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Governing Solar Radiation Management

Netra Chhetri, Dan Chong, Ken Conca, Richard Falk, Alexander Gillespie, Aarti Gupta, Sikina Jinnah, Prakash Kashwan, Myanna Lahsen, Andrew Light, Catriona McKinnon, Leslie Paul Thiele, Walter Valdivia, Paul Wapner, David R. Morrow, Carolyn Turkaly & Simon Nicholson

The Healthy Schools Act of 2010: Building Healthy School Environments

E. Watts, A. Snelling, S. Irvine-Belson, H. Van Dyke, E. Malloy & Y. Ghamarian

Constitutionalism and Democracy Dataset (CDD) and Codebook

Todd A. Eisenstadt, Carl LeVan & Tofigh Maboudi

Collection of works by Stefan Kramer

Stefan Kramer

Ecuador Indigenous Environmental Attitudes Survey 2014

Todd Eisenstadt & Karleen West

Why Talk about Carbon Removal?

David R. Morrow, Holly J. Buck, Wil C. G. Burns, Simon Nicholson & Carolyn Turkaly

List of U.S. Military Bases Abroad

David Vine

DC’s Healthy Corner Store Program: an evaluation 2014-2016

Anastasia Snelling, Erin Watts, Rachel Albershardt, Hugo Van Dyke & Neil Kpamegan

Matrix of use cases and functional requirements for research data repository platforms

Research Data Alliance Repository Platforms For Research Data Interest Group

Journal Usage in Context

Kari Schmidt

The theoretical underpinnings of effective grammar instruction

Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Elise Couper & Bryan Woerner

American University Library Digital Preservation Policy

American University Library

Kogod Made in America Auto Index - 2014

Frank Dubois

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