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Ozden Sahin

Collaboration between designers and scientists in the context of scientific research

Carlos Peralta
Explores collaboration between designers and scientists in the context of scientific research. It identifies the role and contribution of designers to scientific research. It outlines collaboration barriers and enablers, and describes forms of collaboration between designers and scientists. It also illustrates the areas or stages of scientific research to which designers can contribute.

Depicting Orthodoxy: The Novgorod Sophia icon reconsidered

Ágnes Rebeka Tóthné Kriza
The Novgorod icon of Divine Wisdom is a great innovation of fifteenth-century Russian art. It represents the winged female Sophia flanked by the Theotokos and John the Baptist. Although the icon has a contemporaneous commentary and it exercised a profound influence on Russian cultural history (inspiring, among others, the sophiological theory of the turn of the twentieth century), its meaning, together with the dating and localisation of the first appearance of the iconography, has remained...

Carving the spirits of the wood: an enquiry into Trobriand materialisations

Sergio Jarillo De La Torre
This thesis is a study of the role of material forms as mediators of cross-cultural encounters in the Trobriand Islands. It is based on eighteen months of ethnographic research in Kiriwina and other parts of the Massim region, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. The dissertation analyses previously overlooked material expressions in the form of woodcarvings for sale (tokwalu) to outsiders. Throughout the thesis, I demonstrate how Trobrianders conceive tokwalu as symbolic and material tools...

Facial shape analysis

Liberty Vittert

Advanced optimal control methods for spin systems

David L. Goodwin
Work within this thesis advances optimal control algorithms for application to magnetic resonance systems. Specifically, presenting a quadratically convergent version of the gradient ascent pulse engineering method. The work is formulated in a superoperator representation of the Liouville-von Neumann equation.

A Newton-grape method is developed using efficient calculation of analytical second directional derivatives. The method is developed to scale with the same complexity as methods that use only first directional derivatives. Algorithms to ensure a well-conditioned...

Using the Psychological Contract to Explore the Experiences of Migrant Domiciliary Care Workers within London

Cathlynn D'Silva
This qualitative research makes use of the psychological contract construct and literature to explore the lived work perceptions and experiences of migrants undertaking domiciliary care work within London, in their multi- agency type of employment. The researcher examines these using the stories of forty four migrants employed in various types of contingent work arrangements. The participants are drawn from diverse employer types. Data interpretation and analysis was conducted using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and Hermeneutic Phenomenology....

Mechanism of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) induced Hypothermia

Shazma Bashir
Paracetamol is a potent analgesic and antipyretic with limited side effects compared to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opiates. Worldwide paracetamol is commonly used to treat pain and fever in both children and adults. Although, this drug has been in clinical use for more than a century, the mechanisms of action are not fully understood. Historically some of the actions of paracetamol were attributed to the inhibition of central cyclooxygenase (COX-1 and COX-2) enzymes...

Theatre of Testimonies: Performing Memory

Anca Doczi
Written from a practice-as-research perspective, this thesis focuses on the use of testimony in creating material for the stage. Designed as a reflexive performance ethnography and action research study, the work is concerned with developing a new performative strategy to address the memory of pain in the aftermath of conflict and to contribute to rebuilding communities dispersed by social and political unrest. Informed by methodologies and performance practices involved with the curation of testimonial content...

Female Cosmetic Coalitions: How to be Women Together Through Direct Sales Cosmetics

Elena Fejdiova
This research is based on ethnographic fieldwork amongst women purchasing direct sales cosmetics in Slovakia. To interpret the data I use concepts from social as well as evolutionary anthropology. In the thesis I examine the closely bonded female collectives that emerged during the purchasing of cosmetics from direct sales companies. I show that while the company sales representatives were trained in the network selling marketing to make a profit, under specified conditions women’s collectives emerged...

A Hybrid Approach to Recognising Activities of Daily Living from Patterns of Objects Use

Isibor Kennedy Ihianle
Over the years the cost of providing assistance and support to the ever-increasing population of the elderly and the cognitively impaired has become an economic epidemic. Therefore, the emergence of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) has become imperative, as it encourages independent and autonomous living by providing assistance to the end user by conducting activity and behaviour recognition. Accurate recognition of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) play an important role in providing assistance and support to...

Characterisation of the interleukin-4 signalling cascade involved in the induction of cyclooxygenase-2 and the polarisation of macrophages into an anti-inflammatory phenotype

Sivanjaa Manoj
The inflammatory response can be broken down into the pro-inflammatory phase, followed by the resolution phase. Both phases are regulated by the expression or release of immunomodulatory mediators such as cytokines e.g. TNFα and IL-10. The two phases are also associated with different macrophage polarization states where the M1 phenotype is seen during the pro-inflammatory phase and M2 during resolution. Whereas much focus has been on the pro-inflammatory phase, more recently, emphasis has been placed...

