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A framework to research the social determinants of ICTs for e-health

Lareen Newman & Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva
This article discusses the challenges of combining significantly different methodological approaches to investigate citizens’ access to e-health.

Aurora Australis SAZ Southern Ocean oceanographic data, cruise au9701


A contribution to the phenomenology of normative and theoretical phenomena

Erol Copelj
This work's point of departure is Husserl's description of normative and theoretical 'judgments' and their interrelation. The object of Husserl's descriptions is termed 'the normative and theoretical schema'. The phenomenological critique of Husserl's account is undertaken with the end in view of articulating a more satisfactory conception. The underlying charge is that Husserl fails to clearly distinguish judgments, qua types of intentional experiences, and propositions, the complex meanings affirmed in such experiences. Accordingly, this work...

Patterns of substance abuse in offenders court-referred for pre-sentence evaluation: associations with mental disorder and offending behaviour

Diana Talevski
The research literature reflects growing concern about the impact of substance use disorder (SUD) and the extent to which it may contribute to offending behaviour. The broad aims of this thesis were to 1) explore patterns and associations between SUD and substance use variables in a sample of offenders; 2) examine the relationship between SUD and mental disorder; 3) explore associations between substance use and offending behaviour; and 4) examine the combined effect of SUD...

Identification of novel LRH-1 target genes in breast cancer cells

Zhe Zhao
The orphan nuclear receptor liver receptor homolog-1 (LRH-1) plays important roles in embryonic development, lipid homeostasis and steroidogenesis, and has been implicated in driving several cancers. In breast cancer, LRH-1 is expressed in tumour epithelial cells of invasive ductal carcinomas. We hypothesized that LRH-1 regulates epithelial cell proliferation and invasiveness to drive breast tumour progression. The overall goal of this study was to identify molecular mechanisms regulated by LRH-1 related to cell proliferation and epithelial...

The digital darkroom studio: an investigation into pre-visualization, studio practice and outcomes

Warren Fithie
My practice involves the engagement with the digital darkroom as a site of studio practice. This process involves the creation of three-dimensional inkjet printed objects created from digital photographic image files, which are then located in contrast to other physical objects within a gallery context. This is undertaken to create dialogues exploring the way digital photographic images are perceived within culture via their methodologies of production. In this exegesis, the paradigm of the digital darkroom...

Federal power & universities: what about state sovereignty? : an analysis of the influences on the process of change in state/federal governing responsibilities for universities

Suzanne Shears
Following the Federation of Australia, the States were responsible for universities within their jurisdiction. However through political development, the Commonwealth has come to administer and largely control this sector. This thesis, Federal Power & Universities: What about State Sovereignty?, focuses on this historical development and illuminates how major changes have occurred in state/federal responsibilities governing universities from World War II (WWII) to the Dawkins Reforms. The research contributes to the already substantial body of literature...

In harm’s way: workplace aggression in Australian clinical medical practice

Danny James Hills
There is only a very limited literature on workplace aggression in medical practice settings, especially in Australia. The aim of the Workplace Aggression in Australian Clinical Medical Practice study was to determine the extent of workplace aggression experienced by medical clinicians, identify key risk and protective factors for this aggression and its impact, both personally and professionally, and ascertain what efforts are required to prevent or minimise the likelihood and consequences of aggression exposure in...

A structure/function analysis of zinc efflux proteins in Drosophila melanogaster

Kesang Dechen
The importance of zinc homeostasis in the human body is becoming increasingly apparent with all the current findings on zinc-associated disorders. There are a number of diseases and syndromes associated with impaired zinc status such as Acrodermatitis Enteropathica, Alzheimer's disease, and diabetes to name a few. The study of how zinc homeostasis is maintained is a current research topic that is gaining more significance: Mammals have zinc influx and efflux proteins, namely ZiPs and ZnTs,...

Toward better evidence for improving the quality of primary care: a synthesis of what we know about the effectiveness of continuous quality improvement and development of a framework to strengthen future research.

