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Enhancing Sustainable Development of Diverse Agriculture in Viet Nam

Dao The Anh, Le Duc Thinh, Vu Trong Bihn, Dao The Anh, Le Duc Thinh & Vu Trong Bihn
The objective of the study is to investigate the socio-economic impacts of recent developments in the regional and global economic environment, including trade liberalization on upland agriculture at a village level and identifying constraints to the sustainable development of diversified agriculture, in particular upland agriculture based on CGPRT crops in Viet Nam.

A hedonic Model of Lamb Carcass Attributes

Terence C. Farrell, David L. Hopkins, Terence C. Farrell & David L. Hopkins

Investment in Education and the Time Inconsistency of Redistributive Tax Policy

Robin Boadway, Nicolas Marceau, Maurice Marchand, Robin Boadway, Nicolas Marceau & Maurice Marchand


Crina Turtoi, Oguzhan Akyildirim, Plamen Petkov, Crina Turtoi, Oguzhan Akyildirim & Plamen Petkov
This paper is primarily dealing with the methodological concerns needed to be taken into consideration for the elaboration of the Statistical Farm Register. Core objectives of the Statistical Farm Register are identified and considerations with regard to the place of the Statistical Farm Register in the frame of the General System of Registers are presented. Basic terminology of the registers is spotted and methodological differences between the Statistical Farm Register and Administrative Farm Register were...

Drivers of Heterogeneity in Yield Gains from GM Maize in the Philippines: Evidence from Panel Data

Michael S. Jones, Roderick M. Rejesus, Zachary S. Brown, Jose M. Yorobe, Michael S. Jones, Roderick M. Rejesus, Zachary S. Brown & Jose M. Yorobe

Investigation on culture and health status of Mrigal Cirrhinus cirrhosus from the farming system of Mymensingh region

G.U. Ahmed, K. Konica, M.F. Ali, T. Khatun, G.U. Ahmed, K. Konica, M.F. Ali & T. Khatun
Indian major carp, Cirrhinus cirrhosus was considered to monitor culture and health status in farm condition from Bhaluka and Muktagacha of Mymensingh region of Bangladesh for a period of seven months starting from September, 2010 to March, 2011. Monthly sampling was carried out for growth and health condition. Samples of skin and muscle, gill, liver and kidney were observed by clinical and histological techniques. Water temperature was at unfavorable levels but, dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity,...

Impacts of Soybean Imports on Indian Processors, Farmers, and Consumers

Suresh Chand Persaud, Erik Dohlman, Suresh Chand Persaud & Erik Dohlman
India is one of the world’s largest importers of vegetable oils in part because of low domestic oilseed production, and tariff and nontariff barriers preventing oilseed imports. Simulation results indicate that India could lower its barriers to soybean imports without adversely affecting farmers, since imports are economically attractive to crushers even when subject to modest tariffs which sustain pre-liberalization farm and wholesale prices. Soybean processors in India achieve higher rates of capacity utilization and lower...


Leonie A. Marks, Elizabeth G. Dunn, Leonie A. Marks & Elizabeth G. Dunn
This paper develops a decision support method that integrates measures of achievement in the economic, environmental, and social aspects of farming. The decision support method combines multiple attribute decision making (MADM) with fuzzy logic. The fuzzy MADM model fully ranks decision alternatives relative to the preferences of decision makers and overcomes several problems inherent in other MADM approaches. It is concluded that fuzzy MADM can improve decision making on the farm.

Use of plants as dyes: A case study of the use of pre-mordanting method to dye cotton fabric with extracts from Allium burdickii

Desta Agulei Karen, Igadwa Mwasiagi Josphat, Thuo Githaiga John, Nzila Charles, Desta Agulei Karen, Igadwa Mwasiagi Josphat, Thuo Githaiga John & Nzila Charles
Some of the synthetic dyes and mordants are harmful to the environment. The aim of this research was to study the dyeing of cotton fabric using extracts from wild leek (Allium burdickii). The bark of mango tree was used as a mordant. The pre-mordanting method was used and four treatments were investigated with respect to exhaustion of the dye. These were: temperature, time, pH and concentration of mordant. Dye exhaustion for 27 experiments was investigated...

