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Orientation and Gestalt Formation: How We Make Sense of the Music We Hear

In this paper, I show that our ability to understand a piece of music as a gestalt, a cohesive cognitive unit separate yet emerging from the summation of its constituent parts, is shaped at large by enculturated patterns of music cognition and expression. I do this by examining West African and Western music culture’s respective dispositions towards orality or literacy which are evident in their pedagogies. Juxtaposing these pedagogies makes clear the kinds of oral...

Nonprofit Youth Engagement: A Normalized Industrial-Complex

The 'Disrupting the Talent Pipeline: Youth Engagement The Nonprofit-Industrial Complex' curriculum is intended to serve as an accessible resource to community that can be practically applied. This resource seeks to highlight key aspects of the experiences of 'multiply-marginalized' youth/young people navigating the nonprofit-sector, and its relationship to the industrial-complex that it perpetuates. The curriculum is informed by lived experiences as well as existing literature - offering both core content and activities/additional resources to guide its...

Sustainable Community Development: The Vancouver Initiative

Gomez Veronica
There is an importance in encouraging sustainable community development and practices, and action and change can be done individually and collectively. The urgency in implementing these changes has risen over the last decade, and an emphasis on municipal and community participation and responsibility to minimize ecological footprints has been recognized more than ever. The general notion of sustainable development according to Cohen, is that sustainable living is not just about the preservation of wilderness and...

The Shadow Over Capilano

Spencer Nash
The author delves into the lore of HP Lovecraft, turning his horror on its head by questioning the basic motives of Lovecraft as a writer -- from his storytelling techniques, to the racist rhetoric he uses throughout works such as "The Shadow Over Innsmouth."

Quebec: A History of Culture and Politics

Catherine Gumart
In discovering the uniqueness of Quebec, its culture and politics, this paper follows an historical timeline of five sections: Historical Review; The Great Darkness; The Quiet Revolution, Modernity and Globalization; and Conclusion.

The Façade of the Hollywood “Female-Lead” Film

Hannah Van Buuren
Despite female-lead films being more prevalent in Hollywood than ever, media coming out of the mainstream continues to construct women from the male gaze. Films that falsely claim to escape this gaze work against feminist equality, leaving audiences desperate for content that both promotes diverse representation and also fulfills a new gaze. This paper will first define the concepts of the male and female gaze and discuss the theorists behind them. It will then assess,...

The War on Pleasure

Kira Swan
'The War on Pleasure' explores the roots societies disregard for pleasurable pursuits though academia and religion, and also investigates the connections between existentialism and pleasure.

Gesamtkunstwerk: The Artwork or the Cave of the Future

Malibu Taetz
In the 1800s, the Industrial Revolution was forever changing the way that people related to society and to themselves. While mass-produced mechanically manufactured goods led to the growth of productivity and economic increase in Europe, with it came the mass exploitation of human beings as commodities themselves, robbing life of meaning for many people and devalued artistic expression. Out of the smoke of this mechanized revolution arose reactionary romantic movements among artists, novelists, craftsmen, and...

Grounded Theory: The Moral Order of Cannabis Hemp in Canada

Matthew P. Slinger
Cannabis legalization is coming to Canada in 2018. The Liberal government in Canada has promised to follow through on their campaign policy of legalizing cannabis after seeing a strong demand from the public for a change in drug laws. The troubling reality is that it has taken the Canadian government a suspiciously long time to draft legislation that continues to operate off an ambiguous, speculative, and unsubstantiated framework. The present paper argues that CBC and...

Surveillance in Digital Technology as a Threat to Democracy

Bana Nourkeyhani
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate ways in which surveillance in digital technology is a threat to democracy.With the rapid evolution of digital technologies comes myriads of opportunities for growth, and as these technologies continue to evolve, the vulnerability of our global democracy becomes increasingly vulnerable. This paper uses a quantitative method as well as literature reviews to establish ways in which the use of surveillance via tools of digital technology are a...

The Ubiquitous Nature of \"Post-Truth\" in the Twenty-First Century

Emma Djwa
In the twenty-first century there is a distinct gap between reality and what people perceive. This gap allows room for society to have moved past truth into the idea of "post-truth." This essay discusses what constitutes post-truth and what ideas and causations construct our post-truth society. The idea of an unidentifiable truth was predicted by many theorists before the twenty-first century. Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, James Ball and Jean Baudrillard all understand a separation...

A Love for the Natural World

It is important to build relationships and connect with both humans and non humans because our existence collides with the natural environment such as the forest, The forest is not only a natural space for children to explore, but it is filled with a multitude of more than human entities that are capable of generating knowledge and provides opportunities for children to learn and think with the place and with each other (Argent, Vintimilla ,...

Reclaiming Voices: Empowering Child’s Agency and Rights

This project aims to create spaces for children's emerging thoughts and ideas to be heard, fostered, and incorporated into their surrounding worlds. In working collaboratively with the children, the notion of sharing ideas is encouraged and through engaging in democratic conversations we worked with questions, such as, who can have ideas and where do ideas come from to explore the notion of the individual in a plural world. To cultivate a culture where children and...

Functional Communication Training for Severe Problem Behaviour

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Joker (2019) and Its Respective Position in Arthouse Cinema

The paper argues that Joker (2019) is the first superhero film that meets the criteria to be classified as arthouse cinema. In the months following its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the film became the centre of major controversy, with some news outlets concerned that it promotes violence. The author extracts the philosophical ideas, both on- and off-screen, which provoked film critics and audiences. The paper discusses genre theory, the Oedipus complex, and Plato’s...

Outspoken: The Right to Be Heard

Anna Miniaci
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