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A tale of two damaging convective storms during the record-breaking Norwegian summer of 2014

Charalampos Sarchosidis
This dataset includes grib files from the operational model used for the simulation of large scale atmospheric flow, satellite images, LAGRANTO trajectory calculation and grib files from ERA-Interim for anomaly calculation.

Helicopter-borne sea-ice thickness measurements from the Fram Strait Cruise 2014

Jennifer King
Helicopter-borne electromagnetic induction sounding (HEM) sea ice thickness measurements made in the Fram Strait region in August-September 2014. A total of 9 separate flights were conducted during this campaign. The thickness produced by this sensor is ‘total thickness’, that is ice + snow, but is normally referred to as ‘sea-ice thickness’. This data has not been adjusted for sea-ice concentration. As the sea-ice concentration was low on several of these flights we recommend that this...

The Past, Present and the Future: Sales Forecasts, Consumer Attitudes, Demographics and Economics, 2016

Kyrre Rickertsen
The Norwegian agricultural sector is strongly regulated and protected. A main pillar in the agricultural policy is to ensure a balance between domestic production and consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products. There have been significant changes in consumption. Changes in relative prices and real income are important in explaining these changes, but demographic factors such as an ageing and more heterogeneous population also have large impacts on the consumption of many foods over time....

EBLE – Evaluation of Buildings with a Low Energy Demand, 2015

Judith Thomsen
This project aims to get knowledge about residential buildings with a low energy demand through an evaluation of projects. Through the evaluation of passive houses the project aimed to get insight to solutions, the need for innovation and potential. 64 passive houses and 10 residential buildings on TEK10 level were studied. The data included interviews with 38 residents, interviews with participants in the building process, raw data on energy- and indoor climate, in addition to...

Havforskningsinstituttet Smoltbur 2014

Ørjan Karlsen
The dataset includes Institute of Marine Research data of smolt catches from smolt cages in Norway in 2014.

Havforskningsinstituttet Smoltbur 2016

Ørjan Karlsen
The dataset includes Institute of Marine Research data of smolt catches from smolt cages in Norway in 2016.

Havforskningsinstituttet Smoltbur 2015

Ørjan Karlsen
The dataset includes Institute of Marine Research data of smolt catches from smolt cages in Norway in 2015.

Havforskningsinstituttet Smoltbur 2013

Ørjan Karlsen
The dataset includes Institute of Marine Research data of smolt catches from smolt cages in Norway in 2013.

Havforskningsinstituttet Smoltbur 2012

Ørjan Karlsen
The dataset includes Institute of Marine Research data of smolt catches from smolt cages in Norway in 2012.

IMR mooring data IMR_1989001

Harald Loeng
The dataset includes Institute of Marine Research data from mooring IMR_1989001 situated below the current Askøy bridge prior to it being build. Instrument type Aanderaa RCM 4, serial number 247, measuring at 6m depth below surface.

Automatic weather station data from Kongsvegen, Ny-Ålesund

Jack Kohler, Stephen R. Hudson, Friedrich Obleitner & U Innsbruck
Automatic Weather Station from Kongsvegen stake 6

N-ICE2015 sodar wind data

Stephan Kral, Joachim Reuder, Stephen R. Hudson & Lana Cohen
Sodar; Horizontal wind speed & direction, vertical wind speed, and standard deviation of vertical velocity

Data from: Sea ice resource selection models for polar bears in the Barents Sea subpopulation

Karen Lone, Benjamin Merkel, Christian Lydersen, Kit M. Kovacs & Jon Aars
Dataset used for the seasonal resource selection modelling in Lone et al. 2017. For each time step (‘mstep’) made by different bears (‘id’), one used location and 25 available locations. Covariates included are total sea ice concentration, distance to 15, 50, and 75% sea ice concentration, bathymetry, whether the location is over the continental shelf or not (cutoff at 600 m), and distance to land.

Arealgrenser for Svalbard

Sysselmannen På Svalbard (Sysselmannen.No)
Datasettet viser offisielle grenser for Svalbard som areal: - Areal innnafor grunnlinja (Forskrift om norsk sjøterritorium ved Svalbard) - Areal mellom grunnnlinja og 12 nautiske mil (territorialfarvannet) - Fiskerivernsone utenfor Svalbard (Forskrift om fiskevernsone ved Svalbard) - Definisjon av Svalbard i Svalbardtraktaten

Ferdselregler på Svalbard

Sysselmannen På Svalbard (Sysselmannen.No)
Datasettet viser i kva områder det er fri ferdsel og i kva områder det er meldeplikt etter turistforskrifta frå 1991 på Svalbard. Forskrifta gjeld areal innafor territorialgrensa. Datasettet viser og områder der det er ferdselsforbod heile eller deler av året.

