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Challenges of Social Science Literacy

Birgit Weber
Since international tests compare the performance of students in different subjects, the issue of literacy in the social science subject is becoming more pressing. The successes and failures in international tests influence the national education policies considerably. First, the inclusion of subjects in international comparisons has consequences for their importance. Second, the race in the Olympics of education leads to an increasing focus on the output of educational processes, also measured in the central exams....

PetriScape - A plugin for discrete Petri net simulations in Cytoscape

Diogo Almeida, Vasco Azevedo, Artur Silva & Jan Baumbach
Systems biology plays a central role for biological network analysis in the post-genomic era. Cytoscape is the standard bioinformatics tool offering the community an extensible platform for computational analysis of the emerging cellular network together with experimental omics data sets. However, only few apps/plugins/tools are available for simulating network dynamics in Cytoscape 3. Many approaches of varying complexity exist but none of them have been integrated into Cytoscape as app/plugin yet. Here, we introduce PetriScape,...

The Politics of League Tables

Gita Steiner-Khamsi
The article focuses on the political usages of OECD- and IEA-type studies on student achievement, and suggests that we examine in more detail how policy makers use results from international comparisons to advance fundamental school reform at national level. The author categorizes three types of policy reactions to league tables: (1) scandalization, (2) glorification, and (3) indifference. Drawing from media reports and policy debates that emerged right after the release of the results from TIMSS,...

Zielgruppen wissenschaftlicher Weiterbildung. Eine empirische Analyse auf Basis von Studierendendaten

Anita Schwikal & Bastian Steinmüller
Zu Zielgruppen wissenschaftlicher Weiterbildung werden u.a. Personen gezählt, die einer Berufstätigkeit nachgehen, die Familienpflichten haben oder arbeitslose Akademiker sind. Diese Typisierungen spiegelt die mögliche Vielfalt von Studierenden nur bedingt wider. So können auf Basis der Beschreibung kaum Rückschlüsse für eine Angebotsentwicklung gewonnen werden, die den zukünftigen Anforderungen und Bedürfnissen der Zielgruppen gerecht werden. Das Projekt E B hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, wissenschaftliche Weiterbildungsangebote auf Basis von Daten evidenzbasiert zu entwickeln. Zu den Zielgruppenanalysen...

Video Summarization with SOMs

Jorma Laaksonen, Markus Koskela, Mats Sjöberg, Ville Viitaniemi & Hannes Muurinen
Video summarization is a process where a long video file is converted to a considerably shorter form. The video summary can then be used to facilitate efficient searching and browsing of video files in large video collections. The aim of successful automatic summarization is to preserve as much as possible from the essential content of each video. What is essential is of course subjective and also dependent on the use of the videos and the...

Hung Keung’s Dao Gives Birth to One (2009–2012) as a postcolonial critique of modernist art history

Sarah Sandfort
The following paper discusses the Chinese art exhibition concept Yellow Box as a critical alternative to the internationally dominant modes of art museum and gallery display known as White Cube and Black Box. The artwork Dao Gives Birth to One (道 生 一, Dàoshēng yī) (2009–2012) of Hong Kong based artist Hung Keung serves as example for contemporary Chinese art in Hong Kong and for the attempt of the alternative exhibition mode. Besides an analysis...

Using DSpace for Publishing Electronic Theses and Dissertations

James Halliday & Randall Floyd
The IUScholarWorks Repository is a DSpace-based institutional repository for the dissemination and preservation of Indiana University's scholarly output. Some time ago, our team made a decision to incorporate electronic theses and dissertations (ETD's) into our DSpace repository, and this created several technical challenges for us. Getting ETD's into DSpace is a challenge that a number of institutions have tackled recently, and several innovative solutions have been found, such as Vireo, the ETD submission management tool...

Education for Democracy: A Paper Promise? The Democratic Deficit in Finnish Educational Culture

Matti Rautiainen & Pekka Räihä
This article presents one way of changing the participatory culture of training teachers – the Critical Integrative Teacher Education (CITE) programme now being implemented at Jyväskylä University. For the last ten years the Finnish school system has been the centre of considerable international attention because of its success in PISA. The Finnish school, however, has two faces. In the shadow of those good learning outcomes there lurks a democratic deficit in school and a lack...

