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Inventory and Evaluation of WWI-Era Gun Emplacements and Artillery Observation Features Fort Sill Military Reservation, Comanche County, Oklahoma

Daniel Hart
A cultural resources inventory and evaluation of known First World War (WWI) era concrete gun emplacements, bunkers, and other features was conducted at Fort Sill in Apache Gate Range area. Known bunkers and emplacements were relocated during field survey conducted by engineering-environmental Management, Inc. in January and February 2006. This survey and evaluation report details the recording of nine series of gun emplacements, six bunkers, two foundations, and two walls dating to the WWI era....

Nationwide Context, Inventory, and Heritage Assessment of Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps Resources on Department of Defense Installations - Report (Legacy 07-357)

Susan Goodfellow, Marjorie Nowick, Chad Blackwell, Dan Hart & Kathryn Plimpton
This report is a national historic context for Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects related to military installations.

Recording the Cold War: Identifying and Collecting Cold War Resources Data on Military Installations (Legacy 07-285)

Courtney Williams
The goals of this study were threefold: to identify DoD Cold War facilities and associated documentation at a select number of installations; to create a systematic approach for identifying, compiling, and analyzing available data; and to prepare time and cost metrics on the process.

Conservation of H.L. Hunley and its Associated Artifacts - Report (Legacy 05-106)

James W. Hunter
This report describes work performed in 2005 to assess corrosion of the submarine's hull, which led to the expansion of the H.L. Hunley's cathodic protection system to the interior of the submarine's ballast tanks. A significant number of complex and fragile artifacts associated with the Hunley were conserved.

Archaeological Data Recovery at a Site Near Topawa, Baboquivari District,Tohono O'odham Reservation

James M. Bayman
At the request of the Indian-Oasis Baboquivari Unified School District, Desert Archaeology conducted fieldwork on June 29, 1994, to recover data from archaeological site AZ DD:1:82 (ASM). This archaeological site, along with two others—AZ DD:1:81 (ASM) and AZ DD:1:83 (ASM)—was discovered during survey of a proposed area for an intermediate school, a lagoon, and a sewerline north of the community of Topawa, on the Tohono O'odham Reservation (Bayman 1993a). Based on the original survey, it...

Funding Proposal, National Science Foundation, \"Genealogies of Practice & Global Entanglements in Banda, Ghana, AD 1000-1900.\"

Ann B. Stahl
A funded proposal submitted to the US National Science Foundation (BCS-0751350) that supported 1) excavations at Ngre Kataa in 2008 and 2009; and 2) smaller-scale excavations at Bui Kataa (2008) and Banda 13 (2009) in the Banda area, Ghana.

Mortuary Analysis, Chaco Canyon to Rio Grand Valley

Revised Mortuary Data for Chaco Canyon and Rio Grande Valley sites looking at mortuary assemblages to understand adornment practices following migrations out of Chaco used for Hierarchy of Turquoise and Adornment

Revised Accumulations Data for Hierarchy of Turquoise and Adornment

Revised Accumulations data for Chaco Canyon, N. San Juan, and Rio Grande measuring deposit accumulations to measure adornment practices


Kate Hughes
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Cultural Resources Best Management Practices - Guide (Legacy 07-365)

Heather Wagner
This project provides practical information to professionals who are new to the world of DoD Cultural Resources Management, creative ideas to experienced colleagues, and also to members of garrison leadership who may not be familiar with what they should and can expect from a cultural resources program that understands the relationship between stewardship and mission requirements.

Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Training - The Ft. Drum Pilot Project - Presentation (Legacy 08-324)

Courtney Williams
This presentation stresses awareness of cultural and heritage resources in the field and discusses training with replica and actual heritage sites. The presentation also offers guidelines for addressing heritage sites in the field and associated concerns.


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Memorandum: World War II Temporary Buildings

Rachel Fernandez
In 1986, the Department of Defense executed a programmatic memorandum of agreement with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and· the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers to prepare a history and archival documentation of World War II temporary buildings. This memo discusses the Air Force position that it considers its historic preservation requirements for World War II temporary buildings to have been met under the terms of the agreement.

SHPO Correspondence Regarding Proposed Construction of the Special Tactics Squadron Training Facility

Joel A. Sloan
Correspondence between the base and the NM SHPO regarding the finding of no effect on known historic resources from the proposed construction of the Special Tactics Squadron facility.

SHPO Correspondence Regarding the Demolition of Buildings 1818 and 1819

Michael Rierson, Barbara Zook & Joel A. Sloan
Correspondence between the base and the NM SHPO regarding the finding of no effect on known historic resources from the demolition of Buildings 1818 and 1819.

SHPO Correspondence Regarding the Installation of a 4-inch Gas Line.

Michael Rierson & Joel A. Sloan
Correspondence between the base and the NM SHPO regarding the finding of no effect on known historic resources from the proposed installation of a 4-inch gas line.

Correspondence Re: The Installation of Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR-11)

Rick Chandler, Jennifer Lutz & Rick Crow
Internal correspondence regarding the Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR-11).

SHPO Correspondence Regarding Low Altitude Training Area

Bob Estes
Letter from the NM HPD requesting copies of all tribal correspondence with the Pueblos of Laguna, San Ildefonso, and Taos and offering the SHPO's preferred alternative for the proposed action.


Darcy Bird, Jacob Freeman, Erick Robinson, , Marc Vander Linden, R. Kyle Bocinsky, Chris Nicholson, Jose M. Capriles, Judson Finley, Eugenia Gayo, Adolfo Gil, Jade D'Alpoim Guedes, Julie Hoggarth, Andrea Kay, Emma Loftus, Umberto Lombardo, Madeline Mackie, Alessio Palmisano, Steinar Solheim, Claudio Latorre & Robert Kelly
The dates in this dataset were gathered from 39 pre-existing datasets, verified, and cleaned according to a standardized sample selection criteria. Dates for the United States, Canada, and the Guedes and Bocinsky (2018) database are aggregated to county level. All dates are uncalibrated. Additional information about the database cleaning processes can be found in the affiliated publication by Bird et al. 2021 “p3k14c: A synthetic global database of archaeological radiocarbon dates” (under review).

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