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North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO) Oceanographic Mooring Data, Version 1.0

J. Morison, D. Aagaard, R. Moritz, M. McPhee, A. Heiberg, M. Steele & R. Andersen
This data set, acquired with an oceanographic bottom-anchored mooring, includes sea-ice draft and depth data, conductivity, temperature, pressure, salinity, and ocean current measurements such as speed and direction. Each mooring contains vertically distributed instruments, which measure ocean properties at fixed depths and record data internally. These data are retrieved annually when the mooring is recovered. Located on the Pole Abyssal Plain about 50 kilometers from the North Pole, the original 2001 mooring was chosen because...

Sea Ice Melt Ponds: Core Temp, Salinity, and Isotope Data, Version 1.0

C. Polashenski, K. Claffey, Z. Courville, C. Petrich & D. Perovich
Cores used for salinity and isotope measurements were cut into 5 cm or 10 cm sections (indicated in data profiles) with a handsaw and bagged immediately after extraction to minimize brine drainage. Temperatures were measured out of direct sunlight at the center of a second adjacent core by inserting a temperature probe into holes drilled into the core within a few minutes of extraction. Samples collected for salinity and isotope measurement were melted in double...

Eddy Flux Data, Alaska North Slope, 1994-1996, Version 1.0

III, F., W. Eugster & J. McFadden
This dataset contains eddy flux data recorded at Happy Valley, Sagwon, and Toolik Lake from 1994 to 1996. An entire suite of meteorological parameters were recorded, including atmospheric temperature, pressure, mass flux of carbon and water vapor, sensible heat, latent heat, humidity, wind speed and direction, soil temperature, net radiation and ground heat flux.

Aerosol measurements during OASIS Barrow field intensive Spring 2009, Version 1.0

J. Smith, S. Sjostedt, J. Abbatt & A. Wiedensohler
The NCAR "Particle Size Distribution" (PSD) instrument consists of three instruments that measure the size distribution of the ambient aerosol from 3 nm to 2 microns. General specifications for the instrument during Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack (OASIS) are as follows: * Size range: ~3.85 nm to 2 micron * Number of diameter bins: 75 * Time resolution: 5 min Please see included documentation for full details.

ArcticRIMS: Daily Thaw Depth And Frozen Ground Depth, Based on ERA-40 2-meter, Aggregated by Administrative Regions, Version 1.0

R. Lammers, M. Serreze & A. Etringer
Daily thaw depth and frozen ground depth are calculated using a frozen ground model. Oelke et al. [2004] provide details, while also referring to [Oelke et al., 2003]. Thaw depth and frozen ground are calculated using different initial model settings. In the first case, all soil down to the lower model boundary is set to sub-freezing initial temperatures. Thawing during the summer months caused the development of a thawed layer at the top with the...

Sea Ice Melt Ponds: Spectral Albedo, Version 1.0

C. Polashenski, K. Claffey, Z. Courville, C. Petrich & D. Perovich
Spectral albedos (from 350-2500nm) were measured every 5 m along the transect line, according to a tape measure laid out along the transect daily. The instrument used was an Analytical Spectral Devices FS3 (ASD FS3). Two spectrums were collected at each location, the first with the instrument oriented upward looking, and the second with the instrument oriented downward looking.

SCICEX Hydrographic Data, 1997 and 1998, Version 1.0

R. Muench & J. Gunn
The Scientific Ice Expeditions (SCICEX) Program was a series of five multidisciplinary scientific cruises that utilized US Navy operational submarines as platforms for sampling the Arctic Ocean. The program's numerous principal investigators worked towards the overarching goal of characterizing the upper layers of the Arctic Ocean as completely as possible. This data set includes hydrographic data obtained during the 1997 and 1998 (third and fourth) SCICEX cruises, aboard the USS Archerfish and the USS Hawkbill,...

Historical Sea Ice Time Series from the Atlantic Arctic, Version 1.0

M. Miles
The Historical Sea Ice Time Series from the Atlantic Arctic data collection is a compilation of existing century-scale time series derived from historical observations and sea ice charts from a range of sources. The purpose of the dataset is to provide a convenient compilation and consistent description of these data that are published, though scattered. Provided here are various indices of sea-ice conditions, ranging from estimated sea-ice extent, sea-ice edge, sea-ice export and sea-ice incidence...

