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Interview data on water politics and governance in Finland

Suvi Sojamo & Lauri Ahopelto
14 key informant interviews of water politics in Finland, focus on bioeconomy, mining and water rights.

Collaboration through big data and open science

Mona Roman
This dataset has been developed as part of the project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 693651, Science2Society. The dataset relates to the case study that examines how a Foundation could open its database for the benefit of open science and open innovation. The dataset features interview notes with the database owners (3), potential users (3) and open science experts (2) that have given permission to publish...

Senior editor’s commentary Sept2018

Mira Kallio-Tavin

Demo of wireless HD-video transfer from inside a human-body-phantom to an on-body receiver

Rytis Stasiunas & Mikko Heino
This video demostrates wireless HD video transmission from a capsule placed inside a liquid human-body-phantom to a receiver located outside of this phantom. We show and discuss how different parameters affect link quality. We designed the antenna system as well as the test setup, in order to enable transmitting HD video data from a capsule embedded inside the the human body, wirelessly to a receiver placed outside the body. The wireless link in this test...

Irregular Constellations for Full-Duplex Relaying with Residual Self-Interference

Mehmet Ilter
This dataset was created to provide exact symbol point coordinates used in the submitted manuscript "Irregular Constellations for Full-Duplex Relaying with Residual Self-Interference" coauthored by Mehmet Ilter, Risto Wichman, and Jyri Hamalainen

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  • 2019

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