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Culture and Mass Media Survey, 2016

Statistics Norway
This data set is taken from the "Media and Culture Research Survey, 2016", which was conducted by Statistics Norway (SSB). Since 1967, Statistics Norway has conducted sample surveys on the use of mass media. Every four years the survey is extended to include use of cultural activities. In 2016, use of cultural activities was included in the survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide an overall presentation of Norwegians' use of various types...

TGO Ramfjordmoen Ionosonde Data December 1994

Tromsø Geophysical Observatory
About this dataset: This dataset contains ionosonde data in SAO format, and covers data from December 01-31, 1994.About the Tromsø Ionosonde (1993-present): Since 1980, the ionosonde was situated at 69° 35' N, 19° 13' E at Ramfjordmoen near Tromsø, Norway and operated by the Auroral Observatory of the University of Tromsø and later on, in collaboration with QinetiQ. The Lowell ionosonde replaced the Auroral Observatory unit in 1992; see the related publication for details.

Travel and Holiday Survey, 2013, 3rd quarter

Statistics Norway
Travel and Holiday Survey is a continuance of Statistics Norway's Omnibus Survey (1992-2004). Data has been gathered through four projects per year. The main goal of the survey is to map out Norwegians' travel habits, as well as to gather other official statistics. This means that the Travel and Holiday Survey also captures other themes than travel. You can see an overview of the various themes that are included in the third quarter below. -...

Spectral solar transmittance measurements below ponded Arctic sea ice during the ICE12 drift

Torbjørn Taskjelle, Stephen R. Hudson, Mats A. Granskog, Jens K. Ehn, Haakon Hop, Rupert Krapp, Peter Leopold, Michael Tessmann & Jago Wallenschus
Incident and transmitted spectral irradiance from transects on ponded first year ice during the ICE12 expedition with RV Lance in 2012. Under ice irradiance was measured approximately every 1m along three different transects, incident surface irradiance was measured concurrently at a fixed location near the start of the transect. After irradiance measurements, ice thickness, freeboard and pond depth was measured every 1m along the transect.

A Study of Energy and Locality Effects using Space-filling Curves

Nico Reissmann
The cost of energy is becoming an increasingly important driver for the operating cost of HPC systems, adding yet another facet to the challenge of producing efficient code. In this paper, we investigate the energy implications of trading computation for locality using Hilbert and Morton space-filling curves with dense matrix-matrix multiplication. The advantage of these curves is that they exhibit an inherent tiling effect without requiring specific architecture tuning. By accessing the matrices in the...

Måleegenskaper ved den norske versjonen av Multidimensional Anxiety scale for children (MASC)

Marianne A. Villabø & Simon-Peter Neumer

Philipp Conzett - Open Science Toolbox

Philipp Conzett
Presentation from kick-off workshop for the project Open Science Toolbox: https://www.ntnu.no/ub/prosjekter/ostoolbox. Title: Open Science at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway Presenters: Philipp Conzett, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway

Supporting information for the article Yield estimates by a two-step approach using hyperspectral methods in grasslands at high latitudes

Gregory Taff, Marit Jørgensen, Hans Tømmervik, Jørgen Alexander Mølmann, Corine Davids & Francisco Javier Ancin Murguzur
The dataset contains yield data and a spectral database acquired using a FieldSpec 3 portable spectrometer in agricultural grassland fields in the Tromsø and Harstad regions during the summer seasons of 2014 to 2017. The script included in the folder conducts data analyses on the spectral database by means of partial least squares (PLS) and follows all the steps necessary to replicate the results shown in the article, from the FieldSpec hyperspectral measurements to the...

