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Social enrichment by partner-housing of C57BL/6JRj mice

Kristina Ullmann
Due to aggression or experimental conditions, mice are often housed individually, though social isolation causes welfare issues and differences in behaviour. To provide social enrichment for individually housed mice, we will separate two mice for 8 weeks in cages divided by transparent, perforated walls allowing sensory contact.The effects on partner-housing on behaviour and stress hormones will be compared with data obtained from single- and group-housed mice. Besides comfort behaviour, we will assess anxiety-related behaviour and...

Identifying and reducing boredom symptoms in experimental animals – systematic behavioral monitoring

Kai Diederich
Boredom is described by psychologists as an unpleasant feeling of insufficient stimulation accompanied by a perceived inability to break out of this adverse situation. Laboratory Animals may experience boredom as a result of the restrictive environment in standard animal housing. Standard laboratory housing can lead to forced inactivity, since standard cages provide limited space and few cognitive stimuli. These conditions might lead to chronic boredom which in turn severely affects the wellbeing of the animals....

Exemplary study for Animal Study Registry “Dose-response curve for buprenorphine in mice”

Juliane Rudeck
Preamble: This study serves as an exemplary exploratory study for Animal Study Registry which was already carried out in 2016. Opioids are the treatment of choice for moderate to severe perioperative pain in mice. Among the numerous opioid drugs available, buprenorphine is the preferred analgesic due to its long-lasting effect and little adverse side effects. Vast differences in recommendations for dosage, application route and application intervals lead to uncertainties in the appropriate administration and counteract...

REACH-Kongress 2016 – Verbraucherschutz unter REACH - Tagungsdokumentation zum REACH-Kongress 2016 am 5. – 6. Oktober 2016

Reihlen, Antonia Und Jepsen, Dirk (Ökopol GmbH), Broschinski, Lutz Und Schulte, Agnes (BfR)

Antibiotika und Antibiotikaresistenzen: Wissen, Einstellungen und Praktiken der Bevölkerung und relevanter Ziel- und Berufsgruppen: Abschlussbericht

Epp, A. (BfR), Lohmann, M. (BfR), Boel, G.-F. (BfR), Böschen, S., Dressel, K. Schneider, M. Wastian, M. Viehöver, W. (Alle Süddeutsches Institut Für Empirische Sozialforschung E.V.), Hopp, M. (Hopp & Partner)

Antibiotika und Antibiotikaresistenzen im Spiegel der Medien: Eine Analyse der Medienberichterstattung 01/2008 – 02/2015

Epp, A. (BfR), Lohmann, M. (BfR), Boel, G.-F. (BfR), Hoffmann, P. Und Numrich, O. (Preceptor Medienforschung & Beratung)

Scaling of preferences for different liquids by means of binary choice tests in mice.

Lars Lewejohann
The overall aim is to develop a scaling, which allows to rate certain goods against each other in order to conduct severity assessment for future animal experiments. In this experiment mice will choose between various liquids that will be tested against each other in binary preference tests. The preference will be measured by means of a modified two bottle choice test which will be conducted in the IntelliCage. The tested liquids are 10 mM HCl,...

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