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Innovation education programs : toward a conceptual framework

Alex Maritz, Anton De Waal, Stephan Buse, Cornelius Herstatt, Astrid Lassen & Ross Maclachlan
Innovation education has been identified as a key contributor to enhancing the innovative behavior of individuals, organizations and economies; yet very little literature exists on the development and assessment of innovation education programs (IEPs). This is particularly so in the higher education and vocational education domains. The purpose of this paper is to bridge the gap in the literature, by proposing a conceptual framework of a multi-dimensional IEP.

How to determine losses in a flow field: A paradigm shift towards the second law analysis

Heinz Herwig & Bastian Schmandt
Assuming that CFD solutions will be more and more used to characterize losses in terms of drag for external flows and head loss for internal flows, we suggest to replace single-valued data, like the drag force or a pressure drop, by field information about the losses. These information are gained when the entropy generation in the flow field is analyzed, an approach that often is called second law analysis (SLA), referring to the second law...

The entropic potential concept: a new way to look at energy transfer operations

Tammo Wenterodt & Heinz Herwig
Energy transfer operations or processes are systematically analyzed with respect to the way they can be assessed. It turns out that the energy transfer should not only be characterized by the operation or process itself but that it should be seen in a wider context. This context is introduced as the entropic potential of the energy that is transferred. It takes into account the overall transfer from the energy in its initial and finite states,...

Digitale Bildungsmedien in der Ausbildung zur Fachpraktikerin und zum Fachpraktiker

Henning Klaffke
Digital educational media in inclusive teaching concepts are still not very well represented in everyday vocational school life. This paper presents a critical classification of digital educational media in inclusive offerings, and highlights the fact that didactic deployment scenarios for the inclusive teaching needs to be developed in order to assist the teaching staff to implement and use digital educational media.

Indian Investments in Germany: Promising Prospects and Still Untapped Potential

Rajnish Tiwari
In the reporting period between August 2013 and July 2014 several Indian companies continued to invest in Germany. The “evident pace” of investments, however, did not match the overall growth in India’s outward foreign direct investments. Also, firms from other emerging economies increased their investment activities threatening to overshadow India’s leading position in Germany. With the new Indian government’s thrust on the manufacturing sector and its explicit efforts to foster partnership with Germany, new avenues...

German Mittelstand discovers BRIC: A Survey of Product Strategies of German ‘Hidden Champions’ in China and India

Rajnish Tiwari & Stephan Buse
An empirical survey conducted at the Hamburg University of technology (TUHH) shows the BRIC markets are perceived to be of high and growing strategic importance by German “Hidden Champions”. The survey suggests that many firms belonging to the German “Mittelstand” have just begun to realize the potentials of India as a strategic market. The survey reveals that such companies often try to target high-end, premium segments with products developed at the headquarters. An exclusive focus...

Effect of high pressure on hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria

Martina Schedler, Robert Hiessl, Ana Gabriela Valladares Juárez, Giselher Gust & Rudolf Müller
The blowout of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 occurred at a depth of 1500 m, corresponding to a hydrostatic pressure of 15 MPa. Up to now, knowledge about the impact of high pressure on oil-degrading bacteria has been scarce. To investigate how the biodegradation of crude oil and its components is influenced by high pressures, like those in deep-sea environments, hydrocarbon degradation and growth of two model strains were studied...

TiO2 photocatalyst nanoparticle separation: flocculation in different matrices and use of powdered activated carbon as a precoat in low-cost fabric filtration

Carlos F. Liriano Jorge, Uğur Söhmen, Altan Özkan, Holger Gulyas & Ralf Otterpohl
Separation of photocatalyst nanoparticles is a problem impeding widespread application of photocatalytic oxidation. As sedimentation of photocatalyst particles is facilitated by their flocculation, the influence of common constituents of biologically pretreated wastewaters (NaCl, NaHCO3, and their combination with humic acid sodium salt) on flocculation was tested by the pipetmethod. Results showed that the impact of these substances on TiO2 nanoparticle flocculation is rather complex and strongly affected by pH.When humic acid was present, TiO2 particles...

An Extended analytical approach to evaluating monotonic functions of fuzzy numbers

Arthur Seibel & Josef Schlattmann
This paper presents an extended analytical approach to evaluating continuous, monotonic functions of independent fuzzy numbers. The approach is based on a parametric α-cut representation of fuzzy numbers and allows for the inclusion of parameter uncertainties into mathematical models.

