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Towards A Generic Model For Figure-Ground Segmentation

Jonas Kubilius, Johan Wagemans & Hans P. Op de Beeck
While multiple studies investigate the properties of the earliest and final stages of visual information processing, the underlying transformations leading from simple edge detection to object recognition remain seemingly intractable. To tackle this problem, we take a step back and ask what mechanisms could lead to a successful figure-ground segmentation of a given image. We propose the following conceptual framework: (i) alternating steps of feature detection and feature pooling (grouping) in a hierarchical manner; (ii)...

Overview Of E-Infrastructure And Applications In Africa

Bruce Becker
The keynote presentation from the CHAIN-REDS/ei4Africa workshop at the 2013 Ubuntunet Connect Conference. The presentation covers the following aspects : Opening thoughts on being African
Scientific collaboration in Africa – some example
Research in Africa – everything else
Infrastructures collaborating with communities
How do we sustain e-Science in Africa ?

Optical spectra of Halpha-bright knots in Stephan's Quintet

Iraklis Konstantopoulos
Optical spectra of Hα-bright knots in the intragroup medium of Stephan's Quintet, an interacting compact galaxy group featuring a string X-ray shock. Provided in HDF5 and FITS, the astronomical FITS file transfer format.

X-Ray Diffraction Analysis To Clarify The Unusual Origin Of An Intraocular Foreign Body

Francisco J. Ascaso & Javier Blasco
Purpose: To clarify the origin of a metallic intraocular foreign body (IOFB) due to a firecracker injury and to show the utility of X-ray diffraction analysis in the identification process. Methods: Interventional case report using X-ray diffraction technique. Results: We report a mechanism of firecracker ocular injury not previously described in the published literature. It involved penetration into the eye by a ground particle of calamine (originated from the area of detonation) and not, as...

Global Climate Change: A Threat To Food Security And Environmental Conservation

O. M. Agbogidi
Rapid socio-economic changes in some developing countries like India, China, etc., are influencing dramatically the fuel consumption pattern world over. An increase of 880 TWh of electricity consumption in transport in 2030 compared with the Reference Scenario, of which 90% occurs in PLDVs, results in about 250 Mt of additional CO2 emissions. The rise in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is 1.0 – 3.50C (1PCC, 2007a). If emissions of greenhouse gases, and in...

Estimation Of Water Balance Of Oyan Lake In The North West Region Of Abeokuta, Nigeria

G. C. Ufoegbune, H. O. Yusuf, A. O. Eruola & J. A. Awomeso
The paper presents results related to water balance of the Oyan Lake in the North West in Nigeria. The catchment covering an area of 9000 km2 includes a small dam called Oyan dam having an effective watershed area of 40 km2 with a gross storage of 270 million cubic meters. Hydrology of the area was characterized on the basis of land use, rainfall, temperature, evaporation, evapotranspiration, and runoff using meteorological data. Different methods like rainfall...

Economic Advantage Of Hybrid Maize Over Open- Pollinated Maize In Giwa Local Government Area Of Kaduna State

Taiwo Bintu Ayinde, Alamu Josiah Fola & U. Ibrahim
This research intends to carry out a comparative study, on the yield of hybrid and open-pollinated maize, with the involvement of farmers in Giwa local government area of Kaduna state. Specifically, it evaluated existing hybrid and open-pollinated maize production technologies by unfolding their most important socio-economic factors, by notably identifying the beneficial distinction between hybrid and open-pollinated maize, with the farm survey data collected from 160 maize farming communities in October-December 2009 for the cropping...

Determination Of The Contamination Of Groundwater Sources In Okrika Mainland With Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Pahs)

D. H. Ogbuagu, , C. G. Okoli, , C. L. Gilbert, & S. Madu
In this study, we examined the presence and concentrations of six polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in groundwater sources of Okrika mainland impacted by effluent discharges from a petroleum refinery into her surrounding Creeks. Sterile amber coloured bottles were used to collect 10 replicate borehole water samples from the mainland and fixed with concentrated H2SO4. Samples were transferred to the laboratory in iced coolers and analyzed using Gas chromatography coupled with Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID). The...

