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Zihao Zhu
HAMSTR is a newly developed flow solver that utilizes Hamiltonian paths and strand grids for three-dimensional flows on overset and hybrid meshes. In order to use HAMSTR, it is required that one has a decent all-quad surface mesh; this is the motivation for the development of HAMSTRAN. It is an indirect method to create an unstructured all-quadrilateral 3D surface mesh and strand templates for each vertex. It transforms triangular as well as quad-dominant surface meshes...

Southern Discomforts: National Women's Studies Association 2003 Conference

National Women's Studies Association
Digitized program for the National Women's Studies Association 24th Annual Conference, held June 19-22, 2003, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

An Investigation of Raman Lidar Aerosol Measurements and their Application to the study of the Aerosol Indirect Effect

Felicita Russo
The problem of the increasing global atmospheric temperature has motivated a large interest in studying the mechanisms that can influence the radiative balance of the planet. Aerosols are responsible for several radiative effects in the atmosphere: an increase of aerosol loading in the atmosphere increases the reflectivity of the atmosphere and has an estimated cooling effect and is called the aerosol direct effect. Another process involving aerosols is the effect that an increase in their...

Agenda for September 25, 2007 Meeting, 2007-2008

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Agenda for September 25, 2007

ACUPCC, 2007-2008

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate ACUPCC for 2007-2008

Achievement Center Talking Points, 2007-2008

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Achievement Center Talking Points for 2007-2008

Achievement Center Budget, 2007-2008

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Achievement Center Budget for 2007-2008

SAT Critique, 2004, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate SAT Critique for 2004, 2006-2007

UT Top 10 Report, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate UT Top 10 Report for 2006-2007

University Academic Assessment Committee, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate University Academic Assessment Committee for 2006-2007

Stipend Payments Winter Summer, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Stipend Payments for Winter and Summer of 2006-2007

Faculty Senate Senators 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Senators for 2006-2007

SAT Optional Proposal, November 1, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate SAT Optional Proposal on November 1, 2006

User-centric Smart Services on the Cloud

Karuna Pande Joshi, Yelena Yesha, Ant Ozok, Yaacov Yesha, Ashwini Lahane, Hari Kalva, Ankur Agarwal & Borko Furht
The Smart Internet

Draft Minutes for April 24, 2007 Meeting, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Draft Minutes meeting on April 24, 2007

Faculty Use Of Culturally Mediated Instruction In A Community College Academic Enrichment Program

Charna Lache' Lacey
The purpose of this study was to examine faculty use of Culturally Mediated Instructional (CMI) practices in a community college-based academic enrichment program. The intent of the study was two-fold: (a) to search for evidence that instructional practices were reflective of Hollins' (1996) theory of CMI, and (b) to explore faculty perceptions of its impact on their students. This study focused on the experiences of four community college faculty members teaching in a 2007 culturally...

Managing multiple sources of information in an independent K-12 private school: a case study in a student information systems evaluation

Ali Chava Kaufman Yares
Information is everywhere and finding the best method to manage it is a problem that all types of organizations have to deal with. Schools use Student Information Systems (SIS) to manage Student Data, Financial Information, Development, Human Resources, Admission, Financial Aid, Enrollment, Scheduling, and Health Information. A survey of 107 Independent private schools showed that within these institutions many manage information in a number of databases ranging from a single database to as many as...

KBQuery's Got Your Coverage!

Benjamin Bradley
KBQuery is a Python script I created that uses the WorldCat Knowledge Base API to automate batch searches of our holdings in the WorldCat knowledge base. The script outputs coverage information which can then be used to support collection management. For example, the script can be used on a list of titles under consideration for cancelation to understand what other avenues the libraries have to access the title (such as an aggregator database or from...

Sustainable Seahawks: The Opportunity for St. Mary’s Eco-Reps

Max W. Beker
St. Mary’s College of Maryland is a small liberal arts college that is trying to be more sustainable, and although environmental and sustainability focused education is not part of our core curriculum, the St. Mary’s campus has an opportunity for great improvement. By taking advantage of peer education, the core principles of sustainability could be made accessible to every student without the addition of more classes to the Core Curriculum. By recruiting students to teach...

Interventions to Promote Physical Activity Among African Americans

D. Pekmezi & E. Jennings
This article provides a summary of recent physical activity intervention research conducted among African Americans. As prior reviews have been published in this area, the authors updated the literature by focusing on the past 8 years. Overall, there has been an increase in the number and methodological rigor of the studies in this area. Thirty studies published in peer-reviewed journals were included in the current review. Results from 18 of these studies indicated that interventions...

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