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BNE outdoor – Eine Modulkonzeption zur Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung durch Natursport

Julia Lohmann, Elisabeth Wegner & Petra Gieß-Stüber
Physical Education (PE) has a great potential to address education for sustainable development (ESD) as an overarching topic. But up to now this educational potential has not yet been fully utilized. The development of teaching competencies as well as global competencies of students has been called for by the German Ministry of Education and the Arts across all school subjects. However, generally speaking, PE teachers do not associate their subject with ESD. This might be...

Einstellungsveränderungen von BA-Sportlehramtsstudierenden

Mirko Krüger & Jana Kaulvers
Preservice teacher training programs for linguistically and culturally responsive Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) are still in the early stages of development. No evidence is known, so far. The study examined the effects of an intervention within the context of a PETE program on attitudes towards linguistically responsive teaching (LCD). The study used a quasi-experiment with two intervention groups (IG1 and IG2) and one control group (CG). Thirdy-six students were included (age: 22.55 ± 3.96...

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