Sue Ellen Brennan
Background Delivering high quality health care requires an ongoing effort at all levels of the health system to adopt new knowledge in routine practice, to identify and resolve persistent quality problems, and to meet the evolving needs of populations. Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is among the most promising approaches for tackling these challenges in primary care. CQI brings teams of health professionals together to develop and test changes to the systems and processes used to...

Outcomes after tibial plafond fractures: does the treatment approach matter?

Luke Joseph Bonato
Tibial plafond fractures are serious, complex injuries of the distal tibia. Tibial plafond fractures are associated with many complications, multiple different management approaches and poor outcomes. Different strategies have been described to manage tibial plafond fractures, with no clear consensus as to the best management approach reached. The tibial plafond fracture types and population presenting to Australian trauma centres is unknown. The Victorian Orthopaedic Trauma Outcomes Registry (VOTOR) database was used to retrospectively identify potential...

A numerical study of the fluid dynamics of novel stem cell bioreactors

Nicholas Chi-Zhi Howlett
Over the last decade especially, the promise of stem cell technology to cure a multitude of genetic disorders and diseases has been at the forefront of medical research. To meet the large supply of these cells needed for clinical applications, three-dimensional modes of culture in combination with differing bioreactor designs will most likely be necessary, optimised relative to the particular cell or tissue sought. Stress upon cells or tissues, oxygen concentration, and mixing capacity are...

Roles of CEOs and information in financial reports, contracts, organizations, and markets

Chia-Feng Yu
This dissertation studies the multiple roles of chief executive officers (CEOs) and financial information, and it consists of four chapters. Chapter 1 reviews selectively the literature on: (i) the determinants and the consequences of CEO turnover; (ii) the relationship between CEO turnover and earnings management; and (iii) the effects of CEO career concerns and overconfidence on financial reporting. The CEO turnover literature finds robust evidence that CEO turnovers are preceded by poor accounting performance or...

Men of legend: the social composition of the 3rd Battalion First AIF

Seth Steven Kowal
This thesis challenges myths about the social composition of the First Australian Imperial Force and its 3rd Battalion. It aims to debunk some of the stereotypes inherent in C.E.W. Bean's Anzac legend along with generalisations presented by 3rd Battalion historian Eric Wren in his 1935 publication From Randwick to Hargicourt. Chapter 1 challenges Wren's statement that the 3rd Battalion existed as a country formation. It explores the significance of agricultural workers in the 3rd Battalion...

The cultural and political significance of tiger mothering

Nicola Ann Pitt
The ‘Tiger Mothering’ debate was ignited in January 2011 by Amy Chua’s new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (2011a), and her essay of excerpts in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), ‘Why Chinese mothers are superior’ (8 Jan, 2011b). An instant bestseller, Chua’s book provoked wide discussion around the world on account of her controversial endorsement of strict and disciplined childrearing approaches, which she associated with Chinese parents, and which she contrasted with supposedly...

The Grotesque as a contemporary means of representation.

Catherine Bourne
I am interested in ways that anxiety, fear and violence can be sublimated into an artistic form. I explore this transition by depicting states of psychic or mental anguish expressed through blurred, distorted physical forms: a major influence in the development of this lens-based project has been the Grotesque and its physiological representation of the body. Employing the grotesque in my own work offers me the ability to destabilise the known world through my creative...

Dynamic information-theoretic sensor selection schemes for target tracking applications

Farzaneh Razavi Armaghani
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) provide ad hoc infrastructure for the applications that must operate in remote and harsh environments, e.g. target tracking, wildlife tracking, and environmental monitoring. The primary factors driving such pervasive applications are the flexibility, fault tolerance, high sensing fidelity, low cost, and rapid deployment characteristics of WSNs. Energy efficiency is a critical feature of WSNs because sensor nodes run on batteries. Batteries are generally difficult to recharge after deployment. The principal way...

