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Modeling Our Climate

Supplementary Figure F

Joseph Cukjati

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Joseph Cukjati

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Joseph Cukjati

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Joseph Cukjati

Figure 2

Joseph Cukjati

Supplementary Figure C

Joseph Cukjati

Homeless in Providence

Kyler Carlson

The Accidental Conscience

Julia Franckh, Fiery Cushman & Bertram F. Malle

Non-invasive optogenetic stimulation in a rat model of spinal cord injury

Griffin Kendziorski, Eric Petersen, Lateef Shafau, Mansi Prakash & Ute Hochgeschwender

Building a bioluminescent and optogenetic (BL-OG) learning community through immersive outreach experiences

Justine J. Allen Krystal R. Literman

The regulation of selective autophagy protein SQST-1 by smo-1 and unc-108

Phong Nguyen, Cynthia Bui, Mia Patillo, Parisa Hepmankorn, Louis R. Lapierre & Joslyn Mills-Bonal

Lipid droplet regulation by dhc-1 and hcp-4 in Caenorhabditis elegans

Sarah Buchanan, Aaron Keeling, Hannah Wooley, Louis R. Lapierre & Joslyn Mills

Baseline Predictors for Study Retention – Working Memory Training (WMT) Study

Rinchen Dolma & William Lechner

Pediatric vs Adult ARV and Cotrimoxazole Stockouts at PEPFAR Funded Sites

Georgiana McTigue

Elucidating the Pain Processing Pathway through Behavioral and Electrophysiological Assessment

Braxton Morrison, Chris Black & Carl Saab

How Coaches Normalize Eating Attitudes of Female Athletes: A Mixed Method Analysis

Amanda Block & Alison Field

Using Google Search Data to Assess Public Attention to Heat Warnings

Sarah Welch, Geetika Kalloo, Melissa Elliot, Kate Weinberger & Gregory Wellenius

Substitution of Y538E and Y538F in E. Coli B-Galactosidase

Aditya Rao, Anna Marie Nolte, Kenny Change & Jenasis Ortega

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