Measured and modeled surface concentrations of aerosols publised in "Concentrations and radiative forcing of anthropogenic aerosols from 1750-2014 simulated with the OsloCTM3 and CEDS emission inventory"

Marianne Tronstad Lund, Gunnar Myhre, Amund Søvde Haslerud, Ragnhild Bieltvedt Skeie, Jan Griesfeller, Stephen Matthew Platt, Rajesh Kumar, Cathrine Lund Myhre & Michael Schulz
Annual mean measured surface concentrations of EC, OC, sulfate and nitrate from the EMEP (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme), ACTRIS (Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Research InfraStructure), IMPROVE (Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments), CASTNET (US national Clean Air Status and Trends monitoring network) and CMA CAWNET (Atmosphere Watch Network stations operated by the Chinese Meteorological Administration) networks, and corresponding modeled concentrations from the chemistry transport model OsloCTM3. For more information: Lund et al. 2018,...

Felles IKT-arkitekturprinsipper for universitets- og høgskolesektoren

Bård Jakobsen, Ørjan D. Pettersen, Heidi Joanne Bergh-Hoff, Jan Erik Garshol, Carl-Fredrik Sørensen, Johnny Hansen & Geir Vangen
UH-sektorens IKT-arkitekturprinsipper er en konkretisering av Difis overordnede IT arkitekturprinsipper for offentlig sektor.

Value Creating Board (VCB), phase 1. Data set from the VCB Surveys 2003-2004

Morten Huse & Astrid Heltne
The value creating board survey instrument has a long history, and it has been developed in various phases. The first version was from 1990. That version had a focus on board tasks, motivation, independence, relational norms and company performance. During the 1990’s we followed up with several surveys that developed measurements about innovation, board tasks and the context of SMEs. In 2001 a research team at BI Norwegian Business School started preparing, with the support...

The Omnibus Survey, November/December 2002 Holiday Travels 2002

Tor Morten Normann
Feriereiser, november/desember 2002 er en del av Statistisk sentralbyrås kvartalsvise omnibusundersøkelser. Fra 1992 har SSB startet opp en generell omnibus som gjennomføres 4 ganger i året. Undersøkelsen skal kartlegge folks holdninger til en rekke samfunnsspørsmål. Ulike forskningsinstitusjoner og andre offentlige instanser har anledning til å kjøpe seg inn i undersøkelsene/delta i utforming av spørreskjema. Målet er å utvikle en omnibus for statistikkproduksjon og for bruk for offentlige instanser som ikke ønsker å gjennomføre en større...

SVIFT1.0 - The Svalbard ice-free topography

Johannes J. Fürst, Francisco Navarro, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Matthias Huss, Geir Moholdt, Xavier Fettweis, Charlotte Lang, Thorsten Seehaus, Songtao Ai, Toby J. Benham, Douglas I. Benn, Helgi Bjornsson, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Mariusz Grabiec, Jack Kohler, Ivan Lavrentiev, Katrin Lindbäck, Kjetil Melvold, Rickard Pettersson, David Rippin, Albane Saintenoy, Pablo Sanchez-Gamez, Thomas V. Schuler, Heidi Sevestre, Evgeny Vasilenko … & Matthias H. Braun
We present an ice-free topography of the Svalbard archipelago based on a two-step mass-conserving approach for mapping glacier ice thickness. The Svalbard-wide application is presented in Fürst et al. (2018) and details of the mass-conserving reconstruction approach are speciffied in Fürst et al. (2017). For the thickness reconstruction more than one million individual measurements were considered. The map is provided together with an error-estimate field, which provides first spatial information on the reliability of the...

Vestbakken Volcanic Province - Surfaces and Fault Interpretations

Panagiotis Athanasios Giannenas
Interpretations made in Petrel Software (surfaces, faults). Converted into points. Study area: Vestbakken Volcanic Province, Western Barents Sea.

Fremtidens autonome ubemannede kapasiteter i Sjøforsvaret

Odd Sveinung Hareide, Tore Relling, Andre Pettersen, Alexander Sauter, Frode Voll Mjelde & Runar Ostnes

Time series of aerosol light-absorption coefficients from Aethalometers at six Arctic stations between 2012 and 2014

John Backman, Lauren Schmeisser, Aki Virkkula, John A. Ogren, Eija Asmi, Sandra Starkweather, Sangeeta Sharma, Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Stergios Vratolis, Taneil Uttal, Peter Tunved, Anne Jefferson, Michael Bergin, Alexander Makshtas & Markus Fiebig
Data used in this article are archived and accessible from the EBAS database operated at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) (http://ebas.nilu.no). Data management is provided by the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch World Data Centre for Aerosol. This project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654109 (ACTRIS). ALERT: Dr. Fred Hopper and technicians, and Canadian Department of National Defence. BARROW: NOAA Oceanic and...

