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Direct and Spillover Effects of Limiting Minority Student Access to Special Education

Briana Ballis & Katelyn Heath

Optimal Allocation of Seats in the Presence of Peer Effects: Evidence from a Job Training Program

Matthew D. Baird, John Engberg & Isaac M. Opper

Equal Time for Equal Crime? Racial Bias in School Discipline

Ying Shi & Maria Zhu


Fiona J. Chandrasekaran

Evaluating Efficacy and Justice in Rhode Island's COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Lonnie Saetern

Masnavi khaani / following the master

Ostad Hatam Asgari

Table of Contents

Luís Adão Da Fonseca, Onésimo Almeida, António Costa Pinto, José Luís Cardoso, Mafalda Soares Da Cunha, Iris Kantor & Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo

Hespanha is a Sage

Frederico De Lacerda Da Costa Pinto

Building Experience and Retention: The influence of principal tenure on teacher retention rates

Sarah Guthery & Lauren P. Bailes

Identifying and Producing Effective Teachers

Seth Gershenson

The Cribsiders Episode 01: Cystic Fibrosis Licked-ty Split with Dr. Whittney Warren

Whittney Warren, Clara Mao, Chris Chiu, Matthew Watto & Justin Berk

Connected Networks in Principal Value-Added Models

Brendan Bartanen & Aliza N. Husain

The Cistern

Alexis Levitin

As eternas cartas de Nuria Maria (ou um tratado de espera)

Irene Marques

Table of Contents

Onésimo Almeida, Francisco Cota Fagundes & Luís Gonçalves

Data for \"Vehicle Emissions are Significant Sources of NH3 in Urban Regions\"

Wendell Walters

Realism Beyond Reality: The Fragmentary Politics of New Russian Cinema

Alan E. Dean

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