Use Of Staphylococcal Protein-A And Streptococcal Protein-G For Detection Of Red Blood Cells (Rbc) Antibodies And Comparison With Other Techniques

Angel Alberto Justiz Vaillant, Patrick Eberechi Akpaka, Norma Mc Farlane-Anderson & Monica P. Smikle
Background: Detection of red blood cells antibodies is important for the diagnosis of autoimmune hemolytic anemia, hemolytic disease of newborn, pre-transfusion testing and other problems. The aim of this study was to use Staphylococcal protein A (SpA) and Streptococcal protein G (SpG) as reagents in immunological tests for detecting red blood cells (RBC) antibodies and to compare the method with other techniques. Study Design & Methods: Sera from 60 patients, comprising forty-four anti-D positive sera...

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Seed Cake/Kernel As Protein Source In Ruminants Feed

A. Aruwayo & S. A. Maigandi
Ruminant production that is very popular in Nigeria livestock production faces series of problems, chief among them is the shortage of protein supply in adequate amount for optimum performance of the animals. The forages, which constitute the bulk of the source of feed for these animals, fluctuate in supply with poor nutrient content especially during the dry season of the year. The convectional protein concentrates which boost the protein supply faces intense competition from man....

Stromal Stem Cells From Parathyroid Glands Of Patients With Secondary Hyperparathyroidism Demonstrate Higher Telomerase Activity And Osteogenic Differentiation Ability Than Normal Bone Marrow Derived Stromal Stem Cells

Erdal Karaöz, Soykan Arıkan, Ayça Aksoy, Zehra Seda Ünal, Mine Adaş, Gökhan Adaş & Gökhan Duruksu
Aims: The aim of this study was to isolate and extensively characterize parathyroid gland stem cells (PT-SCs) from secondary hyperparathyroidism cases. For this purpose, proliferation capacity, phenotypic properties, differentiation characteristics and gene expression profiles were analyzed and compared with mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow (BM-MSCs) of the human. Methods: Stem cells isolated from PT and BM were analyzed by flow cytometry, RTPCR, Real Time-PCR, and immunocytochemistry. Both cell lines were directionally differentiated towards adipogenic,...

Hypnotic Use For Sleep Disturbances In Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review

Lærke Toftegård Andersen, Jacob Rosenberg & Ismail Gögenur
Aims: Sleep disturbances are common in patients with breast cancer. The aim of this systematic review was to present the literature on pharmacological interventions against sleep disturbances and use of hypnotics in patients with breast cancer. We wanted to study patients both in the perioperative period as well as when they were receiving oncological (medical) treatment. Study Design: Systematic review. Methodology: According to the PRISMA guidelines, a literature search was performed on May 10th 2012...

Menstrual Cycle Disturbances In Diabetic Women In Kinshasa, Drc

Tandu-Umba Barthélémy, Matondo Ponte Myphie-Patricia & Mbangama Muela Andy
Objectives: This paper is intended to describe 1) the level of diabetes control and 2) related disturbances of the menstrual cycle among diabetic women in Kinshasa. Study Design: It is a prospective, observational, case control study carried out from 1st till 31st July 2012 in a medical centre of Salvation Army, in Kinshasa, DR Congo, mostly giving low cost diabetic healthcare. Post menarche, non pregnant and non lactating diabetic women aged from 15 years up...

Biojs Treewidget Component

Fabian Schreiber
This source code goes with the F1000Research publication about the BioJS TreeWidget component

Nutritional Potential Of Centrosema Pubescens Mimosa Invisa And Pueraria Phaseoloides Leaf Meals On Growth Performance Responses Of Broiler Chickens

F. C. Nworgu & G. N. Egbunike
Aims: The objective of this study was to access the growth responses of chickens fed different leaf meal supplements. Study Design: The experimental design used was completely randomized design for the chicks and completely randomized block design for the growing pullets and cockerels. Place and Duration of Study: The experiments were carried out at Bora Poultry Unit of Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T;) Ibadan, Nigeria....

