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From Cyprus to Venice: Art, Exchange and Exile across the Renaissance Mediterranean

Georgios E. Markou
This thesis reveals a culturally sophisticated Cypriot elite that moved with ease between Cyprus and Venice, between Orthodox and Latin devotions, between icon painting and up-to-date Italian artworks. Arranged in the form of microhistories, the present work discusses how the insular nobles negotiated their identity between the two centres during the early modern period. In Renaissance Venice, where they strove to be associated with the upper echelons of patrician society, the Cypriot elite followed the...

The American Diner Waitress: An autoethnographic study of the icon

Heidi Liane Hasbrouck
This practice-based thesis explores the relationship between the iconography of the American diner waitress and the labour of diner waitresses. My research is grounded in ethnographic fieldwork, whereby I worked as a diner waitress and conducted in-depth interviews with my co-workers in New Jersey. I use autoethnography and experimental documentary filmmaking as methodological tools to (re)produce both the iconography and the labour of the American diner waitress. Through this I reveal the feedback loop that...

The effect of comparison on the perceived similarity of complex visual stimuli

Paula Christiane Engelbrecht
Comparison has been shown to decrease the perceived similarity of artificial face stimuli that are difficult to discriminate (Mundy, Honey, & Dwyer, 2007). This thesis presents seven experiments that examined the effect of comparison on the perceived similarity of a wider range of unfamiliar face stimuli. Participants were asked to compare two faces before either rating their perceived similarity, or deciding whether they are the same person. In the first five experiments participants were shown...

The Poet at Work: Concepts of Authorship in the Ancient Reception of Virgil

Talitha Esther Zoob Kearey
This thesis explores how Virgil's readers imagined the authorial techniques and biographical persona of Virgil, the most canonical – yet extraordinarily elusive – Latin poet. While ancient biography is often dismissed as transparently fictional, this thesis makes a case for taking biographical reports of Virgil’s authorial techniques seriously – if not as historical fact, then as sites where later readers creatively explored conceptions of authorship, negotiated literary practices, and constructed an author worthy of reading....

Psychopathic personality traits and antisocial behaviours in adults: Behavioural, emotional, and physiological correlates

Guilherme Welter Wendt
This thesis presents a series of studies that contribute to the literature about psychopathic traits in the general population, addressing physiological, emotional and behavioural correlates. At the level of behaviour, studies within Chapter Three showed positive correlations between bullying and psychopathy, and found better explanatory power for Primary Psychopathy in predicting bullying (Study 1). Additionally, bully–victims were found to present higher psychopathic traits (Study 2). At the physiological level, Chapter Four presents two studies examining...

Resistance of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites to Quasi-static and Ballistic Perforation

Yu, Bosco (Hiu Ming)
The failure mechanisms, as well as the indentation and penetration resistance, of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) cross-ply laminates were investigated under quasi-static and ballistic loading. In this thesis, the two most prominent failure modes were indirect tension and shear plugging. To characterise the indirect tension mechanism, CFRP cross-ply coupons with various matrix shear strengths were subjected to uniaxial out-of-plane compression between lubricated platens, while CFRP cross-ply beams were subjected to quasi-static indentation between a...

Essays on communication, social interactions and information.

Diego Battiston
This thesis consists of three papers in the broad field of Applied Economics. I focus on three “soft factors”, namely, face-to-face communication, brief social interactions and information updates. I study on how they affect individual and organisational outcomes using different natural experiments. The first chapter provides causal evidence on how the ability to communicate face-to-face (in addition to electronic communication) can increase organisational performance. The study exploits a natural experiment within a large organisation where...

Mindfulness and employees in the workplace.

Michelle Rich
The overall aim of this research is to identify the impact of a brief, low-cost mindfulness meditation training program for employees in a workplace setting, specifically in the UK higher education sector. Although there has been extensive research on the efficacy of mindfulness training for perceived stress of employees, to date, there has been limited research exploring the following: (a) impact of mindfulness-based training interventions on work-related outcomes (b) long-term impact of those interventions, and...

