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San Joaquin Marsh Reserve

Information Manager UCNRS
MISSION STATEMENT: The UC Natural Reserve System is a network of protected natural areas throughout California. Its 39 sites include more than 756,000 acres, making it the largest university-administered reserve system in the world. Most major state ecosystems are represented, from coastal tidepools to inland deserts, and lush wetlands to Sierra Nevada forests. The reserves also serve as a gateway to more than a million acres of public lands. Founded in 1965 to provide undisturbed...

The WeAllWalk Data Set

German Flores & Roberto Manduchi
This data set contains time series from inertial sensors carried by blind subjects walking through pre-determined routes In two buildings in the UCSC campus. The sensors include two MetaWear CPRO (obtaining a tri-axial accelerometer and gyroscope) and two iPhone 6 containing try-axial accelerometer, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. This data set is described in the paper: Flores, German, and Roberto Manduchi. "WeAllWalk: An Annotated Data Set of Inertial Sensor Time Series from Blind Walkers", Proceedings of the...

ISEE 1 Fast Plasma Experiment Solar Wind Weimer Propagated 60 s Resolution Data in GSM Coordinates

James Weygand & Robert McPherron
ISEE-1 Weimer propagated solar wind data and linearly interpolated to have the measurements on the minute at 60 s resolution FPE data in GSM coordinates. This data set consists of propagated solar wind data that has first been propagated to a position just outside of the nominal bow shock (about 17, 0, 0 Re) and then linearly interpolated to 1 min resolution using the interp1.m function in MATLAB. The input data for this data set...

Individual-based food web (Guadalquivir estuary, southern Spain)

Instituto De Ciencias Marinas De Andalucia & Pilar Drake
Stomach contents and estimates of abundance were collected monthly from February 1998 to January 1999 at three locations in the estuary of the Guadalquivir river, southern Spain. Samples were taken across a range of different environmental conditions, with seasonal variations in temperature and spatial variations in salinity.

Climate, snow, and soil moisture data set for the Tuolumne and Merced River watersheds, California, USA

James Roche, Robert Rice, Xiande Meng, Daniel Cayan, Mike Dettinger, Douglas Alden, Sarina Patel, Megan Mason, Martha Conklin & Roger Bales
UCM sites. Snow depth, soil moisture and soil temperature are measured near the Merced Grove, Gin Flat, Smoky Jack Creek, and Olmsted Quarry with a distributed array of 6-7 sensor nodes at each location. Snow depth is measured in the open, at the drip edge and under canopies, as well as 3-4 other sites representative of an area of 1-2 hectares. Soil moisture and temperature are measured at 10, 30, 60 and 90 cm depths...

Archeological Research on Santa Cruz Island, California

Santa Cruz Island Reserve, University Of California Natural Reserve System & Albert C. Spaulding
The research proposed is a survey of Santa Cruz Island intended to provide a substantial and unbiased archeological foundation for a study of the evolution of culture in the Santa Barbara channel region. The research is designed as the first phase of an extensive program. Two years will be devoted to the following field and laboratory activities: 1) A systematic surface survey of the Island with intensive coverage of about 50% of the 94 square...

MaHPIC: Host M. mulatta infected with homologous and heterologous strains of P. cynomolgi

Mary Galinski, Jessica Kissinger & Alberto Moreno
MaHPIC Experiments E23, E24, E25: M. mulatta infected with P. cynomolgi B strain and P. cynomolgi strain ceylonensis in homologous and heterologous challenges to produce and integrate clinical, hematological, parasitological, and omics measures of acute primary malaria infection and relapses in non-human primates

Penn World Table 8.1

Robert Inklaar Robert C. Feenstra

Point spread function determination for Keck adaptive optics: overview

Sam Ragland, Laurent Jolissaint, Peter Wizinowich, Gunther Witzel, Jon Chock, Jeff Mader, Mark Morris & Shui Kwok

A Comparative Analysis of Sepsis Identification Methods in an Electronic Database

Alistair E. W. Johnson
This repository hosts code and data corresponding to the article "A Comparative Analysis of Sepsis Identification Methods in an Electronic Database." published in Critical Care Medicine, PMID: 29303796, PMCID: PMC5851804.

PLOS ONE publication and citation data

Alexander Petersen
Merged PLOS ONE publication metadata and Web of Science citation data, compiled in .dta files produced by STATA13. Included is a Do-file for reproducing the regression model estimates reported in Tables I and II reported in ("Megajournal Mismanagement", Petersen, 2018). Each observation (.dta line) corresponds to a given PLOS ONE article, with various article-level and editor-level characteristics used as explanatory and control variables. This summary provides a brief description of each variable and its data...

POD! nceas_data_one: Fish abundance measurements and related parameters used in first POD! Change Point and MAR analyses.

Fred Feyrer
These data were provided by Fred Feyrer on 29 April 2008. The data are intended for the change point and MAR analyses. The first sheet has the data and the second sheet has the definitions for each variable. The data sheet has 110 columns representing variables and 40 rows representing years (1967-2006). Because there are so many variables, Fred added columns indicating which variable is associated with which analysis (on the definition sheet). There is...

Hubbard Glacier

Austin Post

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