Pretreating stored human urine for solar evaporation by low-technology ammonia stripping

Holger Gulyas, Shidong Zhang & Ralf Otterpohl
In order to avoid the loss of ammonia during solar drying of stored urine, low-tech stripping is suggested as a pretreatment process for ammonia recovery. The mass transfer of ammonia from stored urine with an initial pH of about 9 was tested in a simple closed vessel operated at 72˚C, 74˚C and 85˚C. The specific urine/gas interface was 16.97 m−1. For ammonia absorption, a beaker with sulfuric acid was positioned in the gas phase of...

Forschungsschwerpunkt Maritime Systeme - Zukunft gestalten - Forschung und wissenschaftliche Ausbildung

Sven-Brian Müller, Stefan Krüger, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Thomas Rung, Günter Ackermann, Wolfgang Fricke, Alexander Düster, Friedrich Wirz, Edwin Kreuzer, Marc-André Pick, Hermann Lödding, Axel Friedewald, Jürgen Grabe, Carlos Jahn & Claus Emmelmann
Broschüre des Forschungsschwerpunkts Maritime Systeme zur Forschungsausrichtung der beteiligten Institute.

Laserthermoschockversuche - Durchführung und Auswertung für unterschiedliche Hochleistungskeramiken

Robert Pulz
In this thesis, a laser beam thermal shock rig was fundamentally enhanced to realize heating-up thermal shock tests on different advanced ceramics. The testing technique of the rig was extended with respect to testing media, i.e. testing in vacuum is possible now in addition to air. Heating takes place continuously and very rapidly by a laser beam, which moves helically from the center of the sample to the outside. The measurement of the time and...

Via array modeling for application in fast, energy-efficient digital systems

Sebastian Müller
This thesis studies the application of physics-based via models for an efficient modeling of large via arrays in multilayer PCBs. Three main aspects are addressed: the study and improvement of the modeling accuracy, the study and improvement of the model efficiency, and the application of the model in a systematic evaluation of via array design alternatives for high speed links. With regard to the modeling accuracy, the application of an improved local field model is...

Design for X - Beiträge zum 25. DfX-Symposium Oktober 2014

Dieter Krause, Kristin Paetzold & Sandro Wartzack
Das DfX-Symposium soll jungen Wissenschaftlern aus dem Bereich der Produktentwicklung eine Plattform für die Vorstellung neuer Ideen und Ansätze bieten. Zur intensiven Diskussion tragen Industrievertreter und Professoren mit ihren spezifischen Erfahrungen bei. Thematische Schwerpunkte waren in diesem Jahr wissensbasierte Produktentwicklung, Toleranzen / Robust Design, Alternsgerechte Produktentwicklung, Simulation mit digitalen Menschmodellen, Leichtbau und Design for X.

Component-based mechanisation of programming languages in embedded settings

Seyed Hossein Haeri
This thesis offers a new component-based approach for programming language implementation with the specific purpose of experimentally studying the languages characteristics (CBM). We ship the first set of reusable syntax, semantics, and analysis components for a selection of lazy languages. We define and formulate the Expression Compatibility Problem and present two solutions for it, which are based on additive component composition and feature-oriented programming, respectively. Inspired by lightweight family polymorphism, we introduce the first formal...

The Blue Engineer : IngenieurInnen mit ökologischer und sozialer Verantwortung. Ausgabe 01, Wintersemester 2014/15

Blue Engineering AG TUHH
The Blue Engineer hat sich der Aufgabe widmet, über inner- und außeruniversitäre Themen mit Bezug zu ganzheitlich verstandener Nachhaltigkeit zu berichten.

Fünfter Interdisziplinärer Workshop Maritime Systeme : aktuelle Ergebnisse aus laufenden Promotionsprojekten an der TUHH

Sven-Brian Müller, Axel Friedewald, Hermann Lödding, Wolfgang Fricke, Thomas Rung, Edwin Kreuzer & Jürgen Grabe
Florian Tietze, Hermann Lödding Produktivitätsanalyse in der Unikatfertigung mit mobilen Endgeräten Wolfgang Fricke, Bjarne Gerlach, Matthias Guiard Investigation on the load carrying behaviour of windows subjected to dynamic loads Xiaojing Luo, Thomas Rung Viscous Multi-Body Hydrodynamics for Offshore Applications David Osthoff Numerical Simulation of Ship Collision with Gravity Base Foundation of Offshore Wind Turbine Edwin Kreuzer, Eugen Solowjow, Gang Qiu, Thorben Hamann, Jürgen Grabe Leg-Seabed Interactions of Jack-Up Vessels Marcel König, Eyke Höft, Alexander Düster...