Chromatic and structural properties of sparse graph classes

Daniel Quiroz
A graph is a mathematical structure consisting of a set of objects, which we call vertices, and links between pairs of objects, which we call edges. Graphs are used to model many problems arising in areas such as physics, sociology, and computer science. It is partially because of the simplicity of the definition of a graph that the concept can be so widely used. Nevertheless, when applied to a particular task, it is not always...

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in Practice Placements: Experiences of pre-registration student nurses with dyslexia

Judie Knowles
The study of the perspectives of student nurses with dyslexia has an under-represented knowledge base as this is a relatively new branch of nursing educational research. While researchers have suggested that those with dyslexia experience deficits of executive functionality within practice placements, one outstanding area for exploration is the student nurses’ own lived-experience of the challenges faced in this context. Using mixed-methods my study investigated this phenomenon. I replicated some earlier studies examining the students’...

Exploring strategies for developing Western classical music education in the Sultanate of Oman

K. Aljabri
The initial aim of this research was to assess whether it was possible to introduce Western Classical Music (WCM) into the Omani school music curriculum. Oman is a model for establishing, firstly, whether it is possible to introduce WCM to a school regime in which it has never previously existed and, secondly, how such an introduction can be most effectively implemented. There was no published research in this area and, as this research developed, the...

Probabilistic Graphical Modelling for Software Product Lines: A Frameweork for Modeling and Reasoning under Uncertainty

Anas Almharat
This work provides a holistic investigation into the realm of feature modeling within software product lines. The work presented identifies limitations and challenges within the current feature modeling approaches. Those limitations include, but not limited to, the dearth of satisfactory cognitive presentation, inconveniency in scalable systems, inflexibility in adapting changes, nonexistence of predictability of models behavior, as well as the lack of probabilistic quantification of model’s implications and decision support for reasoning under uncertainty. The...

The Politics of Public Space and the Emergence of the Commons in Contemporary Athens

Orsalia Dimitriou
This thesis investigates the public spaces of the contemporary city of Athens within a democratic political framework, analysing the urban space as ‘produced’ (Lefebvre,1991) by material practices of representation and everyday practices of appropriation, rather than as a fixed physical entity. The timeframe of this research coincides with radical changes in the sites that are the subject of the key studies, as the urban riots of December 2008 shattered the solidified and unequal relationship between...

Schumann as aspiring pianist: technique, sonority, and composition

B. Neergaard
In recent decades, the pianism of Robert Schumann’s compositions has increasingly gained recognition. What was previously seen as dense and mid-keyboard centric is now recognised as ground-breaking in terms of sonorous invention, informed by an intimate understanding of the instrument and its playing techniques. Yet, as pianist Schumann has received little credit, primarily due to a short-lived and relatively unsuccessful career. This thesis aims to explore this seeming paradox. I shall argue that Schumann developed...

Who has the right to remain in place? Informality, citizenship and belonging in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Mara Nogueira
The thesis looks at three conflicts related to the 2014 World Cup preparation in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In each of the cases, affected groups – informal workers, informal residents and middle-class citizens – engage with the state to claim rights over space. It examines how the entanglements between social class and legal/institutional developments engendered through “peripheral urbanisation” shape the capacities of those groups to affect formal/informal boundaries and have their demands legitimated. This research draws...

The Royal Albert Hall: a case study of an evolving cultural venue

F. J. Gibbs
Scholarship concerning the importance of understanding audiences and venues for music has developed a great deal over the last two decades. This thesis examines one element of this research: the importance of the venue as a space for culture. The Royal Albert Hall, a world–famous but little- understood venue, acts as case study for this text. Through a mixed–methods approach, this thesis seeks to answer four questions concerning the relationship between a public space and...

Representations and responses to surrogacy in the reproduction of the family

Lulu Le Vay
This thesis explores representations and responses to surrogacy on TV and film. It examines how conventional notions of ‘the proper family’ are reproduced. Through textual analysis and audience work, this research explores how conventional ideals of family are constructed, and how female viewers interpret such values. A specific focus is on how narratives are articulated through genre devices, and how particular televisual techniques shape audience perception. Through textual and empirical methods, this thesis demonstrates how...

