242 Works

Standards zur Gerätevernetzung

Andy Großmann

Resource Management Tools

Anh Nguyen

Einführung in das Patentrecht

Philip Schieber

Location Privacy Preserving Mechanisms

Friederike Groschupp

Challenges for Modelling of Software-based Packet Processing in Commodity-Hardware using Queueing Theory

Christian Thieme

SQL, noSQL or newSQL – comparison and applicability for Smart Spaces

Christoph Rudolf

Data Management in Distributed Systems

Simon Sch\"Affner

Event Detection in WSNs - Vehical Tracking

Michael Stuber

Towards a More Anonymous Bitcoin

Thea Heim

What does your mobile phone leak – Unique in the crowd and predictable

Matti Lorenzen

Proceedings of the Seminars Future Internet (FI) and Innovative Internet Technologies and Mobile Communications (IITM), Summer Semester 2014

Georg Carle, Daniel Raumer & Lukas Schwaighofer

GDPR - Required Changes By Website Operators And Technical Ways To Check For Compliance

Maximilian Muth

Diving into Snabb

Dominik Scholz

Analyzing "Global Access to the Internet for All" Projects

Sascha Rushing

Topology Discovery in controlled environments

Maximilian Pudelko

Understanding and using Balanced Security Scorecards

Aurelia Stöhr

TLS solutions for WSNs

Philipp Lowack

Moving Target Defense

Bettina Noglik

Using Looking Glasses to Understand the Internet's Structure

Jagjit Singh

TCP/IP Communication in a WSN

Oliver Gasser

Analyse zur Sicherheit von Open-Source Software

Marcus Rogowsky

Middlebox Models in Network Verification Research

Julius Michaelis

Streaming Video Detection and QoE Estimation in Encrypted Traffic

Bogdan Iacob

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