11 Works

The Polluter Pays Principle in Effect at the National Green Tribunal in India

Mrinalini Shinde

Living with the legacy of Coal

John Stolz


Mareike Janssen

SIU Carbondale Touch of Nature Environmental Center: A Long History of Environmental Education

Dale Ritzel & Mark Cosgrove

“Chemistry is Toxic, Nature is Idyllic” – Investigation of Pupils’ Attitudes

Daniela Krischer, Philipp Spitzer & Martin Gröger

An Approach to Doping of the Future – Doping and Anti-Doping in Elite Sports

Swen Körner, Marcel Scharf & Annika Steinmann

A clinic-based pilot intervention to enhance diabetes management for elderly Hispanic patients

Annie L. Nguyen, Laura A. Mosqueda, Marco Angulo, Linda L. Haghi, Mayra Cruz, Nahal Nikroo, Sarah Peraza, Justin Bennink, O. Kenrik Duru & Alison A. Moore

Building bridges to chemistry through biological contents

Mareike Janssen & Martin Gröger

Coping with cognitive dissonance in climate protection through dilemma stories in climate education

Sonja Fasbender & Annika Wachten

The Risk of Nano-Particles in Deodorants – How Literate Are Young People?

Doris Elster, Mara Sozio, Marie Eschweiler, Julia Schindler & Anja Voigt

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