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Kepler Objects of Interest Cumulative Table

NASA Exoplanet Archive
The Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) cumulative table gathers information from the individual KOI activity tables that describe the current results of different searches of the Kepler light curves. The intent of the cumulative table is to provide the most accurate dispositions and stellar and planetary information for all KOIs in one place. All the information in this table has provenance in other KOI activity tables.

AllWISE Source Catalog

Wright, Edward L.; Eisenhardt, Peter R. M.; Mainzer, Amy K.; Ressler, Michael E.; Cutri, Roc M.; Jarrett, Thomas; Kirkpatrick, J. Davy; Padgett, Deborah; McMillan, Robert S.; Skrutskie, Michael; Stanford, S. A.; Cohen, Martin; Walker, Russell G.; Mather, John C.; Leisawitz, David; Gautier, Thomas N., III; McLean, Ian; Benford, Dominic; Lonsdale, Carol J.; Blain, Andrew; Mendez, Bryan; Irace, William R.; Duval, Valerie; Liu, Fengchuan; Royer, Don; Heinrichsen, Ingolf; Howard, Joan; Shannon, Mark; Kendall, Martha; Walsh, Amy L.; Larsen, Mark; Cardon, Joel G.; Schick, Scott; Schwalm, Mark; Abid, Mohamed; Fabinsky, Beth; Naes, Larry; Tsai, ChaoWei
The AllWISE program builds upon the work of the successful Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer mission (WISE; Wright et al. 2010) by combining data from the WISE cryogenic and NEOWISE (Mainzer et al. 2011 ApJ, 731, 53) post-cryogenic survey phases to form the most comprehensive view of the full mid-infrared sky currently available. The AllWISE Source Catalog contains accurate positions, apparent motion measurements, four-band (3.4, 4.6, 12, 22 microns) fluxes and flux variability statistics for over...

K2 Candidates Table

NASA Exoplanet Archive
The K2 candidates table lists objects from the published literature identified as candidates or false positives. If objects are confirmed as planets, their status in this table is updated but the objects remain.

Confirmed Planets Table

NASA Exoplanet Archive
The Confirmed Planets table contains physical and orbital parameters for the planet and the host star, as available from the default literature reference for each planet.

Composite Planet Data Table

NASA Exoplanet Archive
The Composite Planet Data table provides a collection of stellar and planetary parameters for confirmed exoplanets, one row per planet. The table automatically selects the data from other available literature references for the same planet to fill in gaps from the default literature reference.

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