242 Works

Observing TCP Round Trip Times with FlowScope

Christian Wahl

Data Management in Distributed Systems

Simon Sch\"Affner

Identity Management on the Blockchain

Julian Roos

An overview over Capsule Networks

Luca Alessandro Dombetzki

Attack-Defense-Trees and other Security Modeling Tools

Benjamin Löhner

Evaluation of Distributed Semantic Databases

Was ist Privatsphäre?

Benedikt Müller

Analyse der Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung von Nextcloud

Emmanuel Syrmoudis

Longitudinal study of user-space packet processing frameworks in academia

Maik Luu Bach

GDPR - Required Changes By Website Operators And Technical Ways To Check For Compliance

Maximilian Muth

Self-Driven Computer Networks

Simon Klimaschka

Performance of Message Authentication Codes for Secure Ethernet

Philipp Hagenlocher

Fog Computing for Smart Environments

Ulrich Huber

Spieltheoretische Analyse von Blockchains

Schahed Hadawal

Key Performance Indicators of TCP Flows

Patryk Brzoza

Use case study on machine learning for network anomaly detection

Edin Citaku

Proceedings of the Seminars Future Internet (FI) and Innovative Internet Technologies and Mobile Communication (IITM), Summer Semester 2018

Georg Carle, Daniel Raumer, Stephan Günther & Benedikt Jaeger

Hybridization of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Ethan Tatlow

Kryptocoin Diebstähle

Jan Luca Pawlik

WeSee: dynamic visualization of Web Service use

Sergey Podanev

Text Mining on Mailing Lists: Tagging

Florian Haimerl

Practical Assessment of Secure Multiparty Computation Frameworks

Jakub Wójcik

Ethics, Products, Top Lists - and their Use at Internet Measurement Conferences

Luca Ciprian

Streaming Video Detection and QoE Estimation in Encrypted Traffic

Bogdan Iacob

Comparison of IoT Data Protocol Overhead

Vasil Sarafov

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