Mass production of mesenchymal stem cells : impact of bioreactor design and flow conditions on proliferation and differentiation

Valentin Jossen, Ralf Pörtner, Stephan Christian Kaiser, Matthias Kraume, Dieter Eibl & Regine Eibl
The book serves as a good starting point for anyone interested in the application of tissue engineering. It offers a colorful mix of topics, which explain the obstacles and possible solutions for TE applications. The first part covers the use of adult stem cells and their applications. The following chapters offer an insight into the development of a tailored biomaterial for organ replacement and highlight the importance of cell-biomaterial interaction. In summary, this book offers...

TUHH Spektrum Oktober 2014

Präsident Der Technischen Universität Hamburg-Harburg
- Mathematik und Mechanik: die Unbekannte in der studentischen Zeitrechnung - Die Natur als Vorbild für effiziente Produktion - TUler zeigen soziales Engagement - Studium und Spitzensport: Ruderer will zur Olympiade

Untersuchung von selbstklebenden topischen Matrix-Systemen zur Wirkstofffreisetzung aus kosmetischen und dermatologischen Patches

Stefanie Meyer
Die Auswahl einer Klebmasse stellt einen entscheidenen Schritt bei der Entwicklung eines neuen transdermalen Pflastersystems (TDDS) dar. In dieser Arbeit wurde die perkutane Absorption von Wirkstoffen bei der Anwendung adhäsiver transdermaler Systeme untersucht. Diffusionsprozesse innerhalb der Klebmasse eines TDDS konnten dabei mit Hilfe einer eigens dafür neu entwickelten Methode basierend auf konfokaler Raman Mikroskopie betrachtet werden. Aus den in den Studien gewonnen Erkenntnissen wurde ein neues Konzept für die Entwicklung eines TDDSs erstellt. Dieses Konzept...

Frugal innovation and analogies : some propositions for product development in emerging economies

Rajnish Tiwari, Katharina Kalogerakis & Cornelius Herstatt
Frugal products and services aim at satisfying the unsaturated demand of a large and growing middle class in many “emerging economies”. Although research has been conducted in regard to the strategic importance of frugal innovations, so far, the actual development process of such innovations has not been looked into in detail. Some examples show that inventive analogies are used to develop frugal innovations. For instance, the development of a frugal artificial heart was based on...

Stakeholder management along maritime container transport chains - Development of a framework and exemplified application in empty container logistics

Jutta Wolff
Herausforderungen entlang der maritimen Transportkette erfordern einen bewussten und strukturierten Umgang mit Stakeholdern. Aus diesem Grund wurde der Stakeholder Management Cycle (SMC) zur Anwendung entlang der maritimen Containertransportkette entwickelt. Der SMC ist ein Analyse- und Managementinstrument, das Transparenz hinsichtlich relevanter Stakeholder erzeugt, um adäquate Strategien für deren Einbindung in Veränderungsprozesse abzuleiten. Eine beispielhafte Anwendung des SMC für Leercontainerlogistik im Untersuchungsraum Hamburg – Ostsee bestätigt dessen Konsistenz und zeigt, dass die Anwendung des Stakeholder-Ansatzes Potential zur...

Auf dem Prüfstand. Lernen bewerten in technischen Fächern.

Zentrum Für Lehre Und Lernen (ZLL), Katrin Billerbeck, Alexander Tscheulin & Peter Salden
Die Broschüre beschäftigt sich umfassend mit dem Thema Prüfungen. In kurzen Kapiteln werden Anregungen für die Konzeption und Durchführung von Prüfungen gegeben. Neben einem Überblick über die Rahmenbedingungen, die bei Prüfungen zu beachten sind, gibt es konkrete Vorschläge zur Gestaltung von Prüfungen in großen und kleinen Veranstaltungen. Darüber hinaus werden Methoden vorgestellt, die den Wissensstand von Studierenden noch vor den Abschlussprüfungen erheben.

The social engineering personality framework

Sven Übelacker & Susanne Quiel
We explore Information and Communication Technology (ICT) security in a socio-technical world and focus in particular on the susceptibility to social engineering attacks. We pursue the question if and how personality traits influence this susceptibility. We use Cialdini's principles of influence to categorise social engineering attacks. First we show with a comprehensive literature review how existent research approaches social engineering susceptibility. Based on this review we construct suggestions for plausible relations between personality traits of...

Entropiebasierte Bewertungskriterien für den Wärmeübergang in Kraftwerksprozessen und ihre Relevanz für praktische Anwendungen

Matthis Thorade
Alle bei der Wärmeübertragung auftretenden Verluste führen dazu, dass Entropie pro-duziert wird. Diese Arbeit untersucht, ob die Entropieproduktion oder darauf aufbau-ende Bewertungskriterien für die Auslegung und Optimierung von Wärmeübertragern hilfreiche Hinweise geben können. Die Untersuchung wird mit Hilfe eines detaillierten Modells durchgeführt, welches in der Programmiersprache Modelica erstellt wurde.

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