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T cell responses to H1N1v and a longitudinal study of seasonal influenza vaccination (TIV) - 2008 (See companion studies SDY315 2012 / SDY312 2009 / SDY311 2010 / SDY112 2011)

Mark Davis
Systems biology approach to examine effects of seasonal flu vaccination in adults of different ages on gene expression, cytokine stimulation and serum cytokines with parameters such as immune senescence to uncover new markers and mechanisms behind failure of immune function in many older people.

Clustering of Methylation: consensus NMF

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Diagnóstico y evaluación de la calidad ambiental marina en el Caribe y Pacífico colombiano. Red de Vigilancia para la conservación y protección de las aguas marias y Costeras de Colombia. REDCAM 2007

Jesús. Vivas Garay
El presente informe contiene la descripción estacional y temporal de las variables fisicoquímicas, microbiológicas y de contaminantes (Hidrocarburos del petróleo y Plaguicidas organoclorados) tanto en el Caribe, como en el Pacífico colombiano. En este documento se presentan los resultados del segundo muestreo de 2006 y del primer muestreo de 2007. También se muestra el Indicador de Calidad de aguas, según el uso que tenga el recurso. El desarrollo de este indicador es de gran utilidad...

Role of Antimicrobial Peptides in Host Defense Against Vaccinia Virus

Donald Leung
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by recurrent viral skin infections. Recent studies have demonstrated that the skin of people with AD my have decreased antimicrobial peptide (AMP) expression. The purpose of this study is to compare small pox virus replication and the number of AMPs and other antiviral molecules in people with AD, as compared to those seen in people with psoriasis or asthma, or healthy individuals.

Fluid Configurations in a Random Sphere Packing

James McClure
Two-fluid phase configurations in a periodic random close packing of spheres with porosity 0.369. This data set contains equilibrium fluid configurations obtained using the lattice Boltzmann method based on randomly initialized distribution of phases for a variety of fluid saturations. Data sets are labeled with the initial fluid saturation (sw_XX) and the whether a connected (a) wetting phase or (b) non-wetting phase was used to determine the initial fluid configuration. For additional details on the...

Manual para la pesca artesanal responsable de camarón en Colombia: adaptación de la red Suripera

F. Rueda Rico-Mejía
El presente manual resalta la problemática de la pesca de camarón en Colombia y presenta un prototipo como alternativa de pesca artesanal limpia. Ilustra el diseño, construcción y operación de esta innovación a lo largo del proyecto en el que participaron pescadores mexicanos y del Pacífico colombiano. Se muestran los principales resultados obtenidos en el proyecto de cara a la potencial introducción legal del arte de pesca en nuestro país. Así mismo, se resaltan los...

Determinants of human NK cell diversity by mass cytometry

Catherine Blish
Natural Killer (NK) cells play critical roles in immune defense and reproduction, yet remain the most poorly understood lymphocyte population. Because their activation is controlled by a variety of combinatorially expressed activating and inhibitory receptors, NK cell diversity and function are closely linked. To provide an unprecedented understanding of NK cell repertoire diversity, we used mass cytometry to simultaneously analyze 35 parameters, including 28 NK cell receptors, on peripheral blood NK cells from five sets...

Análise de imagens de fundo de olho para detecção de retinopatia diabética

José Augusto Salim, Felipe Bulsoni & Thamires Luz
Doenças associados ao diabetes são recorrentes. A retinopatia diabética interfere na visão do paciente e pode ocasionar o rompimento de vasos sanguíneos dos olhos, levando a cegueira caso não seja diagnosticada e tratada em tempo hábil. O diagnóstico pode ser feito através da análise de imagens de fundo de olho. A classificação entre imagens com lesão e não lesão pode auxiliar nesse processo. Foram extraídos dessas imagens os descritores de Histograma (H), Comprimento de Corrida...

Design and Development Status of MKID Integral Field Spectrographs for High Contrast Imaging

Seth Meeker, Benjamin Mazin, Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Alex Walter, Paul Szypryt, Matthew Strader & Clint Bockstiegel

Finney packing of spheres

John L. Finney
A packing of equal spheres. The original data was experimentally measured in 1970, and this is one of the first sphere packings used as a representative porous medium (soil, and with some cementation modeling sandstone). We include original sphere locations (not image data, but with some effort can be used to produce a volumetric image at any resolution you would like), as well as a small selection of example discretization that have been used in...

Vitamin D3 in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Cynthia Aranow
This is a double-blind, multi-center, placebo controlled, Phase II study designed to assess biologic effects of 12 weeks of vitamin D3 supplementation on patients with well-controlled stable systemic lupus erythematosus who have low serum levels of 25-OH vitamin D and an IFN alpha signature.

Estimating the outer scale in altitude - L0(h) - using the GeMS profiler

Andres Guesalaga, Benoit Neichel, Thiery Fusco, Javier Valenzuela, Slvain Oberti, Elena Masciadri, Carlos Coreia & Jean Francois Sauvage

Wilcox Tight Gas Sandstone

Ayaz Mehmani, Masa Prodanovic & Kitty L. Milliken
A process-based multiscale network modeling approach is introduced to predict the drainage capillary pressure and relative permeability-wetting phase saturation curves at early cementation, final cementation and feldspar dissolution of the Wilcox tight gas sandstone. Predictions based on a two-scale analysis of an X-ray tomographic image are conducted as well but computational limitations make conclusions uncertain in this paper. We emphasize process-based modeling informed from thin sections as a cheap method of making a priori predictions...

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