Management and creation of Open Mosaic Habitat for invertebrate conservation

James McGill
Some brownfield sites can support comparable invertebrate diversity to semi- natural early successional habitats. This was recognised in the designation of Open Mosaic Habitat on Previously Developed Land as a UK conservation priority. This project developed in response to the need for information to assist with management of brownfields protected for nature conservation, and from the lack of evidence about effectiveness of brownfield mosaic habitat creation. The study included: management interventions at Canvey Wick in...

An Exploratory Analysis of Children's Consumption and Identity Projects

Diliara Mingazova
The thesis aims to extend the child brand relationship theory, a significant part of consumer culture theory (CCT), and consequently, provide a deeper understanding of the roles that brands play in the lives of children. It draws upon the literature of CCT, brand relationship theory and children as consumers. The objectives of this research are to explore children’s understanding of the symbolic meanings of their brands, gain an understanding of how children use these meanings...

A framework to apply cloud-based enterprise resource planning in the United Arab Emirates manufacturing companies-a case approach

Alsadi Mohammad
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems provide great benefits to companies. Companies in the Middle East realises that there is an urgent need for understanding ERP adoption and implementation issues since use of ERP systems are still in the early stages in these countries. Also, use of cloud ERP is very limited and there is no much empirical study has been carried out in this field. The purpose of studying this topic is to examine factors...

"Accountability Criteria and Remedies under Tort Law for Victims of Human Rights Abuses".

Emmanuel Nartey
The primary aim of this thesis is to identify a coherent legal principle to establish a novel duty of care for corporate human rights violations and environmental damages. This research will examine whether tort and civil law offer better accountability and remedies for victims of corporate human rights abuses. Over the course of the doctoral studies, this study has attempted to carry out an in-depth and critical analysis of the concept of corporate accountability. Moreover,...

Uncertain Masculinities

Jake Abrams
Auto Ethnographic research into personal artistic expression with regard to masculinity.

The views of young people with an autism spectrum disorder on their experience of transition to secondary school

Susan Ackerly
The experience of transition from primary to secondary school is regarded as being particularly challenging for children who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The research in this area has identified that additional support during this period has been beneficial, however the dominant voice has been given to the parents and professionals. This qualitative exploratory study offers an opportunity for others to gain a greater understanding of the transition process through the...

Reaching for a shared understanding: Exploring the views of Educational Psychologists (Eps) and Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) about the role of the EP in supporting mental health and psychological well-being in schools.

Rachael Andrews
This qualitative research, which adopted a pairing of social constructionism and participatory paradigms, posed the question of how Educational Psychologists and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators view the role of the Educational Psychologist in supporting mental health and psychological wellbeing in schools. The views of four Educational Psychologists and three Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators were explored through semi-structured interviews. A thematic analysis of the interviews led to two thematic maps being created. Educational Psychologists wished to...

Muslims and the Politics of Love in Contemporary British Fiction

Adrian Banting
This thesis explores the connections between love, multiculturalism and the novel through a study of the figure of the Muslim as understood within secular Britain. I examine representations of love in British fiction published since the Rushdie affair, arguing that love is a crucial means by which novels reproduce, subvert and challenge dominant cultural and political discourses around Muslims and Islam. Selected literary texts by Hanif Kureishi, Zadie Smith, Monica Ali, Nadeem Aslam, Mohsin Hamid,...

Distressing Unusual Experiences, Childhood Adversity and Affect.

Nedah Basit
Background: Developing a better psychological understanding of unusual experiences (UEs) in a child and adolescent population has become an important area of research. Presently, much of our understanding of UEs has derived from psychological models of psychosis in adults. There is now a robust evidence-base supporting the relationship between childhood adversity (CA) and psychosis in adulthood, and researchers have begun to study the psychological processes involved in this relationship. Importantly, associated psychological processes appear to...

Punjabi Depression Inventory: A Culturally Sensitive Measure for Punjabi-Speaking Migrants Residing in the UK.

Ranjot Bhogal
This study aims to develop and validate a new cultural measure of depression known as the Punjabi Depression Inventory (PDI). The PDI is used to detect depression in Punjabi-speaking individuals which may be triggered as a result of their cultural experiences. The PDI specifically targets Punjabi-speaking individuals who now permanently reside in the United Kingdom (UK), but originally migrated here from India. Therefore, the PDI is intrinsically linked to the Punjabi culture and language. There...

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