Snow Pit Data from Greenland Summit, 1989 to 1993, Version 1.0

P. Mayewski & S. Whitlow
Chemistry and isotope information from snow pits dug at the Summit area of Greenland, 1989-1993 includes major ions (Na, K, Mg, Ca, Cl, NO3, SO4), oxygen isotopes (18O) and H2O2. Four snow pits were dug and sampled in 1989, three snow pits in 1990, two in 1991, one in 1992 and one in 1993. All snow pits had a 3 cm sampling interval except the snow pits in 1990, which had either a 3 cm...

North American Tundra NEE modeled from MODIS data, Version 1.0

S. Goetz & M. Loranty
This data set provides growing season Net Ecosystem CO2 exchange (NEE) between tundra ecosystems and the atmosphere for North America. Data are produced over the growing season (Julian Day 177 - 241) for the years 2003 - 2005. The data are modeled following the approach of Loranty et al [2011], using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) observation. These preliminary data have been validated for only one site at Daring Lake, Canada. Data for each year...

Banks Island July 2003 Field Report - Addendum, Version 1.0

M. Raynolds
A group of 19 researchers and students from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and other U.S. and Canadian organizations gathered at Green Cabin, northern Banks Island in July 2003. The team was interested in the interactions between the frost-boil heave processes, the soil, and the vegetation; and how complex interactions between these elements vary along the Arctic bioclimate gradient. A major goal of the project is to develop models that can help explain how frost...

Summer Surface Hydrographic Measurements in the Laptev Sea, 1980 to 2000, Version 1.0

H. Eicken, A. Proshutinsky, L. Timokhov, I. Dmitrenko & A. Darovskikh
The data set compiled here consists of surface hydrographic data, including temperature and salinity, from the Laptev Sea. Data were collected during the summers of 1980 to 2000. The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) in St. Petersburg collected the data through a Russian-German collaboration. Researchers used different thermometers and salinometers during the study, with minimum accuracy within 0.05 degrees C or 0.05 psu. Temperature and salinity were measured within the surface layer (<1 m...

ArcticRIMS: NCEP Reanalysis Maximum Temperature, Version 1.0

C. Vorosmarty, R. Lammers & D. Bromwich
This dataset contains NCEP Reanalysis Maximum Temperature data. Gridded daily time step data from Ohio State University based on National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCEP/NCAR) reanalysis data, interpolated from the NCEP/NCAR grids (~209km) to the 25km Northern Hemisphere Equal-Area Scalable Earth Grid (EASE-Grid) using a bi-lagrange interpolation formula. As part of the data processing of Arctic Rapid Integrated Monitoring System (ArcticRIMS) based at the Water Systems Analysis Group (WSAG), University of...

Temperature and Radiation Observation for Alaskan Shrub Tundra, Version 1.0

S. Goetz, K. Tape & R. Pearson
This data set includes observations of temperature and incident radiation for eight transects near the Nimiutuk River on the North Slope of Alaska. The measurements were taken using HOBO sensors and data loggers. The instruments were deployed in June of 2008 and retrieved in September 2010. Hourly observations for the duration of the measurements period were recorded. Data are contained in an Excel spreadsheet file.

Declassified Satellite Imagery Acquired Near Barrow Alaska, Version 1.0

P. Webber & C. Tweedie
This dataset contains various declassified military satellite imagery acquired near Barrow Alaska during August, 1988, June 1989, and August 1995. Each scene is packaged into a .tar.gz file which includes metadata. Mosaics of the images are also included.

Elevated Soil Temperature and Water Table Manipulation Data from Barrow, Alaska, 1999-2001, Version 1.0

W. Oechel
This data set contains elevated soil temperature and water table manipulation measurements taken at a tundra site near Barrow, Alaska, USA. Eighteen 60-cm diameter polycarbonate cylinders were installed into the ground at the end of the 1998 growing season when thaw depth was at its seasonal maximum to isolate plots of tundra. The cylinders were organized into three blocks of six for three replicates of the six treatments to be tested. The six factors tested...

Alaskan Air, Ground, Snow, and Soil Temperatures, 1998-2001, Version 1.0

V. Romanovsky
This data set contains air and ground temperature measurements collected from three different regions, each with multiple sites. The regions sampled are North Slope, Council, and Ivotuk. Measurements were taken as part of the Land-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions - Arctic Transitions in the Land-Atmosphere System (LAII-ATLAS) program. The research project was funded by the Arctic System Sciences (ARCSS) Program, grant numbers OPP-9721347, OPP-9870635, and OPP-9732126.

