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35th Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC-35)

Carlos A. Camargo
In this secondary analysis of MARC-35 data, we detected an association between the microbiota profiles of nasal swabs (NS) and nasopharyngeal aspirates (NPA) collected from infants (age <1 year) hospitalized for bronchiolitis. Study data is available by request.

Dataset for: A potato seed system from CONPAPA, a consortium of small potato producers in Tungurahua Ecuador

Kromann, Peter (International Potato Center); Andrade-Piedra, Jorge (International Potato Center); Taipe, Arturo (International Potato Center); Navarrete, Israel (International Potato Center)

Press, Temperature and Humidity February 2013

Fernando Aguilar
PTU Cuerda del Pozo. February 2013

Meteorite NWA 2993: A primitive achondrite

Soheil Ghanbarzadeh & Masa Prodanovic
The microstructure of meteorite NWA 2993 which is a coarse-grained Lodran-like achondrite. This meteorite is a plutonic sample from the Winonaite parent body that has undergone partial melting and is comprised of orthopyroxene (37 vol.%), olivine (32 vol.%) and metal (31 vol.%).

BindingDB Entry 50040071: Evolution of a Compact Photoprobe for the Dopamine Transporter Based on (±)-threo-Methylphenidate.

Small molecule binding data for protein Sodium-dependent dopamine transporter, Uniprot Q01959

Multiomics modeling of the immunome, transcriptome, microbiome, proteome and metabolome adaptations during human pregnancy

Martin Angst, Brice Gaudilliere & Nima Aghaeepour
Biological mechanisms produce immunologic, metabolomic, proteomic, genomic and microbiomic adaptations during the course of pregnancy.

Replication Data for: Rwanda Super Foods Project Baseline Survey

Sindi, Kirimi (International Potato Center); Low, Jan (International Potato Center)

Projeto Final - Introdução à Ciência dos Dados - Mestrado em Engenharia de Computação - Poli USP

Wesley Lourenco Barbosa
Dados gerados no desenvolvimento do trabalho final da disciplina.

Effect of Drought Stress on the Genetic Architecture of Photosynthate Allocation and Remobilization in Pods of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), a Key Species for Food Security

Paul Gepts, Jorge Carlos Berny Mier Y Teran, Enéas R. Konzen, Antonia Palkovic, Siu M. Tsai, Idupulapati M. Rao & Stephen Beebe
Background: Common bean is the most important staple grain legume for direct human consumption and nutrition. It complements major sources of carbohydrates, including cereals, root crop, or plantain, as a source of dietary proteins. It is also a significant source of vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc. To fully play its nutritional role, however, its robustness against stresses needs to be strengthened. Foremost among these is drought, which commonly affects its productivity and seed...

EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset

Gerwin Schalk, Dennis J McFarland, Thilo Hinterberger, Niels Birbaumer & Jonathan R Wolpaw

Estaillades Carbonate #2

Tom Bultreys, Luc Van Hoorebeke & Veerle Cnudde
Estaillades carbonate is a mono-mineralic, calcitic rock, which contains two types of pores: intergranular macropores and intra-granular micropores. An Estaillades sample with a diameter of 7mm was scanned with UGCT’s HECTOR micro-CT scanner (developed in collaboration with XRE, www.xre.be). In this micro-CT scan, (most of) the intergranular macropores are resolved, while the micropores are not. A three-phase segmentation consisting of pore voxels, voxels with unresolved porosity, and solid voxels is provided. This image was used...

A database of seismic records at instrumented levee sites in Japan

Mikami A. Kataoka S.

Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge waterfowl land cover and habitat classification using SPOT-5 imagery

Steven Sesnie, Dustin Taylor & Paige Schmidt
Developing effective habitat conservation and management strategies. The relationship between available habitat and waterfowl numbers obtained from aerial survey transects is not well studied. To determine these relationships, multispectral SPOT-5 satellite imagery acquired for Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge close to the time of waterfowl surveys was used to map habitat conditions. Robust Random Forest classification trees were used to model 16 land cover types using 416 reference locations collected in the field or derived from...

BindingDB Entry 50042336: 3-Thiomorpholin-8-oxo-8H-acenaphtho [1,2-b] pyrrole-9-carbonitrile (S1) derivatives as pan-Bcl-2-inhibitors of Bcl-2, Bcl-xL and Mcl-1.

Small molecule binding data for protein Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2, Bcl-xL/BAK, and Induced myeloid leukemia cell differentiation protein Mcl-1, Uniprot P10415, Q07817, and Q07820

Actualización de la línea base de flora y fauna marina y costera del Parque Regional Old Point

Luz Marina. Gómez Mejía-Ladino
Con el fin de actualizar los inventarios de flora y fauna del Parque Regional Old Point, se realizó una búsqueda exhaustiva de las referencias bibliográficas, informes técnicos y artículos científicos con información biológica de las especies y ecosistemas allí presentes en los últimos cinco años. A partir de esa información secundaria se realizó una base de datos con las especies registradas a la fecha en el parque

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