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LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF FERTILISERS AT BROOM`S BARN, 1965-1970, Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1971 Part 2

Scanned PDF of LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF FERTILISERS AT BROOM`S BARN, 1965-1970, part of Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1971 Part 2

Evaluating seed nursery population in Abuja 2017/2018 season

Asrat Asfaw, Agbona Afolabi, Paterne Agre & Patrick Adebola
Evaluating seed nursery population to identify potential clones to be advanced to the next generation

Dataset for "Ultrasound Imaging Velocimetry with interleaved images for improved pulsatile arterial flow measurements: a new correction method, experimental and in vivo validation"

Katharine Fraser, Christian Poelma, Zhou Zhou, Eleni Bazigou, Meng-Xing Tang & Peter Weinberg
Blood velocity measurements are important in physiological science and clinical diagnosis. Doppler ultrasound is the most commonly used method but can only measure one velocity component. Ultrasound imaging velocimetry (UIV) is a promising technique capable of measuring two velocity components; however, there is a limit on the maximum velocity that can be measured with conventional hardware which results from the way images are acquired by sweeping the ultrasound beam across the field of view. Interleaved...

Hyperelastic Tuning of One Dimensional Phononic Band-Gaps Using Directional Stress

Andriejus Demcenko, M. Mazilu, Robert Wilson, A. W. F. Volker & Jonathan Cooper
This is the raw data for the results presented in the manuscript. It includes m, fig and mat files (Matlab file format).

Legislative control of cannabis: a comparison of the use of information about cannabis by members of the U.K. House of Commons and U.S. House of Representatives in the course of legislating for drug control. 1969-1971.

William Lanouette
This thesis compares the availability and use of information about cannabis by members of two distinguished legislatures. It reviews the historical, social, legal, and moral contexts of cannabis use in Britain and the United states. It compares contemporary legislative politics in the two countries, with special reference to the relationship between the legislature and the executive, the roles ot Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members or Congress (MCs) in their respective houses and societies, and...

Versatile Zeeman slower CsYb data

Stephen A. Hopkins, Kirsteen L. Butler, Alexander Guttridge, Stefan L. Kemp, Ruben Freytag, Ed A. Hinds, Michael R. Tarbutt & Simon L. Cornish
We describe the design, construction and operation of a versatile dual-species Zeeman slower for both Cs and Yb, which is easily adaptable for use with other alkali metals and alkaline earths. With the aid of analytic models and numerical simulation of decelerator action, we highlight several real-world problems affecting the performance of a slower and discuss effective solutions. To capture Yb into a magneto-optical trap (MOT), we use the broad 1S0 to 1P1 transition at...


Simon Tanley
The archiving of raw diffraction images data is the focus of an IUCr Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group (see http://forums.iucr.org/ ). Experience in archiving and sharing of raw diffraction images data in collaboration between Manchester and Utrecht Universities, studying the binding of the important anti-cancer agents, cisplatin and carboplatin to histidine in a protein, has recently been published. Subsequently, these studies have been expanded due to further analyses of each data set of raw diffraction...

Survey of the Scottish Solway Firth Cockle Grounds 2015

Dickens Stephanie
This report presents the results of the 2015 survey of cockle (Cerastoderma edule) stocks in the Scottish Solway Firth. It continues a series of surveys conducted between 1990 and 2009 by Marine Scotland Science (MSS) (previously Fisheries Research Services) and a further survey in 2013, conducted by Marine Ecological Solutions Ltd under contract to Marine Scotland (Stamp et al., 2013). Tables in the report are available to download as .csv files.

4000 stories with sentiment analysis dataset

James Carney & Cole Robertson
This dataset presents 4,000 short stories that have been classified in terms of their emotional content and semantic structure. Emotional content was calculated using the valence, arousal and dominance norms in Warriner et al. (2014). Semantic structure was derived using the doc2vec algorithm, which classifies each text as a 300-place vector. The authors created this dataset as part of a study of the impact of narrative literature on mental health.

Circular array with displaced phase reference Data Set

Anil Chepala & Vincent Fusco
Data relating to all figures in the above manuscript.

Working with Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities and Comorbid Mental Health/ Autism/ Challenging Behaviour Conditions: A Workforce Development Project

SE Hardy, E Chaplin & B Tolchard
London South Bank University (LSBU) are pleased to present a project report for Health Education England on the staffing needs for Children and Young People with a learning disability, mental health problem and challenging behaviours. Many families have complained about poor services. People have told us about: • Poor access and referral to services • A lack of awareness by staff of the things that matter to people with learning disability • Not getting the...

MAMa - Appendices.docx

Juan Carlos Augusto, Mario Jose Quinde Li Say Tan & Nawaz Khan
This models have been used during the research published at “Using Formal Methods to Guide the Development of an Asthma Management System” (accepted at DESSERT 2019, Leeds, UK)

Spanish varieties in the classroom - Questionnaire to teachers

Mara Fuertes Gutierrez
Data collection instrument (questionnaire) used to collect responses from Spanish language lecturers and teachers on their beliefs and everyday practices related to which linguistic varieties should be taught to non-native students of Spanish

Ichthyoplankton Analysis Data from the Western Coastal Shelf 2016

Hayden Close
Ichthyoplankton abundance data (fish eggs and larvae) to study the Spatial abundance of the species in 2016 from the western approaches of the Celtic sea in the region between 48⁰N and 54.5⁰N between March and August along the western continental shelf from France to the waters around the middle of Ireland. These samples were loaned to Cefas by ICES WGMEGS participating nations that collected the samples. The dataset consists of 551 samples split across 6...

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