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”Lego-Kassettenrekorder“ Lego-Mindstorms-Praktikum

Inga Brockhage

Regelungskonzept für eine elektrohydraulische Bremsanlage mit adaptivem Bremsgefühl

Emad Farshizadeh

Frauenbilder in Julia Roberts-Filmen

Alexandra Bubenheim

Fluid Model of Crystal Plasticity: Numerical Simulations of 2-turn Equal Channel Angular Extrusion

P. Minakowski

Combustion behavior of lumpy coke particle under shaft kiln conditions

Nyein Nyein Linn

On two problems regarding farthest distances in continuous networks

Carsten Grimm

Business Model

Jana Goers, Graham Horton, Nance Kaemerer & Stefan Werner Knoll

Stochastic Multiscale Characterization of Short-Fiber Reinforced Composites

M.A. Hickman & P.K. Basu

Bau eines Bergungsroboters „Franky“

Danielle Ingrid Nodom Notouom

Customer Needs

Jana Goers, Graham Horton, Nance Kammerer & Stefan Werner Knoll

Methoden der projektübergreifenden Wiederverwendung im Anlagenentwurf

Kristofer hell

A New Approach in Material Modeling Towards Shear Cutting of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics

L. Poggenpohl, S. Wulfinghoff & S. Reese

ePortfolios im Weiterbildungsstudiengang Cross Media der Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal

Helge Fredrich

Mesh Independency Analyses and Grid Density Estimation for Ventricular Assist Devices in Multiple Reference Frames Simulations

G.B. Lopes Jr., L.C. Gómez & E.G.P. Bock

Simulation of Flow Behavior and Texture Evolution of Cu-Ag composites incorporating XRD data

S. Dodla, A. Bertram & M. Krüger

Kartographie mit Lego-Mindstorms

Fabian Schimke

Simple Electromagnetic Motor Model for Torsional Analysis of Variable Speed Drives with an Induction Motor

T. P. Holopainen & A. Arkkio

Rotordynamic Computation of a Permanent-Magnetic excited Synchronous Machine due to Electromagnetic Force Excitation

M. Clappier & L. Gaul

Turbocharger Dynamic Analysis: Advanced Design Simulation in Time Domain Using CFD Predicted Thermal Boundary Conditions

S. Bukovnik, G. Offner, A. Diemath & L. Smolik

Atomistic Simulation of Crystal Change and Carbon Diffusion during Drawing of Pearlitic Steel Nano-sized Wire

K. Saitoh, Y. Sameshima, M. Takuma & Y. Takahashi

A framework for modeling the mechanical behavior of tempered martensitic steels at high temperatures

Johanna Eisenträger

Constitutive Modeling of Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Cyclic Elastoplastic Behaviour

K. I. Kourousis, D. Agius, C. Wang & A. Subic

Anrechnung außerhochschulischer Vorleistungen

Achim Birkner & Christoph Damm

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