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Assessing the Experiences of Dually Eligible Beneficiaries in Cal MediConnect: Results of a Longitudinal Survey

Carrie Graham, Linda Ly, Bethany Lee & Pi-Ju Liu
The Community Living Policy Center and the Institute for Health and Aging partnered to conduct an evaluation of Cal MediConnect (CMC). One goal of this evaluation was to assess beneficiaries' experiences with care, include access, quality, and coordination over time. To that end, researchers conducted a longitudinal telephone survey with three groups of dually eligible beneficiaries: those enrolled in CMC, those who opted out, and those in non-demonstration (non-CCI) counties. Key findings from the first...

Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Contract Provisions Related to Transition and Diversion from Instituti onal Placement

Ari Ne'eman
As a growing number of states adopt Managed Long-Term Services and Supports frameworks, it becomes imperative that ongoing efforts to promote HCBS over institutional services continue and are integrated into the incentives and requirements of managed care contracts. Managed care can help states accelerate the shift towards the community--or slow and reverse it, depending on the incentives put into requests for proposals and contract language.

Measuring Quality in Home and Community-Based Services Selected I nventory of Consumer and Caregiver Survey Questions Related to the National Quality Forum HCBS Domains

Steve Kaye
Surveys of consumers or their families and caregivers are an essential means of assessing quality in the delivery of home and community-based services (HCBS). A substantial number of such surveys have been fielded for the purpose either of measuring HCBS quality generally or of specific aspects of HCBS quality. Other surveys not developed for HCBS nevertheless measure concepts that are important in HCBS quality, such as life satisfaction or community participation. As the need for...

Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Assessing Provider Network Adequacy

Ari Ne'eman
The decentralized nature of Home and Community-Based Services, and the fact that many HCBS providers travel to an individual’s home rather than service recipients traveling to provider facilities, have presented real difficulties for policymakers and advocates seeking to determine the most appropriate means of measuring network adequacy for LTSS providers. This report outlines multiple options that are available to state policymakers seeking to evaluate network adequacy for HCBS providers under MLTSS programs.

Identifying, Evaluating and Remediating \" Settings That Isolate \" in the Context of CMS Guidance on Heightened Scrutiny Requirements within the HCBS Settings Rule

Ari Ne'eman
First issued in 2014, the Home and Community Based Settings Rule seeks to ensure that the limited Medicaid funding dedicated to Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) funds settings that are truly home-and community based in nature, rather than settings that retain the characteristics of institutions. As a result of advances in federal public policy and civil rights law, coupled by demands from people with disabilities and their advocates for greater community-based options, states have...

Personal Autonomy: Moving Beyond the Masculine

Ella Marin Miller
This project explores what it means to have personal autonomy that is of value in a relational world. I describe and depict what a 'life that is one's own' may look like, realistically, through describing the experience of personal autonomy. This project demonstrates the necessity of including the psychological element of agency and interpersonal relationships (including group identity) in an account of autonomy. Here, I explore autonomy as an experience which is supported by agential...

An Urgent Shift in Politics: Differing Mobilizational Tactics of the NRA and Everytown and their Comparative Ability to Create Political Action

Benjamin David London
In today's political era, interest groups are infamous for their ability, both real and perceived, to affect political outcomes. Because interest groups are so influential, it is all the more important to understand how exactly they function and influence politics. One set of influence strategies deals in mobilizing their members to take political action, which is called outside lobbying. However, the existing literature does not have an answer as to what interest groups can do...

Guerra Contra Las Pandillas: A Re-analysis of Salvadoran history to understand contemporary US. Media representations of MS-13

Catherine Gisele Romero
In this project, I explore how the US media represents the situation regarding MS-13 in El Salvador and within its own borders. I give a broad overview of Salvadoran history to re-contextualize the narratives shared by Salvadoran media and its government. Through a historical context, I revisit the blame placed on Salvadoran youth for the country's destabilization. I then explore similarities between US media’s portrayal of MS-13 and Salvadoran life to define common patterns of...

Decentralized Decisions and Preferential Policies: The Role of Chinese Provinces in Attracting FDI

Douglas Vantran
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was a critical component of the Chinese government’s efforts to modernize the economy during the early reform period. Through a statistical analysis of infrastructure density and case studies of Jiangsu and Liaoning province, this thesis investigates the policy options available to provincial governments for promoting inward FDI, as well as their limitations and potential dependency on central and local government actions. I find that although provincial governments had many choices for...

Birthright's Impact on Five Jewish Identity Groups: Findings from the Summer 2018 Cohort

Graham W. Wright, Shahar Hecht & Leonard Saxe
By examining response patterns to questions about Jewish attitudes, the study identified five different types of Jewish identity among the young adults who applied to go on a Birthright trip in summer 2018: Ancestry, Secular Peoplehood, Casual Religious, Connected, and Committed. After sorting applicants into groups corresponding to their Jewish identity type, the study examined the ways in which participants in the different groups were impacted by their Birthright experience. Specifically, the study asked:

Season Wrap

John Plotz & Aarthi Vadde
Our two hosts play guest, and dive into the season's high and lowlights, starting with the role humor played on the show. We also talk through the affordances of the "virtual" studio as opposed to the brick and mortar one where John recorded podcasts in "the before time." Literary critics that we are, we can't help but consider the podcast as an audio form that solicits different kinds of listening. Aarthi wonders if it's "close"...

Orhan Pamuk reads and glosses the end of Snow

John Plotz, Aarthi Vadde & Orhan Pamuk
Pamuk plays scholar and novelist both. He reads the cheekily postmodernist final page of his novel Snow, while also talmudically interspersing comments on the text.

Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive K-12 Schools: A New Call for Philanthropic Support

Susan Eaton & Suchi Saxena
This report makes the case for philanthropic investment in racially, culturally and socioeconomically diverse K-12 public schools. We offer an overview of work in this field, its evolution, its growing popularity, supportive research base and hopeful contemporary examples. We provide a variety of paths for funders to support this work in ways that align with common philanthropic strategies and priorities. This report was informed by interviews with educators and other practitioners working towards diverse, equitable...

The Counter Reformation from Florence to Munich: Politics, Religion, Art and the Making of a Counter-Reformation Painter

Sam Timbers
An examination of Counter-Reformation painting and politics in Florence and Munich, focusing particularly on the Bruges-born painter Peter Candid.

Seeing Black Women as Winners: An Analysis on Contemporary Media Bias Against Women of Color Running for the U.S. House Of Representatives in 2020

Marissa Gabriela Torelli
The language journalists use to describe politicians has the ability to influence the way voters perceive candidates, and this influence increases during moments of low information like the primaries of a campaign (Peacock et. al, 2021). The power of media framing coupled with language that is known to be harmful to political candidates serves as the jumping point for my research (Lay et. al, 2019). In this project I examine whether the presence of Black...

From Silence to Visibility: UN Security Council Resolution 1820 & the Role of Transnational Advocacy

Lydia Begag
My project investigates the transnational advocacy network at the UN Security Council that worked hard to secure Security Council resolution 1820 (2008). UNSCR 1820 is a landmark resolution that condemns sexual violence in war-time as a crime against humanity. It was seen as a milestone for the newly emerging Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda in the international security world. Years prior to 1820’s passage, there was no indication that the Security Council would unanimously...

We are Not Digested

Rajiv Mohabir, John Plotz, Elizabeth Ferry & Ulka Anjaria
Rajiv Mohabir is a dazzling poet of linguistics crossovers, who works in English, Bhojpuri, Hindi and more. He is as prolific as he is polyglot (three books in 2021!) and has undertaken a remarkable array of projects includes the prizewinning resurrection of a forgotten century-old memoir about mass involuntary migration. He joined John and first-time host Ulka Anjaria (English prof, Bollywood expert and Director of the Brandeis Mandel Center for the Humanities) in the old...

Immigration Reform: Key Issues for People with Disabilities and Older Adults

Joseph Caldwell
On June 27, 2013, the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill with strong

An Independent Evaluation of the Integrated Care Program

Tamar Heller, Randall Owen, Dale Mitchell, Yochai Eisenberg, Kiyoshi Yamaki, Chris Keys, Coady Wing, Anne Bowers, Caitlin Crabb, Lindsey Back, Hailee Gibbons, Mandy Schmidt & Judah Viola
Over the past several years, the State of Illinois has been implementing and planning several programs to move Medicaid and Medicare recipients into systems of care coordination. The original, mandatory Medicaid managed care program (MMC) in Illinois is known as the Integrated Care Program (ICP) and began on May 1, 2011 with the goal of improving the quality of care and services that the Medicaid population receives, along with saving the State money on Medicaid...

Olmstead's Role in Community Integration for People with Disabilities Under Medicaid: 15 Years After the Supreme Court's Olmstead Decision

Henry Claypool & MaryBeth Musumeci
June 2014 marks the 15 th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court's landmark civil rights decision in Olmstead v. L.C., finding that the unjustified institutionalization of people with disabilities is illegal discrimination. While many cases are resolved without involving the courts, during the last 15 years, the lower courts have had the opportunity to apply Olmstead in a number of contexts, resulting in decisions furthering community integration for people with disabilities. This issue brief...

Measuring Quality in Home and Community-Based Services Selected I nventory of Consumer and Caregiver Survey Questions Related to the National Quality Forum HCBS Domains

Steve Kaye
Surveys of consumers or their families and caregivers are an essential means of assessing quality in the delivery of home and community-based services (HCBS). A substantial number of such surveys have been fielded for the purpose either of measuring HCBS quality generally or of specific aspects of HCBS quality. Other surveys not developed for HCBS nevertheless measure concepts that are important in HCBS quality, such as life satisfaction or community participation. As the need for...

Using Medicaid to Support Parents with Disabilities

Robyn Powell
As people with disabilities have greater opportunities to live and participate fully in their

The Moderating Role of Trait Affective Empathy in the Link Between Co-Brooding and Negative Affect and Internalizing Symptoms

Chengrui Wu
<strong>Background</strong>: Internalizing symptoms peak among college students during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Social support interactions are generally beneficial in reducing internalizing symptoms, but social support interactions can also involve maladaptive coping processes, such as co-brooding. How certain factors might exacerbate the negative effect that co-brooding has on mood remain unknown. The current study investigated if trait affective empathy strengthens the relation between co-brooding and negative affect, as well as the relation between co-brooding...

Fluid Solver for Incompressible Flow in a Rectangular Domain with Arbitrarily-placed Inclusions

Chami Lamelas
Microfluidic devices are used to process fluids at a small scale. Some of these devices contain physicalobstacles that are used to manipulate the flow of fluid through the device. In our work, we implement a Python program for approximating the velocity of an incompressible fluid over a rectangular domain using the Navier-Stokes equations. Our strategy, which is built primarily on common finite difference methods, allows users to easily add obstacles into the domain and observe...

Another Perspective on Non-Human Minds

Amy Hanes

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