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Raw data and videos of historical and projected hydrodynamics and water quality in Lake Diefenbaker reservoir under climate change scenarios using the 2D CE-QUAL-W2 model

Amir Sadeghian, Luis Morales-Marin & Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
Lake Diefenbaker (LD) is a large, multi-purpose, mesotrophic reservoir in the Canadian Prairies. The 2D hydrodynamics and water quality model, CE-QUAL-W2, is implemented to explore how historical (2001-2010) and predicted future (2041-2050 and 2081-2090) hydrological and meteorological conditions may impact the in-reservoir nutrient and water chemistry characteristics of lake Diefenbaker. The LD model is discretized in 87 horizontal segments starting at Saskatchewan highway 4 at the upstream extending to the Gardiner Dam and the Qu’Appelle...

Data file for \"Species traits predict the aryl hydrocarbon receptor 1 (AHR1) subtypes responsible for dioxin sensitivity in birds\"

Kristin Bianchini & Christy A. Morrissey
This file contains collated data of the AHR1 ligand binding domain subtypes, embryonic dioxin EC50 values, and 17 life history traits for 89 avian species. The traits included in this dataset are indicative of each species's developmental rate, fecundity, level of contaminant depuration into the egg, body size, longevity, migration strategy, range, habitat type, trophic level, and degree of sociality and sexual competition. Most birds in this dataset are North American species. These data are...

Unscented Kalman filter (UKF) based nonlinear parameter estimation for a turbulent boundary layer: DNS data

Zhao Pan, Yang Zhang, Jonas P. R. Gustavsson, Jean-Pierre Hickey & Louis N. Cattafesta III
This repository contains the raw data (9 snapshots) of a turbulent channel flow at a bulk Mach number of 0.3 and a Re_tau of about 750. Postprocessing scripts are available in GitLab at https://gitlab.com/mpilab_waterloo/dns-post-processing. This data was used for the analysis of the following paper: Pan, Z., Zhang, Y., Gustavsson, J.P.R., Hickey, J.-P. and Cattafesta III, L. N. Unscented Kalman filter (UKF) based nonlinear parameter estimation for a turbulent boundary layer: a data assimilation framework,...

Natural graphite sheet heat sinks for power electronics - supplementary data

Martin Cermak
Accompanying dataset for the PhD thesis "M. Cermak, Natural graphite sheet heat sinks for power electronics, PhD thesis, Simon Fraser University, 2020."

Data Files and Code for: Spatio-temporal patterns of crops and agrochemicals in Canada over 35 years

Egina Malaj, Levi Freistadt & Christy A. Morrissey
An analysis of historical data on agrochemical applications (proportion of cropland treated with pesticides and fertilizers) and crop types (proportion of cropland in specific crop groups) to identify and interpret spatial and temporal trends in Canada’s agricultural practices. Data used were part of the Canadian Census of Agriculture, spanning eight censuses and 35 years (1981-2016), across more than 260 census division units. Raw data from: Statistics Canada, Census of Agriculture, 2016. Reproduced and distributed on...

A soil permittivity and temperature dataset of Canadian agricultural soils acquired in laboratory and in situ

Renato Pardo Lara, Erica Tetlock & Aaron Berg
The aim of this research project is to develop an in situ method to measure hydrological processes in frozen soils through the characterization of coaxial impedance dielectric reflectometry probe response to soil freeze-thaw events. Details on the collection process are outlined in the README file ‘LabInSituPermittivityTemperature.txt’ and in the publication https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-11-787-2019. This dataset will also support the project titled Transformative sensor Technologies and Smart Watershed (TTWS), which is a Pillar 3 project under the Global...

5xFAD mice in their home-cage, the three-chamber sociability test and free social interaction task.

Filip Kosel, Jacob Hamilton, Sarah Harrison, Victoria Godin & Tamara B. Franklin
Male transgenic and wild-type 5xFAD mice in their home-cage (aged 8-23 weeks), and male and female 5xFAD mice in the three-chamber sociability test and free social interaction task at 6 months of age.

Compression behavior of natural graphite sheet - dataset

Martin Cermak & Majid Bahrami
The dataset accompanying the publication "M. Cermak and M. Bahrami, 'Compression behavior of natural graphite sheet', SN Applied Sciences, https://doi.org/10.1007/s42452-020-2075-y."

Economic analysis of swine injection technology

Catherine Trask
This dataset includes cost data gathered via interviews with swine producers in the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Intensification of modern swine production has led to many new technologies, including needleless injectors. Although needleless injectors may increase productivity (by reducing injection time) and reduce needlestick injuries, the effect on risk for musculoskeletal disorders is not clear. This project will compare conventional needles with needleless injectors in terms of cost, productivity, injury rates, biomechanical exposures,...

Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment SciSat Level 2 Processed Data, v4.0

Peter F. Bernath, Johnathan Steffen, Jeffrey Crouse & Chris D. Boone
ACE SciSat Level 2 Processed Data, v4.0. Temperature, Pressure and Volume Mixing Ratio (VMR) profiles as a function of altitude for many atmospherically relavent molecules: H2O, O3, N2O, CO, CH4, NO, NO2, HNO3, HF, HCl, OCS, N2O5, ClONO2, HCN, CH3Cl, CF4, CFC-12 (CCl2F2), CFC-11 (CCl3F), COF2, COCl2, COClF, C2H6, C2H2, HCFC-22 (CHClF2), HCOOH, SF6, HO2NO2, H2O2, H2CO, CH3OH, CCl4, N2, O2, CFC-113 (Cl2FC-CClF2), HCFC-141b (Cl2FC-CH3), HCFC-142b (ClF2C-CH3), HFC-134a (F3C-CFH2), PAN (CH3C(O)OONO2), CHF3, acetone (C3H6O), SO2,...

Warm-air entrainment and advection during alpine blowing snow events

Nikolas Aksamit & John Pomeroy
This dataset includes 50 Hz sonic anemometry data, 3-Dimensional wind vectors and sonic temperature, used in the publication “Warm-air entrainment and advection during alpine blowing snow events.” doi:10.5194/tc-2020-4. The observations were conducted at the Fortress Mountain Snow Laboratory as part of the PhD work of Nikolas Aksamit. Each file begins at midnight at the beginning of the recording day and runs until the end of the experiment, typically close to midnight. The two anemometers were...

WETMETH: A new wetland methane model for implementation in Earth system models

Claude-Michel Nzotungicimpaye
WETMETH is a new wetland methane model developed for implementation in Earth system models. It is currently embedded in the frozen ground version of the University of Victoria Earth System Climate Model (UVic ESCM), an Earth system model of intermediate complexity (EMIC). Here we provide model output files with all variables analyzed in the model description manuscript. These model outputs include results from a historical run from 1850 to 2019 and sensitivity runs over the...

Hydrometeorological, glaciological and geospatial research data from the Peyto Glacier Research Basin in the Canadian Rockies

Dhiraj Pradhananga, John Pomeroy, Caroline Aubry-Wake, D. Scott Munro, Joseph Shea, Michael N. Demuth, Nammy Hang Kirat, Brian Menounos & Kriti Mukherjee
Hydrological, meteorological, glaciological, and geospatial data of the Peyto Glacier Research Basin (PGRB) in the Canadian Rockies are presented. Peyto Glacier has been of great interest to glaciological and hydrological research since the 1960s for the study of mass and water balance during the International Hydrological Decade (IHD, 1965-1974). Intensive studies of the glacier and observations of the glacier mass balance continued after the IHD, when the initial seasonal meteorological stations were discontinued, then restarted...

Atmospheric boundary layer measurements from Athabasca Glacier field campaign, June 2015

Jono Conway, Warren Helgason, John Pomeroy, Jean-Emmanuel Sicart & Bruce Johnson
This dataset consists of data from a suite of instruments deployed on and around Athabasca Glacier in June 2015. The campaign aimed to capture the atmospheric circulation over the glacier, its interaction with the pro-glacial valley and impact on glacier surface energy balance. The dataset consists of timeseries from numerous automatic weather stations, surface energy balance and boundary layer profiling systems. The data has had some quality control applied, mainly to correct known instrument biases,...

Saskatchewan RCT - Walking Intervention for the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain

Stephan Milosavljevic
Anonymized data from 174 participants taking part in a randomized controlled trial exploring for the effectiveness of a clinician guided walking programme to manage Chronic Low Back Pain.

Natural graphite sheet heat sinks with embedded heat pipes - dataset

Martin Cermak, Xavier Faure, Ali Saket, Martin Ordonez & Majid Bahrami
The dataset accompanying the publication "M. Cermak, X. Faure, A. Saket, M. Ordonez, and M. Bahrami, 'Natural graphite sheet heat sinks with embedded heat pipes', IEEE Access."

Nielson et al 2020 Prospective impacts of oil spills Data

Stewart Rood & Kayleigh Nielson
An excel data set with foliar characteristics of cottonwoods treated with crude oil or dilbit - as analyzed with a mixed model ANOVA for a journal paper in PLOS1

Acoustic recordings of North Atlantic right whale upcalls in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Yvan Simard, Oliver S. Kirsebom, Fabio Frazao, Nathalie Roy, Stan Matwin & Samuel Giard
The acoustic data were collected between 2015 and 2019 at six stations in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence using two different deployment configurations. The dataset also includes audio samples from the Gulf of Maine recorded in 2009, which were part of the DCLDE 2013 Challenge dataset (https://soi.st-andrews.ac.uk/static/soi/dclde2013/documents/WorkshopDataset2013.pdf). The acoustic data are supplemented by expert annotations indicating the presence/absence of North Atlantic right whale upcalls. Spectrogram images are also provided. These data have been used...

