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Gregory Anderson


Gregory Anderson

Inclusion in higher education: an analysis of policy, good practice and attitudes at one Melbourne University

Briony Jean Supple
This research was based at one university in Melbourne, Australia and examined the stories of four international students with a disability from Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka and the USA and their experiences of living and learning in a country outside of their own. Four teaching staff who had experienced teaching an international student with a disability were also interviewed to glean insight into their experiences as inclusive practitioners, and one Disability Liaison Unit (DLU)...

Management of urban stormwater : advancing program design and evaluation

Peter James Morison
Managing urban stormwater is problematical with its diffuse sources and qualities of runoff that cross multiple administrative boundaries and involve different levels of government. Defined by these characteristics and others, urban stormwater is a ‘wicked’ problem that may cause policy conflict and technical disputes among the various governmental actors. This thesis examines the implementation context of urban stormwater management in Australia and, using an embedded case study in metropolitan Melbourne, analyses the complexity of intergovernmental...

Smooth lattice general relativity, and SPH simulations of swimming linked bodies

Jules Balazs Kajtar
In this thesis, two quite different bodies of work are presented. The first is the study of the smooth lattice approach to numerical relativity which has been developed by Brewin (1998a,b, 2002). The aim of the research was to further test the viability of the method. Previously, it had been used to model a Kasner cosmology and a Schwarzschild black hole. Both were shown to produce excellent results. In this thesis, the details and results...

Base processes in the ocean environment. an investigation through ‘sculptural assemblage’.

Fiona Murphy
‘Base processes’ is the central concept of this research. ‘Base processes’ is the term I coined to refer to underlying workings in the ocean environment that are expressed through movements, cycles and forces. The key finding in this overall research: As an artist, it is possible to visualize and perceive phenomena in the ocean environment as though seeing it for the first time, as an assemblage of ‘base processes’ that describe the underlying workings of...

Recruitment manoeuvres for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

Carol Lynette Hodgson
Acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) are inflammatory conditions resulting from direct or indirect lung injury that affects over 11,000 people annually in Australia1-2. Mortality associated with ARDS is high (30-41%)1,3. Ninety percent of people affected by ARDS require mechanical ventilation to maintain gas exchange during the critical phase of the condition. A protective mechanical ventilation strategy characterized by low tidal volume and limitation of plateau airway pressure (Pplat) is now...

Assessing the utility and validity of adolescent violence risk assessment approaches in an Australian young offender population

Stephane M. Shepherd
There is a paucity of literature examining the predictive accuracy of widely used juvenile violence risk assessment instruments in an Australian youth justice context. Additionally, less is known about the ability of such instruments to extend across gender and ethnic minority groups within Australian young offender populations. Demonstrating the efficacy of youth risk measures enables the identification of high risk offenders, subsequently guiding rehabilitation and intervention strategies. The study investigated the predictive validity and cross...

Innovation and organisation: towards an art of social system design

Bradley John Graham
A new field of design activity is emerging, where the focus of designers is being directed towards seeking innovative resolutions to organisational problems that are beyond the reach of traditional fields of design. The objects of design are immaterial; they are the concepts and structures that shape and direct the complex social systems that we all inhabit. Design thinking, design in thought and language, is central to this new field, however there is yet to...

Symptomatic focal epilepsy in childhood: cognitive effects of seizure onset during a critical developmental period

Upeka Shamithri Embuldeniya
It is well recognised that cognitive impairment is a common morbidity of childhood epilepsy. However, not all children are at equal risk for these difficulties. Seizures are a defining characteristic of epilepsy, and animal studies provide insight into detrimental changes including dysfunctional reorganisation of networks, with the developing brain more vulnerable to these effects. Despite this knowledge, human research is mixed as to the precise contribution that seizures make to cognitive outcome, especially since epilepsy...

An exploration of heterogeneity in ordered choice models with applications to health and health care

Timothy Alan Weterings
This thesis considers a range of extensions through which heterogeneity can be included in ordered choice models, with the aim on increasing flexibility and ensuring models accurately represent the underlying data generating processes. In addition, this thesis includes discussion of variable choice in several highly relevant empirical applications including self-assessed health, tobacco consumption, and doctor utilisation. The thesis commences by offering a review of current techniques for allowing for heterogeneity. Each of the models discussed,...

The characterisation of ectodomain shedding of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2)

Zon Weng Lai
Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) is the only mammalian homologue of the well-characterised angiotensin-I converting enzyme (ACE). ACE2 shares 40% identity and 60% similarity in overall protein sequence with ACE. Like ACE, ACE2 is a type I integral membrane protein and a zinc dependent metalloprotease. ACE2 has recently been shown to undergo a proteolytic cleavage event, releasing an active soluble ectodomain. This cleavage-event is also commonly known as ectodomain shedding. The studies outlined in this thesis...

Academic mobility and intercultural dialogue : Eastern European migrants in Australia, Canada and Italy

Liudmila Kirpitchenko
In this thesis, I examine the processes of professional integration of Eastern European academic migrants. I focus on the role of culture and cultural patterns in migrants' intercultural communication encounters. Culture is operationalised by invoking Bourdieu's concepts of cultural capital and habitus which describe both individual and collective long-lasting values, beliefs, knowledge and cultural dispositions which can often act on the subconscious level. Bourdieu's theoretical work guides this study by assigning culture a central role...