Soil physical properties, microbial biomass and grain yield data collected in Norway 2010-2014

Bernard Bosman, Adam Thomas O'Toole, Christophe Moni, Anne Schols, Daniel Rasse, Simon Weldon & Monique Carnol
The application of biochar to soils is a promising technique for increasing soil organic C and offsetting GHG emissions. However, large-scale adoption by farmers will likely require the proof of its utility for improved plant growth and soil quality. In this context, we conducted a four-year field experiment between October 2010 to October 2014 on a fertile silty clay loam Albeluvisol in Norway to assess the impact of biochar on soil physical properties, soil microbial...

TGO Ramfjordmoen Ionosonde Data June 2017

Tromsø Geophysical Observatory
About this dataset: This dataset contains ionosonde data in SAO format and ionograms in PNG format, and covers data from June 01-30, 2017.About the Tromsø Ionosonde (1993-present): Since 1980, the ionosonde was situated at 69° 35' N, 19° 13' E at Ramfjordmoen near Tromsø, Norway and operated by the Auroral Observatory of the University of Tromsø and later on, in collaboration with QinetiQ. The Lowell ionosonde replaced the Auroral Observatory unit in 1992; see the...

Timescales of sediment dynamics, climate and topographic change in mountain landscapes (SedyMONT) - Erdalen and Bødalen site project, 2012.

Achim A. Beylich
The focus of this Norwegian Individual Project "Timescales of sediment dynamics, climate and topographic change in mountain landscapes (SedyMONT) - Erdalen and Bødalen site project, 2012" within SedyMONT, is on the Erdalen and Bødalen catchments in Nordfjord, western Norway. Both valleys provide based on the ongoing reserach, excellent opportunities to integrate existing and detailed quantitative knowledge on Holocene process rates with new data on sub-recent and contemporary solute and sediment fluxes and process rates generated...

NorESM1-ME CMIP5 esmHistorical (5.2) r1 raw output

Norwegian Climate Center
Norwegian Earth System Model version 1 (medium resolution) output prepared for the CMIP5 esmHistorical experiment. Technical details: Production machine: Cray XT3 in Bergen (hexagon) Model source: https://svn.met.no/viewvc/noresm/noresm/branches/noresm-ver1_cmip5-r143 Model revision number: 144 Model components: atmosphere=CAM4; ocean=MICOM; land=CLM; sea ice=CICE Horizontal resolution: atmosphere/land=1.9x2.5 degree; ocean/sea ice=~1 degree Output frequency: monthly + daily + 6-hourly + 3-hourly as requested by CMIP5 Experiment type: fully coupled Initialisation: branched from esmControl (N1850AERBPRP_f19_g16_02) at 1051-01-01 Changing forcing agents: prescribed GHG emissions;...

N-ICE2015 buoy data

Polona Itkin, Gunnar Spreen, Bin Cheng, Martin Doble, Sebastian Gerland, Mats A. Granskog, Jari Haapala, Stephen R. Hudson, Lars Kaleschke, Marcel Nicolaus, Alexey Pavlov, Aleksey Shestov, Harald Steen, Jeremy Wilkinson & Conrad Helgeland
### Introduction This dataset contains GPS and sensor data from buoys deployed on sea ice north of Svalbard from January to June 2015. The data is described and used in Itkin et al (2017) [Thin ice and storms: a case study of sea ice deformation from buoy arrays deployed during N-ICE2015](https://doi.org/10.1002/2016JC012403), Provost et al (2017) [Observations of flooding and snow-ice formation in a thinner Arctic sea ice regime during the N-ICE2015 campaign: Influence of basal...

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