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Beschreibung und Bewertung ausgewählter „front-of-pack“-Nährwertkennzeichnungs-Modelle: Vorläufiger Bericht

Charlotte Beckh, Alexandra Heyer, Ingrid Hoffmann, Eva Hummel, Tamara Just, Franziska Koch, Corinna Willhöft, Benedikt Merz, Bernhard Watzl & Silvia Andrea Roser

Dataset from Merz B, Frommherz L, Rist MJ, Kulling SE, Bub A, Watzl B. "Dietary Pattern and Plasma BCAA-Variations in Healthy Men and Women – Results from the KarMeN Study"

Achim Bub, Lara Frommherz, Ingrid Hoffmann, Kimberley Hoffmann, Eva Hummel, Sabine E. Kulling, Yvonne Martiniak, Benedikt Merz, Bernhard Watzl & Friederike Wittig
This dataset contains the underlying research data for the paper: Merz, B.; Frommherz, L.; Rist, M.J.; Kulling, S.E.; Bub, A.; Watzl, B. Dietary Pattern and Plasma BCAA-Variations in Healthy Men and Women—Results from the KarMeN Study. Nutrients 2018, 10, 623. The tab-delimeted data file contains information of participants from the Karlsruhe Metabolomics and Nutrition (KarMeN) Study including descriptive metadata, plasma amino acid concentrations assessed via liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry, information on current dietary intake (food group...

Characterization of the microbiota and volatile components of kocho, a traditional fermented food of Ethiopia

Dominic A. Stoll, Christoph H. Weinert, Helen Weldemichael & Melanie Huch
The presented data was obtained within a study of the microbiota and volatile compounds of Kocho, a traditional food product in Ethiopia prepared by fermentation of ‚false banana‘ plants (Ensete ventricosum). The microbiota was assessed using phenotypic and genotypic methods, while the volatile compounds were characterized by HS-SPME treatment coupled with GC/MS. The dataset also includes an annotation file that is providing additional information such as units and decoding of used abbreviations. Dataset consists of...

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