57 Works

Awkward Objects of Genocide. The Holocaust and vernacular arts in and beyond Polish ethnographic museums

Erica Lehrer, Roma Sendyka, Wojciech Wilczyk & Magdalena Zych

Restaging the object. Participatory methods of artistic research for the former prison Long Kesh/Maze

Martin Krenn & Aisling O'Beirn

On performativity. Artistic practices of critical articulation

Marion Hamm

Shooting like a pro. A museum photographer's perspective on a study on death masks

Matevž Paternoster & Jani Pirnat

Dialogical photography

Martin Krenn & Aisling O‘Beirn

Building fragile trust. A time-lapsed conversation

Martin Krenn, Nora Landkammer, Aisling O'Beirn & Karin Schneider

Blow-up photography

Wojciech Wilczyk

Action research in education at Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt

Nora Landkammer, Karin Schneider & Stephanie Endter

Making heritage contentious. On the productivity of conflicts and dissonances

Marion Hamm

The burdocks of Klettengasse. Reflecting on presence in Mediaş, Transylvania

Julie Dawson

Reading a gravestone

Marion Hamm

Conflict Learning. Concepts for understanding interactions around contentious heritages

Nora Landkammer & Karin Schneider

Invisible threads. How museum education can amend curatorial narratives

Stephanie Endter

Photo series. Workshop on visual storytelling

Martin Krenn, Nora Landkammer, Karin Schneider & Aisling OBeirn

Displays inspired by death masks. A crafted exhibition

Marion Hamm

Transition points. Moments of politicisation in history education

Karin Schneider

TRACES : European Policy Brief

Marion Hamm, Gisela Hagmair, Karin Schneider & Klaus Schönberger

Performing Heritage. Creative and popular practices in art and everyday life

Marion Hamm & Klaus Schönberger

Contentious Cultural Heritages and Arts

Marion Hamm & Klaus Schönberger

Fading studies. On counter-technological processes at the House by the Synagogue

Răzvan Anton

Taking the B off Brixton. On heritage and gentrification

Marion Hamm

Absence as Heritage. Examining legacies of Jewish presence in Mediaș, Transylvania

Răzvan Anton, Julie Dawson & Alexandra Toma

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