Barrow Area Remote Sensing - Brw Be Land Cover, Version 1.0

C. Tweedie
This dataset contains Barrow Area Remote Sensing - Brw Be Land Cover data. Cloud free Quickbird satellite imagery was used to develop the land cover maps in this study. The dataset is composed of four multispectral (2.4m) and one panchromatic (0.6m) band. The multispectral bands were fused with the panchromatic scene using a Principal Components sharpening method, which characteristically maintains spatial and spectral quality (Vijayaraj et al., 2006). Ten land cover types were chosen for...

Temperature, discharge and light data for Ivishak Hot Spring, Alaska, Version 1.0

A. Huryn & J. Benstead
The productivity of a perennial, Arctic spring-stream was investigated. Ivishak Spring has the stable discharge (~131 L/s) and temperature (~4-8 deg C) typical for springs. It is unusual, however, in having an annual cycle of daylight from 24 hrs/d (summer) to 0 hrs/d (winter). It was tested from the hypothesis that stored detritus would buffer carbon limitation during winter when gross primary production (GPP) is minimized, resulting in constant rates of community respiration (CR) year-round...

Climate and Flux Data from Alaska Sites, 1998-2000, Version 1.0

J. Beringer, III, F. & C. Copass
This data set contains climate, flux, and bulk density data from Ivotuk and Council (Seward Peninsula), Alaska, collected from 1998 through 2000. Surface energy and trace gas exchange measurements were made at each of the four Ivotuk sites using the eddy covariance technique. Three flux and climate towers operated at Council, Seward Peninsula, during 1999 and 2000. Two towers were located at the tundra and forest sites. The third tower was a mobile tower and...

Bowhead Whale Subsistence Sensitivity Mapping, Version 1.0

J. George
This data set contains bowhead whale subsistence data and mapping, gathered from 01 January 2003 through 31 December 2003. These data are part of the Barrow Area Spatial Data Infrastructure effort. The Bowhead Whale Subsistence Sensitivity mapping project includes GIS data on migration routes, seasonal ranges, hunting and search areas, and other areas highly sensitive to seasonal disturbance. The data and associated map are intended to be used as a guide in the planning and...

At-sea density of foraging little auks (Alle alle) near Hornsund Fjord, Version 1.0

N. Karnovsky & A. Harding
This dataset includes the at-sea density of foraging little auks near Hornsund Fjord, Southwest Spitsbergen. Data were collected during 1-3 day cruises aboard the R/V Oceania during the little auk breeding season (July) in 2001 and in July 2005-2008. Data are included in a single Excel file.

Thaw Depth and Vegetation Radiance Measurements, Happy Valley, AK, 1994, Version 1.0

W. Oechel, A. Hope, D. Stow & J. Fleming
This data set contains measurements for permafrost active layer thaw depth and vegetation reflectance (red and near-infrared bandwidths) at the Happy Valley Flux Study Site in northern Alaska during the summer of 1994. Sampling was conducted in a 1000-m square grid pattern, with sample points spaced 100 m apart. Median values for thaw depths were determined from five replicate measurements using a thaw probe. Vegetation radiance values are averages of five measurements collected from an...

Alaskan Lake Database Mapped from Landsat Images, Version 1.0

J. Wang, Y. Sheng, K. Hinkel & E. Lyons
The lake map for the State of Alaska was generated from selected Landsat acquired during summer seasons of circa 2000. Nearly 400 30-m resolution Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) images were used to produce the lake map. The database contains over 38,000 lakes larger than 0.1 km2. The spatial coverage of the product is nearly the entire state except the Aleutian islands. The lake product is released at three different levels in response to lake...

SHEBA Upper Ocean CTD and Thermal Microstructure, Western Arctic Ocean, Version 1.0

T. Stanton & W. Shaw
This data set includes Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD) measurements along with thermal microstructure data (such as, turbulent thermal variance, turbulent kinetic energy, and vertical temperature gradient) collected from 12 October 1997 to 30 September 1998. The storage, redistribution, and ultimate release of the energy contributed by incoming shortwave radiation has major effects on the thickness and seasonal evolution of sea ice cover and the state of the upper ocean. As part of the Surface Heat...

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