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Comparison of different discretization methods for semiconductor drift-diffusion problems

Patricio Farrell & Dirk Peschka
This is a collection of data files, used in the publication WIAS Preprint No 2486. These files can be used to benchmark new numerical schemes against existing ones.

Flux Discretizations beyond Boltzmann Statistics

Patricio Farrell, Jürgen Fuhrmann & Thomas Koprucki
This is a collection of files, intended for the verification of the results in the publication: Computational and Analytical Comparison of Flux Discretizations for the Semiconductor Device Equations beyond Boltzmann Statistics.

LTE wave propagation at Berlin Hausvogteiplatz

Oliver Maye, Marcin Brzozowski & Daniel Aschenbach
This archive contains input configuration data as well as primary result files of the RaLaNS ray launcher for simulating LTE wave propagation in the vicinity of Berlin Hausvogteiplatz. It also includes a CityGML description of the buildings in that area as provided by the Berlin 3D city model initiative. This collection comprises primary data used for a scientific publication. For further details on the content, see the enclosed readme.

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  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018

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  • Dataset