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EMS - Incidents by Month

City of Austin Emergency Medical Services Department
This table contains data describing requests for assistance received by ATCEMS, aggregated by month. Incident counts are broken out by location, and priority for City of Austin and Travis County incidents. This dataset contains data beginning in October 2010, and is updated with new data every month.

Properties Affected by Organics Diversion Requirements of Universal Recycling Ordinance

Austin Resource Recovery
Dataset of all properties which will be affected by the Organics Diversion requirements of the Universal Recycling Ordinance beginning October 1, 2017. Businesses with food service permits will be required to implement an Organics Diversion program which started with businesses larger than 15,000 square feet on Oct. 1, 2016. As of October 1, 2017, commercial properties 5,000 square feet and larger and all multifamily properties will be effected. All businesses with food service permits will...

EMS - Ambulance Responses by Month

Emergency Medical Services Department
This table contains data related to responses by regularly scheduled ambulances. Units that are not ambulances or are deployed on an irregular basis are excluded from this table. This dataset contains data beginning in October 2010, and is updated with new data every month.

Brownfield Site List

Resource Recovery Department
The City of Austin Brownfields Revitalization Office partners with local governments and other associations to support the revitalization of brownfields. Brownfield revitalization is a way to return a property to the community as a greenspace or as a commercial, residential or mixed-use development. Brownfields are abandoned, idle or under-utilized properties where revitalization is hindered by real or perceived environmental contamination. Brownfields are real property, where the expansion, redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the...

EMS - Transport Count by Destination

Emergency Medical Services Department
This table shows the count of patients transported to each system-approved receiving facility by month. This dataset contains records beginning with October 2012. New records are added to the table every month.

Waste Collection & Diversion Report (daily)

Resource Recovery Department
Austin Resource Recovery daily report providing waste collection information based on the following categories: Report Date: The date collections information was recorded. Load Type: The specific type of load that is being collected on that day. Load Weight: The weight (in pounds) collected for each service on the day it was delivered to a diversion facility Drop off Site: The location where each type of waste is delivered for disposal, recycling or reuse: TDS Landfill...

Food Enterprises Under 5000 Sq Ft

Resource Recovery Department
This is the list of food-service permitted businesses provided by Austin Travis County Health and Human Services Department. Please note that the square footage is self-reported, and some businesses may have left that information blank on the food-service permit. Food-service permitted businesses that are within the City of Austin’s jurisdiction, but are not yet affected by the Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO) Organics Diversion requirements can qualify for the zero waste business rebate. Businesses registered as...

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