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Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India. Inauguration of the new Weaving House at Lebanon, Janu...

Ellen Blæsbjerg
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India. Inauguration of the new Weaving House at Lebanon, January 2001. Standing right: Gordon Olson from LPGM (Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry).

Rajaona and Ramaria, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, ca.1903

Rajaona worked for Ole Jensenius as his cook for at least 25 years. Rajaona married Ramaria and from 1902 she also worked for Ole Jensenius. -- Ole Jensenius 1867-1940, was a missionary in Madagascar from 1892-1918. He married Bertha Johanne 1870-1935, maiden name Nielssen, in Tamatave, Madagascar in 1894. They had many children together. See "Kamp og Seier" 1918 page 323

L.R.G. Crandon, letter, 1927-06-30, to Hamlin Garland

Crandon, Le Roi Goddard "Roy", 1873-1939
L.R.G. Crandon, 366 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, letter, 1927 June 30, to Hamlin Garland. "Thank you for your letter of June 29th." -- first line.

Lincoln Park pool opened, 1951

5 images. Lincoln Park pool opened, 1 September 1951. Kids learning to swim; Canoe races.

Sinhan minbo = The new Korea, no. 449 (1917 Aug. 30)

Sinhan minbo [Shinhan minbo] = The new Korea = 新韓民報 = 신한민보, vol. 5, whole no. 449 (1917 August 30). Weekly.

Peace Corps Korea Reunion, Denver, Colo., 2015

A photograph from the Peace Corps Korea reunion, the "Denver Summer of Love", "Rok the Rockies", located at the University of Denver, Colorado, 2015 June 19-21.

Waterfront scene, Suez Canal, Egypt, ca.1900

Panoramic landscape view of a waterfront and harbour, taken from a boat on the Suez canal. There is a busy waterfront and many boats in the image. This image is from a collection of photographs which possibly belonged to Dr Karl Uffman. He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh and joined the Kikuyu mission, from 1901 to 1905, and was the son of Dr Henry Uffman who ran the Leprosy Asylum in Purulia, West...

Bancroft-Whitney Company, United Building, and Hotel Porter

Dick Whittington Studio
Bancroft-Whitney Company, United Building, and Hotel Porter.; Streetscape. Horizontal photography.

A.G. Beaman, prominent Mason, dies, 1943

"A.G. Beaman, prominent Mason, dies" Los Angeles Times (1943 October 23).


Götz, Martha (Ms)

Group gathered outside royal houses, Ambohimanga, Madagascar, ca. 1890

"Ambohimanga. The Rova and Royal Houses". Missionary leans against hut outside gate to royal enclosure. Malagasy men gathered under tree and against walls.

Switch box, Southern California, 1931

Dick Whittington Studio
2 photographs of a switch box, Southern California, 1931. "Subject: Switch box, See 8x10 neg[ative]s; Agency: McCarty; Client: Diamond E.; Original Print Order: 1 ea[ch]; Size: 8x10, 5x7; Finish: gl[ossy]; Re-order: 1 ea[ch]; Job: 12-30-183; Year: 1931" -- on envelope front. "Operator's Report (Name): Henry; 4 Original Photographs-At Studio: 8x10; Amount: $11.00; Extra Charges: #7431" -- on envelope back.

Place where the feed-bottles are prepared, Manankavaly, Madagascar

House where the feed-bottles are prepared, in the leper-house of the Société des missions évangéliques de Paris (Paris evangelical missionary society), in Manankavaly. A nurse is giving a bottle to a woman with a baby.

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