Structure, Conduct and Performance in the South African Potato Processing Industry

J.W. Hanekom, B.J. Willemse, D.B. Strydom, J.W. Hanekom, B.J. Willemse & D.B. Strydom
The South African Potato industry was deregulated in the early 1990’s, leading to changes in market structure. The adjustment in market structure leads to changes in production and marketing practices, including contracting and pricing strategies for processing firms within the industry. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the current status in the potato processing industry, based on market structure, conduct and performance. The objective is to qualitatively measure the driving forces within the...


Feng Zhang, Chung L. Huang, Biing-Hwan Lin, James E. Epperson, Feng Zhang, Chung L. Huang, Biing-Hwan Lin & James E. Epperson
Using AC Nielsen scanner data on U.S. household consumption of selected fresh vegetables from 1999 to 2003, this study provides an overview of the organic fresh vegetable market by investigating market shares and price premiums of selected organic fresh vegetables and estimating the interrelationship between consumer demand for organic and conventional fresh vegetables. The linear Almost Ideal Demand System was found to fit the data best among other differential demand models.

What Can be Done to Reinvigorate U.S. Agricultural Research?

Philip G. Pardey, Julian M. Alston, Connie Chan-Kang, Philip G. Pardey, Julian M. Alston & Connie Chan-Kang
Over the past century and more, research and development (R&D) has contributed to a transformation of the U.S. food and agricultural sectors. R&D has fueled productivity growth, enabling U.S. farmers to do more with less. It has helped U.S. farmers to remain competitive in increasingly integrated global commodity markets and better achieve an environmentally sustainable supply of biofuels, fiber, and feed, as well as safe, nutritious, and affordable food. But support for U.S. public agricultural...

A study on impact of rural college students in E-Learning (Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu - India)

Eugene I. Pradeepkumar-J, N. Panchanatham, Eugene I. Pradeepkumar-J & N. Panchanatham
Learning should be fast, relevant and integrated into day-to-day work patterns. One way of doing this is through e-learning. E-Learning has created favorable conditions for rural college students to compete with the urban ones. The article examines whether the rural students of Nagapattinam district (Tamilnadu) are having the impact of e-learning. The research is based on sample survey of rural students from the Engineering College and Arts & Science College.

Analysis on the Employment of Landless Farmers during the Reconstruction of Urban Village: A Case Study of S Village in Shaanxi Province

Hua WANG, Yanjie XIE, Hua WANG & Yanjie XIE
The re-employment of landless farmers in reconstruction of urban village is an important way to solve the problems concerning farmers. In S Village of Shaanxi Province, the landless farmers are facing the employment problems such as low re-employment rate and quality, lack of employment competitiveness, and weak employment willingness. This paper analyzes the main factors influencing the employment of landless farmers in this urban village such as local government's lack of overall design on the...

2015 Estimated ARC-CO Payments

Gary Schnitkey, Nick Paulson, Jonathan Coppess, Carl Zulauf, Gary Schnitkey, Nick Paulson, Jonathan Coppess & Carl Zulauf

The Quest for Purchasing Power Parity with a Series-specific Unit Root Test Using Panel Data

Janice B. Breuer, Robert McNown, Myles Wallace, Janice B. Breuer, Robert McNown & Myles Wallace
A unit root testing procedure is presented that exploits the well-established power advantages of panel estimation while rectifying a deficiency in other panel unit root tests. This procedure, which takes into account contemporaneous cross-correlation and heterogeneous serial correlation of the regression residuals, allows determination of which members of the panel reject the null hypothesis of a unit root and which do not. Applying the procedure to real exchange rates yields results that are in broad...

The Changing Nature of Protectionism: Are "Free Traders" Up to the Challenges It Presents?

William A. Kerr & William A. Kerr
In the economic model that underlies the WTO the only group that can be expected to ask for protection is producers in importing countries. The existing multilateral trade architecture reflects that assumption. Much of the recent criticism of the multilateral trade regime has arisen as a result of new groups explicitly asking domestic politicians for protection. As these groups were not expected to ask for protection, the international trade regime does not allow domestic politicians...


Patricia A. Duffy, Danny L. Cain, George J. Young, Patricia A. Duffy, Danny L. Cain & George J. Young
A five-year, 0.1, mixed integer programming model was developed to analyze the effects of 1990 Farm Bill legislation on the crop-mix decisions made on cotton farms. Results showed that, when compared to the 1985 Farm Bill, the 1990 Farm Bill can result in higher whole-farm income despite new "triple base" provisions limiting payment acres. The increase in income results from elimination of limited cross-compliance provisions and the change to a three-year base calculation. The model...

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