Data Sets Of Mmp-Cliffs, Sar Transfer Series And Recap-Mmps

Ye Hu, Antonio De La Vega De León, & Jürgen Bajorath
A new and up-to-date version of three MMP-based data sets derived from compounds included in the latest release of ChEMBL is presented. These data sets include activity cliffs, structure-activity relationship (SAR) transfer series, and second generation MMPs based upon retrosynthetic rules. The structural data and information are provided in eight different files comprising the three data sets of MMP-cliffs (two files), SAR transfer series (four files), and RECAP-MMPs (two files). All MMP-cliffs, SAR transfer series...

Tendon And Ligament Injuries: The Evolving Role Of Stem Cells And Tissue Engineering

P. S. Pastides & W. Khan
Aims: Musculoskeletal injuries are a common injury associated with a reduction in quality of life, increased morbidity and social and financial implications. Although surgical reconstruction is a well established option, outcomes are variable. There is a growing body of interest in the potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the management of tendon and ligament injuries. This review aims to summarise the information in the literature on the evolving role of these. Study design: Review...

Genetic Markers Of Graves' Disease: A Historical View And Up-Date

Dimitry Chistiakov
Two decades of intensive but quite chaotic and decentralized population studies on susceptibility to Graves’ disease (GD) provided a bulk of inconsistent data resulted in finding of proven association only for the HLA class II region that exerts a major effect in the genetics of GD. Using low-resolution microsatellite-based human genome-wide scans revealed several regions of linkage harboring putative susceptibility variants. Further, high throughput genotyping of large population cohorts with help of high dense panels...

Ykl-40: A Potential Biomarker And Therapeutic Target For Breast Cancer Diagnosis And Therapy

Rong Shao
Over the past two decades, emerging data have found that YKL-40, a secreted glycoprotein, is elevated in a broad spectrum of human diseases including cancers, liver injury, asthma, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and cardiac disorders. In breast cancer, increased serum levels of YKL-40 are correlated with cancer metastasis and short survival, suggesting that serum levels of YKL-40 serve as a cancer biomarker. YKL-40 has the ability to stimulate vascular endothelial cell activation and suppress mammary epithelial...

Us Department Of Energy Funded Publications From Astrophysics Data System

Jeremy Guillette & Christopher Erdmann
The John G. Wolbach Library, in collaboration with the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), has compiled this bibliography of United States Department of Energy (DOE) funded publications. Grants were identified within the ADS by regular expression matching against article full text. There are over 70,000 articles in the bibliography, with bibliographic information for each publication. This bibliography is being released to explore its possible usage. Please note: Papers may include arXiv preprints (as non-refereed, with...

The Communication Of The Nursing Team With Patients In Palliative Care

Everton Fernando Alves
The article consists of a contextualized reflection on the communication in palliative care with the purpose of explaining strategies used for effective communication among the nursing, terminally ill and his family. In that sense, it was observed that for the nurse to assist the terminally ill is a difficult task,
which raises sensation of sadness, frustration, impotence and even failure in the rendered attendance. This way, many professionals use denial, escaping, and the apparent coldness...

Heatmap Viewer

The heat map viewer is a BioJS component that renders heat map presentations on the web. Users of the component can use the component to embed flexible, scalable and interactive heat map presentations in the websites, papers and presentations.

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Multifractal Estimation Using A Standard Box-Counting Algorithm

Leonardo A. Saravia
Software used to determine multifractal spectra: Generalized dimensions Dq and spectrum of singularities f(alfa), the software was used in the paper: Saravia LA, Giorgi A, Momo F (2012) Multifractal growth in periphyton communities. Oikos 121: 1810–1820. mfSBA estimate both spectra and outputs data to evaluate the fits. A more detailed description is in the file mfSBA_README. mfSBArnz estimate the Dq spectrun and randomize the original image N times to calculate a confidence interval to test...

A Local Defect Resonance For Linear And Nonlinear Ultrasonic Thermography

I. Solodov
An efficient wave-defect interaction is the key to a high thermal response of flaws in ultrasonic thermography. To selectively enhance defect vibrations a concept of local defect resonance is developed and applied to ultrasonic activation of defects. The frequency match between the defect resonance frequency and the probing ultrasonic wave results in a substantial rise of a local defect temperature. The defect resonance is accompanied by depletion of the excitation frequency vibration due to nonlinear...

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