Functional linear models for mortality forecasting

Farah Yasmeen
Over the last two decades, a number of approaches have been developed for modeling and forecasting mortality rates. However, using these models for two or more groups leads to inconsistent results, and various approaches have been proposed to resolve this problem. In this thesis, I present two new classes of functional linear models for analyzing, modeling and forecasting multiple time series corresponding to age-specific mortality rates of two or more groups within similar populations, which...

Factors affecting paramedics’ assessment and judgement about pain experienced by patients in a community based health setting

William Anthony Lord
Objective: This study aims to locate, analyse and understand data relating to the management of pain by paramedics in a community emergency health setting in Australia, and to compare this with contemporary standards of care. An analysis of patient care records was performed to gain evidence of the incidence of pain in cases attended by paramedics and current practice regarding the paramedic management of pain. Focus groups involving paramedics were subsequently undertaken in order to...

Mechanisms for emergence and self-organisation in complex adaptive systems: a network-theoretical perspective

Gregory Paperin
A central question in complexity theory is how large-scale phenomena, such as such as self-organisation, perpetual novelty, and sustained diversity, emerge. Complex systems can be understood as networks of interacting components. The focus of this research is the role that the properties of such networks play in self-organisation and emergence in complex systems. Based on the previously known concept of Dual Phase Evolution (DPE), I propose a theoretical framework, within which recurrent phase transitions in...

Bridging Kant's abyss: developing the imagination in moral judgement

Gerard William Aynsley
I argue a place for the imagination in Kant’s account of moral judgement. I then explore how the moral educator must aim to develop in the student the capacity to judge in this expanded sense. Recent scholarship has illustrated that Kant’s moral theory is more nuanced and wide-ranging than is often portrayed. It follows that moral judgement needs also be envisaged in a more expansive sense than portrayed by Kant in the second Critique. I...

Recognising patterns in large data sets: a distributed approach

Anang Hudaya Muhamad Amin
Advancements in computer architecture, high speed networks, and sensor/data capture technologies have the potential to generate vast amounts of information and bring in new forms of data processing. Unlike the early computations that worked with small chunks of data, contemporary computing infrastructure is able to generate and store large - petabytes - of data for day-to-day operations. These data may arise from high-dimensional images used in medical diagnosis to millions of multi-sensor data collected for...

Views of giftedness : the perceptions of teachers and parents regarding the traits of gifted children in Saudi Arabia

Saad Alamer
This thesis aims to investigate the perceptions of teachers and parents regarding the characteristics of gifted children in primary public schools in Saudi Arabia. To achieve these aims, three separate studies were conducted. The first study aims to elicit information and knowledge regarding the perceptions of giftedness held by the Saudis in order to gain a general understanding of participants’ perceptions about giftedness within Saudi socio-politico and religious context and to specific traits that participants...

In the name of Nietzsche : Deleuze and the aesthetic dimension of thought

David Stewart Lane
In this thesis, I examine the aesthetic dimension of language and thought that Gilles Deleuze affirms in his work. I argue that this dimension remains irreducible to the explanatory power of the concept and thus renders problematic any univocal understanding of the conceptual claims of his philosophy. While the material quality of language is essential to the communication of philosophical ideas, there is a paradoxical relationship between this materiality and Deleuze’s various arguments on the...

The dynamics of combined axial-torsional standing-wave ultrasonic motors

Daniel Kuang-Chen Liu
Piezoelectric ultrasonic motors have the potential to enable important applications such as endovasular surgical micro-robots due to their high torque and power density at the 0.1-1 mm diameter range. A type of ultrasonic motor that is suitable for miniaturization is the combined axial-torsional standing-wave (CATS) ultrasonic motor that generates the CATS stator motion via pretwisted beam vibration converters. The operation of the motor involves (1) the generation of an ellipse-like stator tip trajectory when the...

Cultural influences on primary school students’ mathematical conceptions in Ghana

Ernest Kofi Davis
Students’ performances in mathematics in Ghana have not been as good as they should be (Ministry of Education Science and Sports, 2007; Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, 2004a). Concepts such as fractions and measurement have often been cited as being problematic to students but these are the very concepts which students have much prior knowledge of, through their engagement in out-of-school/everyday mathematical practices in Ghanaian society. In other contexts researchers have highlighted the role...

Candidate markers of epithelial stem/progenitor cells in human endometrium and endometrial cancer

Hong Nguyen
The human endometrium is the highly regenerative mucosal lining of the uterus which undergoes cyclical regeneration following menstruation and parturition. Atrophic endometrium also regenerates when post-menopausal women take estrogen therapy. A rare population of endometrial epithelial stem/progenitor cells are likely involved in this remarkable regeneration. However, their precise origin and location are unknown. Endometrial cancer is the most common gynaecological malignancy in women. Genetic alterations involving the stem cell compartment are thought responsible for this...

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