Inventory of Canadian Repository Platforms Dec. 2019 - Inventaire de plateformes de dépôt canadiennes déc. 2019

The CARL Open Repositories Working Group (ORWG) oversees the collection of data on repository platforms in use across Canada. This dataset reflects updates collected from repository managers in December 2019. More information on this ongoing initiative: https://www.carl-abrc.ca/advancing-research/institutional-repositories/inventory-of-canadian-repository-platforms/ Le Groupe de travail sur les dépôts ouverts (GTDO) de l'ABRC est responsable d'un inventaire des plateformes de dépôts utilisées au Canada. Ces données reflètent des mises à jour contribuées par la communauté de dépôt canadienne en décembre...

EMDNA: Ensemble Meteorological Dataset for North America

Guoqiang Tang, Martyn P. Clark, Simon Michael Papalexiou, Andrew J. Newman, Andrew W. Wood, Dominique Brunet & Paul H. Whitfield
The Ensemble Meteorological Dataset for North America (EMDNA) contains daily precipitation, mean daily temperature, and daily temperature range at the 0.1-degree resolution from 1979 to 2018. Minimum and maximum temperature can be calculated from mean temperature and temperature range. EMDNA merges station observations and reanalysis model outputs to improve the quality of estimates. The dataset is expected to be useful for hydrological and meteorological applications in North America. Two types of datasets are provided by...

Responses of juvenile fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) gut microbiota to a chronic dietary exposure of benzo[a]pyrene

Abigail DeBofsky, Yuwei Xie, Jonathan Challis, Markus Brinkmann, Markus Hecker & John Giesy
These data are collected from juvenile fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) that were exposed to benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) as well as fish exposed to a solvent control for two weeks via the diet. The samples were sterilely collected from whole fathead minnow guts and stored at -80°C until DNA and RNA extraction. The guts were used for 16S rRNA sequencing to analyze the impact of BaP on gut microbial communities. Each fish was analyzed independently (samples were...

Differential sex responses of fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) gut microbiota to a short-term environmentally-relevant aqueous exposure to benzo[a]pyrene

Abigail DeBofsky, Yuwei Xie, Chelsea Grimard, Markus Brinkmann, Markus Hecker & John Giesy
Vertebrate gut microbiota are responsible for regulating several beneficial functions, from development of an organism to maintaining energy homeostasis. However, little is known about the impact of chemical exposures on the structure and function of gut microbiota of fishes. To ascertain a link between contaminant exposure and microbial disruption, male and female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) were aqueously exposed to low concentrations of benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) (concentrations ranged from 0.0226 g/L to 1.3 g/L) as well...

Multimodal data with wide-field GCaMP imaging and sub-cortical/cortical single unit recording (2015) - Part 2

Dongsheng Xiao
Extend data deposited 30-Jul-2019 (https://doi.org/10.20383/101.0170) This dataset includes raw wide-field GCaMP image sequences and time stamps of spike trains simultaneously recorded with GCaMP imaging and processed GCaMP images and spike trains: df/f0 with 0.1-10 band pass filter and spike train binned in one frame time. Most experiments were performed toward the end of the mouse light cycle. Mice were anesthetized with isoflurane (0.5–1.0%) or urethane during data collection. Images of the cortical surface were recorded...

Data files for \"Tree Swallow selection for wetlands in agricultural landscapes predicted by central-place foraging theory\"

Andrew Elgin, Robert Clark & Christy A. Morrissey
Complete dataset for manuscript entitled "Tree Swallow selection for wetlands in agricultural landscapes predicted by central-place foraging theory". Our study examined Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) habitat and space use on sites with differing agricultural land use/land cover (cropland-dominated, grassland-dominated, and one “mixed” site with cropland and herbaceous cover). Miniature GPS tags were attached to swallows during the nestling provisioning period, and locational fixes were attempted every 10 minutes from 0500 to 2200 local time, over...

Precipitation gauge time series used in evaluating post-processing filters (code included)

Amber D. Ross, Craig D. Smith & Alan G. Barr
This dataset and code package is a supplement to Ross et al. (2020). The data used in the evaluation of precipitation gauge time series post-processing techniques is included and is described in full by Ross et al. (2020). These data are comma delimited files divided into two main directories. The “Synthetic” directory contains data that were pre-processed for use as a control with noise re-introduced for testing purposes. The “Real” directory contains data that were...

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