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The major white matter tracts tissue microstructure predict collison-sport participation

Franco Pestilli & Brad Caron
We present processed data from an investigation of the effects of long-term exposure to repetitive head impacts and brain tissue microstructure. Participants included 4th and 5th year varsity IU football players, 4th and 5th year varsity IU cross-country runners, and senior non-athlete IU students. We publish this dataset in hopes TBI researchers will be able to reproduce our results and perform new analyses to accelerate understanding.

Convert wmc-deprecated to wmc

Giulia Berto
App to convert the old wmc-deprecated datatype to the new wmc datatype

Connectome Mapper for BIDS datasets

David Hunt
Generates connectome matrices and for T1 and BIDS datasets

Deprecated - Laplace Beltrami Spectrum

Lindsey Kitchell
This application will calculate the Laplace Beltrami spectrum of 3D surfaces in the .vtk file format using the LBS function provided with Mindboggle (http://www.mindboggle.info/). This application computes the Laplace-Beltrami spectrum using a linear finite element method, following the definitions and steps given in Reuter et al.'s 2009 paper: "Discrete Laplace-Beltrami Operators for Shape Analysis and Segmentation". Options for normalization are: None, "area", "index", "areaindex". Normalization by area uses the area of the 2D structure as...

White matter tracts statistics and quality control

Franco Pestilli & Daniel Bullock
This brainlife.io App will compute aggregrate statistics on the white matter tracts produced on brainlife.io. Statistics such as fiber count, tract volume, etc can be used to compare across tracts, across subjects either for scientific analyses or quality control of the results.


Brent McPherson
repeat of fixed parameters for OHBM 2019 submission

Tractography quality check (new wmc input)

Daniel Bullock
A quality check application for tractography, segmentatations, and LiFE structures

Freesurfer on OSG

Soichi Hayashi
Run freesurfer (v6) on Open Science Grid using fsurf command.


Brent McPherson
repeat of fixed parameters for OHBM 2019 submission

FSL BET Brain Extraction (DWI)

Lindsey Kitchell & Brad Caron
Brain Extraction via FSL's BET command

Segment tractogram into fiber categories

Franco Pestilli & Daniel Bullock
Segments all streamlines from an input tractogram in to general categories (i.e. fronto-temporal, parieto-occipital etc).

mrtrix3 act sift

Brent McPherson
test of adding sift as part of streamline generation to improve segmented anatomy quality


Aditya Gupta
This is an application I am developing for the Franco Pestilli's Brainlife Platform.

Connectome Mapper

David Hunt
Generate connection matrix for BIDS directories

Tractography quality check

Daniel Bullock
A quality check application for tractography, segmentatations, and LiFE structures

Tract Analysis Profiles

Brad Caron
Create plots of diffusion metrics (i.e. FA, MD, RD, AD) for each of the segmented tracts from AFQ, known as Tract Profiles. Obtains streamline positions from segmented tracts and plots the metrics of interest along "nodes" of the tract, allowing for comparison of individual subject tracts. Requires the dt6 output from dtiinit and a white matter classification output from AFQ or WMA

Associative white matter connecting the dorsal and ventral posterior human cortex

Franco Pestilli & Daniel Bullock
We present cortical endpoint termination data from a series of associative white matter tracts connecting the posterior human brain cortex. These tracts include the vertical occipital fasciculus (VOF), the posterior arcuate fasciculus (pArc), the temporo-parietal connection (TP-SPL), and the middle longitudinal fasciculus (MdLF).

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