Editorial: JSSE Special Issue European Year of Citizenship through Education

Cesar Birzea, Bruno Losito & Ruud Veldhuis
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 3-2005: European Year of Citizenship through Education

The Need of Education in Respect for Animals (ERA) as a Subject of the Social Education Degree at the University: An Overview Focused on Spain

Eduardo Barona & Elena Carrio
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 3-2016 Controversial Issues in the Political Classroom - Continued

Financial Education

Udo Reifner & Anne Schelhowe
New, more or better financial education and financial literacy programmes should lead to improved financial capability, knowledge and outcomes. Yet we do not even know which terminology is most suitable for those projects who all intend to give an answer to a question which is less than clear. What is meant by the term “financial education”? Why did the “demand” for financial education suddenly increase? Have the numerous tasks which consumers in a modern society...

Editorial: Making Politics Visible

Anja Besand & Christoph Bieber
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Political Participation as Public Pedagogy – The Educational Situation in Young People’s Political Conversations in Social Media

Erik Andersson & Maria Olson
In this article we argue that young people’s political participation in the social media can be considered ‘public pedagogy’. The argument builds on a previous empirical analysis of a Swedish net community called Black Heart. Theoretically, the article is based on a particular notion of public pedagogy, education and Hannah Arendt’s expressive agonism. The political participation that takes place in the net community builds up an educational situation that involves central characteristics: communication, community building,...

Beruflich Qualifizierte in Hochschulstudium und wissenschaftlicher Weiterbildung. Eine Charakterisierung von Motiven und Hindernissen zur Aufnahme akademischer Lernprozesse

Susanne Knörl & Susanne Herdegen
Beruflich Qualifizierte als besondere Zielgruppe für akademisches Lernen zeichnen sich durch eine hohe Heterogenität aus. Vor diesem Hintergrund hat das BMBF-geförderte Projekt OTH mind in zwei empirischen Untersuchungen Meinungen und Einschätzungen beruflich Qualifizierter zum sogenannten dritten Bildungsweg erhoben. Im folgenden Artikel werden daraus Ergebnisse zu Voraussetzungen sowie Interessen und möglichen Hindernissen in Bezug auf die Aufnahme akademischer Lernprozesse dargestellt. Das Interesse an solchen Lernprozessen zeigt sich dabei als geprägt von existentiellen und persönlichen Motiven –...

Postcolonial Historiography in the Essay Film: >De-Colonizing< Sound and Image

Tanja Seider
Documentary films that are based on audio and visual recordings made in the era of colonialism face the problem of ‘de-colonizing’ the material. That is to say, how can such material be used without reproducing its stereotypical portrayal of the colonized? This work discusses an intriguing approach to this problem that was applied in a recent essay film, The Halfmoon Files (Scheffner 2007). An essay film is a form of documentary film that contains the...

Testing and Diagnosing Social Science Literacy

Birgit Weber
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 3-2011: Social Science Literacy II: In Search for Basic Competences and Basic Concepts for Testing and Diagnosing

Generational Belonging and Mediascape in Europe

Piermarco Aroldi & Fausto Colombo
"Web generation", "Nintendo generation", "e-generation" and so forth, are just a few among the popular generational definitions often mentioned not only in journalistic simplifications but also in scientific publications. This paper presents a theoretical examination of the implications and the limits of the generational approaches to audience research, in order to show under what conditions they can in fact be both relevant and useful. Refusing the simplifying attitude that dominates in popularization just quoted, the...

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JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 4-2014 Civic Activism, Engagement and Education: Issues and Trends

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SNPRanker: a tool for identification and scoring of SNPs associated to target genes

Andrea Calabria, Ettore Mosca, Federica Viti, Ivan Merelli & Luciano Milanesi

A Platform for a Shared Discourse of Interdisciplinary Education

Julie Thompson Klein
“Disciplinarity” and “interdisciplinarity” have become keywords for knowledge and education in the twenty-first century. This development requires that administrators, curriculum planners, and teachers at all levels of the educational system have a common understanding of both terms and their relationship. The primary case study is the school level in the United States. Yet, comparisons with other nations suggest a platform for longer-term international dialogue that bridges the discourses of interdisciplinarity across national contexts as well...

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Editors InterDisciplines
InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology, Vol 2, No 1 (2011): Dynamics and Change. How to explain transformation?

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