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This is the soundtrack of our identity: National mythscapes in music and the construction of collective identity through music in early Flemish radio (1929–1939)

Lieselotte Goessens
Based on research on the early Flemish radio of the 1920s and 1930s this article shows how particular musical repertoires can be used to address feelings of togetherness and imagined community and to influence the content and color of collective identities. Radio has played an important part in the reinforcement of Flemish collective identity and Flemish cultural emancipation, and music was an important means in this process. Through the example of the very first music...

Modeling the Contribution of Visual Attention to Spatial Language Verification

Thomas Kluth
This research asks how humans connect spatial language to physical space. To investigate this question, the present dissertation focuses on the task of verifying sentences containing a projective spatial preposition (e.g., *above, below*) against a depicted spatial relation (e.g., a circle above a rectangle). Linguistically, the two components of a spatial relation are distinguished from each other: “The [located object (LO)] is above the [reference object (RO)].” That is, a spatial preposition specifies the location...

The Political Dimension of Global Education: Global Governance and Democracy

Bettina Lösch
Political and economic global transformation processes are encompassing the field of political education. The subject matter of political education, namely the political, has itself undergone a radical transformation. The changes have had a particular effect on democratic structures and opportunities for participation in the political process. Focusing on a conception of critical education for democracy, this article will highlight the democratic deficits of the globalisation process, and shed light on political-theoretical conceptions of global governance....

Functional SOM for variable-length signal windows

Arnaud De Decker, Gael De Lannoy & Michel Verleysen

Citizenship Education in Slovenia after the Formation of the Independent State

Janez Krek & Mojca Kovač Šebart
In the present article we first describe how citizenship education is positioned in the curriculum of pre-university Slovene education. We then analyse the influence of various pedagogical and other concepts in the last fifteen years on the formation of legal provisions and curricular solutions, as well as on actual citizen-ship instruction in the state school. We first establish how influence is exerted – or could be exerted – on citizenship education by the interests of...

“Patriotism” as a Goal of School Education in China and Japan

Takahiro Kondo & Xiaoyan Wu
In the eyes of much of the Japanese public, “patriotism education” in China is synonymous with anti-Japanese education, and a source of friction. Much of that friction, however, can be attributed to the differing roles and functions of “patriotism” in the two countries as well as the variant connotations of the very word for “patriotism”. In China, the communist party avails itself of the strong levels of patriotism among the people in order to advance...

Religious Education and Social and Community Cohesion: An Exploration of Challenges and Opportunities

Andrew Peterson
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 3-2012: Citizenship and Community

Inter-dinucleotide distances in the human genome: an analysis of the whole-genome and protein-coding distributions

Carlos A.C. Bastos, Vera Afreixo, Armando J. Pinho, Sara P. Garcia, Joao M.O.S. Rodrigues & Paulo J.S.G. Ferreira

The Visual Potential of History. Images of the Past in Film, Television and Computer Game

Ralf Adelmann
In a famous quote Marx said: “Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Today one would like to add, that film, television and computer games alter the historic event through modern visualizations of the past. Not only the historic facts and personages appear more than once, but also the representation of history multiplies...

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Administrator JSSE
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 1-2013: Youth Civic & Political Participation & Citizenship Education in the Mediterranean: Lessons from the Arab Spring

The Talk-and-Action Approach to Citizenship Education. An Outline of a Methodology of Critical Studies in Citizenship Education

Reinhold Hedtke & Tatjana Zimenkova
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 1-2008: Transformation and Citizenship Education II

Postcommunist Citizens in an Integrated Europe

Stanisław Konopacki
The main aim of this paper is to demonstrate the limits of European citizenship and European collective identity in the context of the latest enlargements of the EU, i.e. the accession of postcommunist countries of Central and Eastern Europe in 2004 and 2007. The introduction of transitional periods for the free movement of persons with regard to the ‘new European citizens’, as well as the deportation of Roma from France in 2010, demonstrate that something...

Zielgruppenspezifische didaktische Gestaltung von Weiterbildungsmodulen. Eine Befragung von Fachkräften und Alumni

Katharina Krikler
Zeitschrift Hochschule und Weiterbildung (ZHWB), 2017/1: Zielgruppen wissenschaftlicher Weiterbildung

Citizenship Competencies and the Program of Education in Sexuality and Construction of Citizenship (PESCC): A Review of the Implementation of a Public Policy in Institutions of Primary and Secondary Education in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Yolima Ivonne Beltrán Villamizar, Mayra Juliana Galvis Aparicio & Gabriel Felipe Vargas Beltrán
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 3-2013 Education and Citizenship in Latin America

Civic Education in Portugal: Curricular Evolutions in Basic Education

Isabel Menezes
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 2-2003: Country Reports

Arbeitslose Ingenieur_innen. Weiterbildung als Chance zur Integration in den Arbeitsmarkt

Simone Six
Im Rahmen des Projektes „OTH mind: modulares innovatives Netzwerk für Durchlässigkeit“ wurde das Phänomen „Arbeitslosigkeit bei Ingenieur_innen“ durch zwei qualitative und eine quantitative Befragung untersucht. Die Erhebung sowie deskriptive Auswertungen stellen u.a. das Klientel „Arbeitslose Ingenieur_innen“, Gründe von Arbeitslosigkeit, Anforderung der Unternehmen sowie die Relevanz von Weiterbildung bei arbeitslosen Ingenieur_innen dar. Dabei ist festzustellen, dass die Gründe für Arbeitslosigkeit nicht durch mangelnde Qualifikation bedingt sind. Vielmehr sind strukturelle Gründe, z.B. persönliche Lebensumstände, dafür verantwortlich. Weiterbildung,...

Legislative Background for Marketing Authorisation of the Biosimilar Medical Products in EU

Tatyana Benisheva-Dimitrova & Trendafilova Petya

Seminarsitzungsplanung „Grundlagen schulischer Inklusion und sonderpädagogischer Förderkategorien“ mit dem Buddy-Book

Birgit Lütje-Klose, Bettina Streese, Ann-Christin Faix, Annette Textor & Elke Wild
Der Beitrag beschreibt die Gestaltung einer einführenden Seminarsitzung zum Thema "Grundlagen schulischer Inklusion und sonderpädagogischer Förderkategorien". Dabei wird eine menschenrechtsbasierte Perspektive im Sinne der UN-BRK eingenommen. Die Sitzung wird durch eine Präsentation gerahmt, deren didaktischer Aufbau im Artikel hergeleitet wird. Mithilfe eines sogenannten Buddybooks werden die Studierenden zu Beginn der Sitzung aktiviert, indem sie das Buddybook zunächst selbst herstellen und sich mit ihren Vorannahmen zum Thema Inklusion auseinandersetzen. Im Verlauf der Sitzung dokumentieren die Studierenden...

Promoting Open Access to librarians and researchers by the international information platform open-access.net

Anja Oberlaender & Karlheinz Pappenberger

Exhausted Couples. Changes in the Gender Order and Crisis of Care

Tomke König
IZGOnZeit. Onlinezeitschrift des Interdisziplinären Zentrums für Geschlechterforschung (IZG), IZGOnZeit Nr. 7 (2018)

Transnationalism or Assimilation?

Michael Bommes
Kein Abstract vorhanden No Abstract available

Class Council between Democracy Learning and Character Education

Jürgen Budde & Nora Weuster
JSSE - Journal of Social Science Education, 3-2017 Character Education and Citizenship Education

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