Essays on financial frictions and productivity

Isabelle Roland
Productivity - the efficiency with which firms transform inputs into outputs - is the root of economic growth and the improvement of living standards. This thesis explores different financial frictions that affect productivity at the corporate level and their aggregate consequences. The first chapter, “Credit Market Frictions and the Productivity Slowdown”, is joint work with John Van Reenen and Timothy Besley. UK labour productivity growth has been particularly weak since the financial crisis. We develop...

Cultural factors in the perception and treatment of illness in Morocco

B. P. Greenwood
This thesis was digitised by the British Library from microfilm. You can purchase a single copy of this thesis for research purposes by clicking on the padlock icon on the thesis file. We charge a supply fee of £15 for this service.

An investigation into Taiwanese music college students' self-management of musical performance anxiety

W.-L. Huang
Taiwan has many high-level music colleges that prepare students for performance and teaching careers. These music colleges are competitive environments in which students are potentially learning to cope with musical performance anxiety (MPA). MPA has been widely researched in recent years. Studies have found that college musicians use their own unique coping strategies or rely on past experiences of coping with MPA to manage it. Nevertheless, literature that focuses on MPA self-management is still limited....

Instrumentation and contrast mechanisms in scanning helium microscopy

Matthew Bergin
Scanning helium microscopy (SHeM) is a novel form of microscopy that uses low energy (5-100 meV) helium atoms to image the surface of a sample. Since helium is inert and neutral, it can be used to study delicate and insulating surfaces, but that also means it can be difficult to manipulate for focussing and detection. The first reflection mode helium images were recently demonstrated using a pinhole to form a narrow beam of helium, but...

Investigating the regulation of DNA non-homologous end-joining through Ku70/80 interacting factors

Rohan Pakiaraj Sivapalan
DNA double-strand breaks are the most deleterious type of DNA damage that cells experience, which makes the study of double-strand break repair extremely important. Unrepaired or aberrantly repaired DNA can result in changes to core genes with critical function and thus lead to multiple diseases. Two main repair pathways for double-strand breaks exist: homologous recombination (HR) and non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ). Whilst the regulation of HR has been heavily investigated, the regulation of NHEJ remains to...

Cause of Cambrian Explosion - Terrestrial or Cosmic?

Edward J Steele, Shirwan Al-Mufti, Kenneth A Augustyn, Rohana Chandrajith, John P Coghlan, SG Coulson, Sudipto Ghosh, Mark Gillman, Reginald M Gorczynski, Brig Klyce, Godfrey Louis, Kithsiri Mahanama, Keith R Oliver, Julio Padron, Jiangwen Qu, John A Schuster, WE Smith, Duane P Snyder, Julian A Steele, Brent J Stewart, Robert Temple, Gensuke Tokoro, Christopher Tout, Alexander Unzicker, Milton Wainwright … & Yongsheng Liu
We review the salient evidence consistent with or predicted by the Hoyle-Wickramasinghe (H- W) thesis of Cometary (Cosmic) Biology. Much of this physical and biological evidence is multifactorial. One particular focus are the recent studies which date the emergence of the complex retroviruses of vertebrate lines at or just before the Cambrian Explosion of ∼500 Ma. Such viruses are known to be plausibly associated with major evolutionary genomic processes. We believe this coincidence is not...

Early Greek Indexicality: Markers of Allusion in Archaic Greek Poetry

Thomas James Nelson
This thesis is concerned with early Greek literary history and the nature of archaic Greek allusion. It examines how our earliest Greek poets self-consciously marked and signalled their interactions with other texts and traditions, often in a deeply antagonistic fashion. In recent years, scholars have explored how Roman poets signposted references to their predecessors through a range of relational metaphors, representing their allusions as acts of recollection, echo and theft. Yet although these readings have...

Structural Colour in Fruits

Roxanne Middleton
Structural colour arises from the constructive interference of light with a material structured on a lengthscale corresponding to optical wavelengths. This phenomenon is responsible for the appearance of many of the brightest colours in nature and recently the existence of structural colouration in plants has been demonstrated across multiple species. This thesis extends our understanding of the effect specifically in fruit epidermal tissues, it uses the physical principles underlying structural colour to understand biological development...

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