A study of CO2 storage capacity estimation in sedimentary rocks

Polwattegallage Navinda Kishan De Silva
The steady increase of human activities over the years has led to high atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases such as CO2 resulting in a steady rise of temperature levels, particularly over the last two decades. Therefore, the appropriate long-term storage of CO2 offers an attractive solution to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, especially in terms of storage of CO2 in abandoned coal seams with the potential of CH4 recovery (ECBM). However, previous studies on...

Quality of experience measurement, prediction and provisioning in heterogeneous access networks

Karan Mitra
In mobile computing systems, users can access network services anywhere and anytime using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Users usually have some expectations about the services provided to them by different service providers, for example, telecommunication operators and network providers. Users' expectations along with additional factors such as cognitive and behavioural states, cost, and network quality of service (QoS) may determine their quality of experience (QoE). If users are not satisfied with...

The influence of plant species and water dynamics on nitrogen removal within stormwater biofilters

Emily Georgiana Irene Payne
Stormwater biofiltration systems harness the processing capacity of plants, microbial communities and layered filter media to reduce excess stormwater runoff and pollutants generated by urban environments. These systems can satisfy multiple water quality treatment and flow regime restoration objectives within a concentrated space, but consistent treatment of nitrogen remains an elusive target. Variable performance stems from multiple nitrogen species and transformation processes, which can be stimulated or inhibited by a myriad of biogeochemical influences. These...

An exploration of the relationship between social perspective taking and positive outcomes for schools

Kristy Lee Kendall
Adolescence is a time of change, exploration and exuberance (Coon, 1995). The changes that occur during adolescence includes physical, emotional and cognitive growth. It is a time where individuals become more accomplished at understanding themselves and others. Social perspective taking involves reasoning about others, and understanding what they think, feel or believe; it involves stepping into their 'mental shoes' and taking their perspective (Gallese & Goldman, 1998). Recent research has linked the ability to take...

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and receptor for AGEs (RAGE) in pancreatic beta cell dysfunction

Yih Teng Yap
It is widely accepted that advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are pathological contributors to diabetic complications, nonetheless, whether they impact directly on the pathogenesis of diabetes per se remains to be elucidated. There is growing evidence indicating that AGEs can affect β-cell function as well as insulin sensitivity, though these studies were primarily performed in acute settings. Hence within this thesis, the relationship between AGEs and β-cell dysfunction was investigated as the primary focus. Firstly,...

Neuroanatomical correlates of cognitive impairments following traumatic brain injury.

Gershon Spitz
Traumatic brain injury can have severe deleterious consequences that may persist for decades following the initial injury. Whilst changes to individuals’ physical abilities may be most readily observed, cognitive difficulties are some of the most prominent impairments following TBI. They have been shown to lead to difficulties reintegrating into the community—including returning to competitive employment, study, and social functioning. Nevertheless, relatively little is known regarding the extent to which concurrent cognitive abilities influence the magnitude...

FIBROHOOD: 'The Lost Linoleum Highway' commythology: mythology and comics as a means of creating awareness about asbestos

Paul Roszak
Asbestos remains one of the greatest man made industrial disasters ever that will eventually claim over 10 million lives through asbestos related disease. This silent killer still lurks within millions of domestic and commercial orbits across the globe. The pro-asbestos industry has both formally used and currently still uses myth as an agent to disguise this A1 grade carcinogen as being safe. The industry and its allies were, and in some nations still are, successful...

Intelligent vertical handover management in heterogeneous wireless networks

Ammar Haider
The upcoming generation of wireless networks are characterized by seamless mobility across wireless access networks belonging to different radio access technologies. This requires the heterogeneous access networks to be integrated together, and the mobile terminals to be equipped with multiple radio interfaces allowing the users to roam across different networks. Vertical Handover (VHO) is the process of transparent switching from one access network to other. To achieve seamless heterogeneous mobility, simple, robust and effective vertical...

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