Buchspies, Lisa Thormann, Charles Mbohwa & Martin Kaltschmitt
Platinum group elements (PGEs, 6E PGE = Pt + Pd + Rh + Ru + Ir + Au) are used in numerous applications that seek to reduce environmental impacts of mobility and energy generation. Consequently, the future demand for PGEs is predicted to increase. Previous studies indicate that environmental impacts of PGE production change over time emphasizing the need of up-to-date data and assessments. In this context, an analysis of environmental aspects of PGE production...

PGE production in Southern Africa, part I: Production and market trends

Lisa Thormann, Benedikt Buchspies, Charles Mbohwa & Martin Kaltschmitt
Platinum group elements (PGEs) are an important resource for many applications, such as automotive catalytic converters for vehicles, jewelry, electrical devices and as catalysts in the chemical and petroleum industries. At present, the greatest share of global PGE supply is extracted from the South African Bushveld Complex and from the Zimbabwean Great Dyke. In this context, this article provides a comprehensive summary of detailed mining data between 2010 and 2015 and discusses these in regard...

Compression fracture of CFRP laminates containing stress intensifications

Christian Leopold, Martin Schütt, Wilfried Liebig, Timo Philipkowski, Jonas Kürten, Karl Schulte & Bodo Fiedler
For brittle fracture behaviour of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) under compression, several approaches exist, which describe different mechanisms during failure, especially at stress intensifications. The failure process is not only initiated by the buckling fibres, but a shear driven fibre compressive failure beneficiaries or initiates the formation of fibres into a kink-band. Starting from this kink-band further damage can be detected, which leads to the final failure. The subject of this work is an...

Automatisierung der Weißlichtinterferometrie zur Inspektion rotationssymmetrischer Triebwerksbauteile

Tomas Domaschke
Die Arbeit umfasst die Entwicklung eines robotergestützten Systems zur Rissinspektion von Brennkammerbauteilen mittels Weißlichtinterferometrie. Aufgrund eines kleinen Sensormessbereichs und beschädigter Bauteile stellt die Inspektionsplanung eine Herausforderung dar. Der neuartige Lösungsansatz sieht ein zweistufiges Konzept vor. Dieses besteht aus einer modellbasierten Pfadplanung, bei der die Rotationssymmetrie des Bauteils genutzt wird und einer anschließenden Pfadadaption.

The World of process engineering and biotechnology information : seven points for reflecting on your information behavior

Thomas Hapke
Overview and reflection on information use in process engineering and biotechnology. Updated and modified version of a text which appeared first in: Buchholz, Klaus, Volker Kasche, and Uwe Theo Bornscheuer. 2012. Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology (pp. 553–64). 2. ed. Weinheim: Wiley-Blackwell.

Dynamische Messung von Adsorptionsgleichgewichten an Nanopartikeln in nah- und überkritischen Lösungen: Experimenteller Ansatz und thermodynamische Modellierung

Johannes Kern
Die vorliegende Dissertation beschäftigt sich mit der experimentellen und theoretischen Darstellung der Adsorption gelöster Substanzen in überkritischem Kohlenstoffdioxid an Nanopartikel. Es wird zunächst die experimentelle Bestimmung von Adsorptionsgleichgewichten aus überkritischem Kohlenstoffdioxid an Nanopartikel behandelt. Dafür wurden Nanopartikel aus Al2O3 sowie AlO(OH) mit unterschiedlichen Packmethoden in chromatographische Säulen gepackt und die gepackten Säulen hinsichtlich Packungsqualität und Eignung für dynamische Adsorptionsmessmethoden charakterisiert. Dabei stellte sich heraus, dass ein Kompromiss zwischen Packungsqualität und Druckverlust der Säule eingegangen werden...

Investigation of core structure and stability of human Pyruvate Dehydrogenase complex: A coarse-grained approach

Samira Hezaveh, An-Ping Zeng & Uwe Jandt
The human pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (hPDC) is a large macromolecular machine, and its unique structural and functional properties make it a versatile target for manipulation aiming for the design of new types of artificial multienzyme cascades. However, model-based and hence systematic understanding of the structure−function relationship of this kind of complexes is yet poor. However, with new structure data, modeling techniques, and increasing computation power available, this shortfall is about to cease. Recently, we have...

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