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Sawyer Glacier

Austin Post

research letter: Incorporating climate change into conservation planning: Identifying priority areas across a species’ range

Mary E Blair, Robert A Rose, Peter J Ersts, Eric W Sanderson, Kent H Redford, Karl Didier, Eleanor J Sterling & Richard G Pearson

Ordenamiento Ambiental de los manglares del municipio de Guapi, Departamento del Cauca

J. López-Rodríguez Rodríguez-Peláez
El presente documento muestra los resultados en el proceso de ordenamiento de los manglares de Guapi, con base en el análisis de la información obtenida en el trabajo de campo, los talleres con actores locales y los talleres técnicos con la CRC.

Experimental data for manuscript "Metrics for Assessing Cytoskeletal Orientational Correlations and Consistency"

Nancy Drew, Danny Baldo & Anna Grosberg
Experimental data used to validate the co-orientational order parameter (COOP). The data is composed of microscopy images of triangular shaped neonatal rat ventricular myocytes and engineered cardiac tissues.

Measuring impostor phenomenon among health sciences librarians

Jill Barr-Walker, Michelle B. Bass, Debra A. Werner & Liz Kellermeyer
This dataset contains Appendices A-J corresponding to the article "Measuring impostor phenomenon among health sciences librarians". Objective: Impostor phenomenon, also known as impostor syndrome, is the inability to internalize accomplishments while experiencing the fear of being exposed as a fraud. Previous work has examined impostor phenomenon among academic college and research librarians, but health sciences librarians, who are often asked to be experts in medical subject areas with minimal training or education in these areas,...

Replication Data for: Rwanda Super Foods Project Baseline Survey

Sindi, Kirimi (International Potato Center); Low, Jan (International Potato Center)

Rain and Hail intensity. January 2013

Fernando Aguilar
Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. January 2013

Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve

Information Manager UCNRS
MISSION STATEMENT: The UC Natural Reserve System is a network of protected natural areas throughout California. Its 39 sites include more than 756,000 acres, making it the largest university-administered reserve system in the world. Most major state ecosystems are represented, from coastal tidepools to inland deserts, and lush wetlands to Sierra Nevada forests. The reserves also serve as a gateway to more than a million acres of public lands. Founded in 1965 to provide undisturbed...

Deep Learning-based Eco-driving System for Battery Electric Vehicles

Guoyuan Wu, Fei Ye, Peng Hao, Danial Esaid, Kanok Boriboonsomsin & Matthew Barth
The uninterrupted growth in transportation activities, for both people and goods movement, have been exerting significant pressure on our socio-economics and environment. However, emerging technologies such as connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), transportation electrification, and edge computing have been stimulating more and more dedicated efforts by engineers, researchers and policymakers to tackle the transportation-related problems, including those energy and environment focused. The eco-driving strategies based on CAV technology particularly attract significant interest from all over...

Motion Artifact Contaminated ECG Database

Vahid Behravan, Neil E. Glover, Rutger Farry & Patrick Y. Chiang

Aligning the LINC-NIRVANA Natural Guide Stars MCAO system

Luca Marafatto, Harald Baumeister, Thomas Bertram, Jurgen Berwein, Florian Briegel, Peter Bizenberger, Tom Herbst, Ralph Hofferbert, Javier Moreno-Ventas, Frank Kittmann, Martin Kuerster, Maria Bergomi, Marco Dima, Jacopo Farinato, Roberto Ragazzoni & Valentina Viotto

Triaxial Direct-Shear In Situ Microtomography

Luke Frash, J.William Carey & Tim Ickes
We perform x-ray radiography and microtomography on rock specimens that are fractured at elevated confining stress conditions up to 30 MPa. We also concurrently measure stress and hydraulic conductivity. Metadata for this study is described in companion publications. LA-UR-18-27419. To read these *.npy files using python 2.7: " import numpy as np import pylab stack = np.load('BA01-05_3D_CT_python_array.npy') view = pylab.imshow(stack[300,:,:], cmap='gray') pylab.show() "

Wind 3DP Weimer Propagated 60 s Resolution in GSE Coordinates

James Weygand & Robert McPherron
Wind 3DP propagated solar wind data and linearly interpolated to have the measurements on the minute at 60 s resolution data in GSE coordinates. This data set consists of propagated solar wind data that has first been propagated to a position just outside of the nominal bow shock (about 17, 0, 0 Re) and then linearly interpolated to 1 min resolution using the interp1.m function in MATLAB. The input data for this data set is...

Site-specific Protocol for Monitoring White-tailed Deer Using Infrared Triggered Cameras Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge

Paige Schmidt, Christina Lalonde, Jeremy Edwardson & Sarah Lehnen
White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus; hereafter, deer) are a common species found throughout North America. Because deer management occurs at a localized scale, reliable estimates of population sex and age ratios are necessary to set hunt quotas and track deer population trends over time. The most widely-used deer survey techniques have been criticized in recent years for being biased. One alternative is the use of infrared camera traps. This protocol was developed to assist Deep Fork...

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