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The elders of Yendi.

Fisch, Rudolf (Mr)

[Photograph Identification Number]: Honeyman_#28 ❧ [Museum Accession Number]: 397, Inscr. Ph. 6 ❧ [ISF Assigned Text Number]: ISF_TXT_00271

[Text Descriptive Title]: Honeyman Inscription ❧ [Photo Descriptive Title]: Honeyman #28

Daily Trojan, Vol. 31, No. 77, January 19, 1940

Daily Trojan, Vol. 31, No. 77, January 19, 1940.

Duncan Aikman, letter, 1933-07-28, to Hamlin Garland

Duncan Aikman & Illustrated Daily News
Duncan Aikman (Illustrated Daily News), Pico and Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, California, USA, letter, 1933 July 28, to Hamlin Garland. "I am enclosing two letters about your interview which came to me." -- first line.

A dancer, Chepenehe, Lifou island

Pierre Seidenbinder
A dancer, Chepenehe, Lifou island ; Comment : Photograph taken during the Assembly of Pacific Conference of Churches in Chepenehe, Lifou, from May 25th till June 7th, 1966.

Missionary father with children, China, ca.1920-1940

"China. Terisou. ̶ Het weeshuis der H. Kinsheid." A missionary father is shown with children at the H. Kinsheid orphanage. "Eigendom der ‘ Missiën van Scheut’." is printed on the back of the postcard. There is no handwriting on the back.

Extracting a tooth, Mbozi, Tanzania, 1937

Hauffe, Werner, 1909-1982
"Zahnziehen in Mbozi." ("Extracting a tooth in Mbozi."). An African girl is sitting on a bench. A man, maybe her father, standing behind her is holding her head. On the left: a white-dressed European woman holding dental tools and a tooth in her hands. Another man is watching the scene.; Cf. photo no. 10904. -- Werner Hauffe (1909-1982) was a carpenter and later a missionary of the Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine. From 1933 to 1939, he served...

Students in Front of the Boys Dorm at Ibaraki Christian College, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952

"Boys Dorm Life" This photo is part of a photo album given as a gift to E. W. McMillan upon his departure as president from Ibaraki Christian College.

Trailer coach explosion (4101 Valley Boulevard), 1952

2 images. Trailer coach explosion (4101 Valley Boulevard), December 30 1952. Don Scrivens (fireman). (Sleeve reads: A-9697).


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