Skuterbegrensning på Svalbard

Sysselmannen På Svalbard (Sysselmannen.No)
Datasettet viser hvor det er lov å kjøre skuter for henholdsvis fastboende og tilreisende på Svalbard utenfor de store naturvernområdene i øst, nordvest og sør. Skuterkjøring på Svalbard er hjemlet i motorferdselforskrift for Svalbard (24.6.2002).

Jaktforbudssoner Svalbard

Sysselmannen På Svalbard (Sysselmannen.No)
Datasettet viser områder med begrensninger på jakt utover dei generelle reglane i Svalbardmiljølova på Svalbard. Rundt Longyearbyen er forskrift om skyteforbud på høring i 2012. Planlagt utvidelse av skyteforbudssonendenne sonen. Følgjande forskrifter regulerer forbudsområder for jakt på Svalbard: - Skyteforbudssone rundt Longyearbyen - Alt vilt freda (=jaktforbud) i naturreservat på østsvalbard og i fuglereservat - Rypejakt tillatt etter søknad i Sør-Spitsbergen, Forlandet og Nordvest-Spitsbergen nasjonalparker - Bjørnøya naturreservat - Hopen naturreservat - Moffen naturreservat -...

Hydrography data from GPS-CTD-SRDL-equipped Ringed seals in Kongsfjorden 2012

Alistair Everett, Christian Lydersen, Kit M. Kovacs, Jack Kohler & Arild Sundfjord
Hydrography data from GPS-CTD-SRDL sensors on five Ringed seals in Kongsfjorden, August-December 2012

Climate Emission and Energy Use Planning at the Local Level: Top-down Directives and Bottom-up Responses, 2014

Hege Westskog
The point of departure for this project was a stipulation contained in the revised Planning and Building Act (PBL) of 2009 requiring municipal authorities to develop climate gas emission and energy use plans as part of their on-going planning processes. Virtually all municipalities now have such plans, but there is little cumulative knowledge about the processes by which these plans were prepared, the content of the plans, and how these plans have been followed up...

2011 Norway Attacks: Longitudinal Patterns and Predictors of Health Care Utilization Among Survivors of the Utøya Massacre and Their Parents, 2015

Grete Dyb
This project investigates how the events during the terror attack may have affected the health and function of those who survived and their parents. The study provides important knowledge about the impact of terrorism on young survivors and their families, as well as the course of the trauma and risk factors. The study started in 2011, a few months after the terror attack at Utøya Island on July 22nd 2011. The data includes individual data,...

22. July 2011: Experiences and Reactions in the General Norwegian Population, 2012

Siri Thoresen
The main aims of terrorism is to awake fear in the population, and/or to influence attitudes. This study aims to give knowledge about the ways in which 22nd of July has influenced the Norwegian population in terms of fear, mental health and attitudes towards safety and other current social topics. The data collection was funded by The Norwegian Directorate of Health and carried out by NKVTS. Among other thing the data includes information about socio-demography,...

Local Election Survey 2015

Jo Saglie
The "Local Election Survey 2015" was intended to contribute to increased knowledge regarding the local election in in 2015 in particular, and local democracy's manner of operation and legitimacy in general. This is a continuation of similar surveys conducted for every election since 1995. Previously, these surveys consisted of a telephone interview and a subsequent postal part. In this survey, only a telephone interview was carried out. The project carried out a voter survey, which,...

The Global in the Local and the Local in the Global – Constitusion, Human Rights and Conflict of Interest, 2013

Hanne Hagtvedt Vik
The twentieth century has been called the "age of rights". Norway has helped to create the international human rights system. Here at home, human rights have gained an ever-increasing position in the political debate and in Norwegian law. How strong positions should such international agreements and jurisprudence have? The question raises a number of fundamental issues that have been reviewed by Stortinget, which in May 2014 considered proposals for amendments to the Constitution to strengthen...

Norwegian Citizen Panel Wave 1-7 Combined, 2013-2016

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Endre Tvinnereim, Sveinung Arnesen, Åsta Dyrnes Nordø, Bjarte Folkestad, Mikael Poul Johannesson, Erik Knudsen & Nina Serdarevic
The Norwegian Citizen Panel is a platform for internet surveys of public opinion in important areas of society and politics in Norway. Participants are randomly recruited from the Norwegian population register, and they are encouraged to participate over time. The panel was fielded for the first time the fall of 2013 and the survey is carried out twice a year. The University of Bergen owns and is responsible for the Citizen panel. The company Ideas...

Buoy data

Norwegian Polar Institute (Npolar.No)
Data from autonomous buoy platforms deployed in sea and sea ice by Norwegian Polar Institute from 1976 to present. The buoy data is published as JSON documents in a REST-style HTTP data API found at

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