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Parkes observations for project P958 semester 2019APRS_36

Ryan Shannon, Jean-Pierre Macquart, Richard Dodson, Chris Phillips, Adam Deller, Clancy James, Keith Bannister, Stefan Oslowski, Matthew Kerr, Chris Flynn, Shivani Bhandari, Wael Farah, Hao Qiu & Gerry Zhang
Fast radio bursts (FRBs) continue to raise more questions than they answer. Until a few months ago, only one burst – the only one known to repeat - had been localized to a bright radio nebula (either a young supernova remnant or pulsar wind nebulae) in a distant dwarf galaxy. Over the last year searches with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) have detected 28 bursts, two of which have been localised to host...

Global Human Vital Rates

CJAB Bradshaw
Age-specific (per year) numbers of human females, males, mortality and fertility rates. Ages 1-100. Number and mortalities from WHO-CHOICE project (www.who.int/choice) and fertility derived from U.S. Census Bureau International Data Base (www.census.gov/population/international/data/idb)

Cluster randomised controlled trials

Cochrane Consumers And Communication La Trobe University, Rebecca Ryan & Sophie Hill
A methodological guide from Cochrane Consumers and Communication about analysing cluster randomised controlled trials

right anocleithrum of Gogonasus

Tim Senden
This dataset is a CT scan of the right anocleithrum of the tetrapodomorph Gogonasus from the Gogo Formation in Western Australia

Picturing Recovery: Stories about Living Well with Mental Illness: Exhibition Catalogue

Joy Paton, Debbie Horsfall & Amie Carrington
This exhibition is the result of a collaborative exploration into how creative media like photography can give voice to the recovery process for people with lived experience of persistent and severe mental illness. The exhibition showcases photographs taken by participants in a second phase of the Stories of Recovery research project, an initiative of The Benevolent Society and Western Sydney University. The photographs in the exhibition are accompanied by the voice of each participant in...

Gold Coast Case Study

Jane E. Hunt
Many key foundational moments in the development of modern triathlon took place on the Gold Coast. From the first triathlon held on the Gold Coast in April 1980 to the up coming 2018 Triathlon World Championships, the Gold Coast’s triathlon history is interlinked with the broader history of the sport of triathlon as well as the growth and evolution of the Gold Coast itself. It is hardly accidental that the 2018 world championships represents the...

Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students: Supervisor Resource Book

Angele Jones, Edith Blass, Joe Luca, Santina Bertone, Ron Adams & Kevin Tickle
This is a resource book to assist supervisors of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students to develop the quality of their supervisory practice. It is also a useful resource for anyone, who is associated with supporting HDR students and seeking to better understand the supervision role. Supervisor training in Australian universities has tended to focus on compliance and ensuring that all supervisors understand the policies, forms, resources and support services that underpin best practice research...

How the smallest state in Australia ended up leading in the Australian GLAM sector: the power of collaboration when you only have a small project budget

Wendy Hoyle
Conference paper presented at The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA) 2017 Conference - Connecting Minds, Creating the Future held in Auckland, New Zealand from 7- 10 May 2017.

Wellbeing in schools: research project: improving approaches to wellbeing in schools: what role does recognition play? Executive summary

Anne Graham, Robyn Fitzgerald, Mary Ann Powell, Nigel Thomas, Donnah Anderson, Nadine White, Catharine Simmons & Centre For Children And Young People
Executive Summary of "Improving Approaches to Wellbeing in Schools: What Role Does Recognition Play?" The project has produced systematic policy and practice-relevant evidence to advance the way children’s ‘wellbeing’ is understood and approached in schools. It is recommended that this Executive Summary be read in conjunction with Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the major research report.

A framework to build trust in mobile payment systems for Australian consumers

Domingos Mitsuhide Yamaguti Mondego
Trust is at the core of any payment method and its role is of vital importance in the adoption of a new payment system. Individuals need to trust in one another in order to validate any monetary system created. With the evolution of payment methods, shifting from paper-based to electronic-based, building consumer trust has become a vital element for the success of businesses involved in the mobile payment systems sector. In this sense, this research...

South East Queensland Domestic Water Usage Collection (Autumn 2010 Read)

Rodney Stewart & Cara Beal
This collection contains high resolution domestic water usage data captured over a 2 week period in Autumn 2010. This data was compiled from a network of remote sensors (approximately 300 data loggers) situated at domestic residences in the South East Queensland corridor. These data loggers record very small volumes of water at 5 second intervals.

CARPA Standard Treatment Manual (7th edition)

Remote Primary Health Care Manuals
The CARPA Standard Treatment Manual (STM) was initially developed by the Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association (CARPA) – a grass roots group formed by multi-disciplinary health practitioners in 1984 in response to a critical need to support clinicians in remote and rural communities in Central Australia. The development of the STM has increasingly seen the involvement of practitioners from further afield and with greater specialisation. CARPA recognised that many clinicians begin work in central or...

Consumer Factsheet: Slip resistant floor surfaces

Joanne Quinn
The purpose of this factsheet is to assist people to avoid slips and falls in their home. Slipping and falling on a floor is a major cause of home injuries. Older people, children, and people with reduced abilities are most at risk. You can lower your risk of fall injuries at home by installing and maintaining slip resistant floor surfaces.

Forests of Australia (2018)

Australian Bureau Of Agricultural And Resource Economics And Sciences
Forests of Australia (2018) is a continental dataset of forest extent, by national forest categories and types, assembled for Australia's State of the Forests Report 2018. It was developed from multiple forest, vegetation and land cover data inputs, including contributions from relevant Australian, state and territory government agencies and external sources. A forest is defined in this dataset as "An area, incorporating all living and non-living components, that is dominated by trees having usually a...

Occurrence download Pigs

Atlas Of Living Australia
ALA occurrence record download

Workload and Fatigue during Tournament Tag Football

Luke Hogarth, Brendan J Burkett & Mark McKean
This data describes the physical fitness (Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test level 2), internal and external workloads, and neuromuscular and perceptual fatigue responses of tag football players during the 2014 Australian National Oztag Championships.

Modelling of flora and fauna in Nepal and adjacent Himalayas

Pramod Lamsal
PhD thesis dataset including the modelling of flora and fauna in Nepal and adjacent Himalayas. Climate change impacts for flora and fauna in the region were the posited from these models.

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