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Sreeramana Aithal
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Sreeramana Aithal


Michael Hucka
SBML is an XML-based format for storing and communicating computational models of biological processes. SBML Level 3 packages are optional modular extensions to the core of SBML to add constructs that support additional features. The specification documents for SBML Level 3 packages define the syntax and semantics of individual SBML Level 3 packages. The SBMLPkgSpec class for LaTeX provides a standard format for SBML Level 3 package specification documents. It provides a uniform look-and-feel to the family of SBML Level 3 documents,...

Stattarget, An Easy To Use Tool For Statistical Analysis Of Metabolite Profile

Hemi Luan
An easy to use tool provides a graphical user interface for quality control based shift signal correction, integration of metabolomic data from multi-batch experiments, and the comprehensive statistic analysis in non-targeted or targeted metabolomics.

Mosquitoalert/Data: V1.148.2017

Mosquito Alert & Agustí Escobar Rubies
Release of version 1.148.2017

Tomographer/Tomographer: Tomographer V5.0

Philippe Faist
Release notes: https://github.com/Tomographer/tomographer/releases/tag/v5.0

Ekaizar/A-Comparison-Of-Existing-Methods-For-Multiple-Imputation-In-Ipd-Meta-Analysis V1.0

Code to accompany "A comparison of existing methods for multiple imputation in individual participant data meta-analysis" by Deborah Kunkel and Eloise E. Kaizar

Color Weight Photometry

Jan Koenderink, Andrea Van Doorn & Karl R. Gegenfurtner
Dataset relative to the following publication: Koenderink, J.J., van Doorn, A.& Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2016) Color weight photometry. Vision Research, in press. See the file README.txt for further information.

P. Aeruginosa Expression Compendium For The Pao1 Kegg Pathways Case Study In Pathcore.

Kathleen Chen
The normalized P. aeruginosa (PAO1) gene expression compendium uses datasets from ArrayExpress. Each gene expression vector is linearly normalized to the range between 0 and 1. The script used to download the PAO1 datasets and process all samples into a single expression compendium is available here: https://bitbucket.org/greenelab/eadage/src/d8a98586e0f448a5b7d497f5516cc4e241635361/data_collection/data_collection.sh

Hyperspy/Hyperspy: Hyperspy 1.3

Francisco De La Peña, Tomas Ostasevicius, Vidar Tonaas Fauske, Pierre Burdet, Petras Jokubauskas, Magnus Nord, Eric Prestat, Mike Sarahan, Katherine E. MacArthur, Duncan N. Johnstone, Joshua Taillon, Jan Caron, Tom Furnival, Alberto Eljarrat, Stefano Mazzucco, Vadim Migunov, Thomas Aarholt, Michael Walls, Florian Winkler, Ben Martineau, Gaël Donval, Eric R. Hoglund, Ivo Alxneit, Ida Hjorth, Luiz Fernando Zagonel … & Huang-Wei Chang
This is a minor release. Follow the following links for details on all the bugs fixed feature and documentation enhancements, and new features. NEW rebin supports upscaling and rebinning to arbitrary sizes through linear interpolation. It also runs faster if numba is installed. AxesManager.signal_extent and AxesManager.navigation_extent properties to easily get the extent of each space. New IPywidgets Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements for the Jupyter Notebook. See the new hyperspy_gui_ipywidgets package. It is not installed...

Africanmathsinitiative/R-Instat: 0.3.0

Danny Parsons, Maxwell Fundi, John Lunalo, Steven Ndung'U, Steve Kogo, Polycarp Okock, Lilyclements, François Renaud, David Stern, AlexSananka, MaryMutahi, Shadrack Magut, Bethanclarke, Aduut, Marthafuraha Nicholaus, Rdstern & Jkmusyoka
Major changes: Summary tables implemented Improved functionality of factors with labels Minor changes: Improvements to climatic dialogs Small bug fixes

Building Performance Simulation Of Advanced Energy Technologies To Achieve Net Zero Energy Dwellings In Uk

Rajat Gupta & Matt Gregg
This paper systematically presents the methodology and initial findings from modelling and simulation of advanced energy conservation, generation and management technologies applied to two case study dwellings to achieve a net zero energy (NZE) target. The specific objectives are to meet the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive as follows:  reduction of net regulated energy to or below 0 kWh/m2 per year and generation of at least 50 kWh/m2 per year, on average, in the NZE...

Women Are More Susceptible Than Men To Micronutrient Depletion During Petrol Exposure

Ayobola A. Iyanda & John Anetor
The influence of gender on the modulating effects of many xenobiotics has been suggested. The aim of the study is to determine which of the genders, is more at risk of altered micronutrient status subsequent to petroleum-product exposure. 60 petrol-station attendants (PSA) as well as 60 control participants were recruited for the study. The test or control group for each gender consisted of 30 participants. Serum obtained from five millimeters of blood was used to...

In Silico Sequence Analysis Of Predicted Beta-Amylase 7-Like Protein In Juglans Regia L.

Emre Sevindik
Walnut (Juglans regia L.) is a deciduous tree of the Juglandaceae family. Beta-amylase (β-amylase, EC is an enzyme that catalyses hydrolysis of glycosidic bonds in polysaccharides. In this study; sequence, physicochemical, and three-dimensional analyses of predicted β-amylase 7-like protein in Juglans regia using various bioinformatic tools were conducted. The physicochemical properties of the predict β-amylase 7-like protein were analyzed by using ExPASy ProtParam tool that revealed the molecular weight (MW), Isoelectric Points (pI), total...

Pybinding V0.9.2: A Python Package For Tight-Binding Calculations

Dean Moldovan, Miša Anđelković & Francois Peeters
Pybinding is a Python package for numerical tight-binding calculations in solid state physics. The main features include: Declarative model construction - The user just needs to describe what the model should be, but not how to build it. Pybinding will take care of the numerical details of building the Hamiltonian matrix so users can concentrate on the physics, i.e. the quantum properties of the model. Fast compute - Pybinding's implementation of the kernel polynomial method allows for very fast calculation of...

Materialsproject/Pymatgen: V4.7.7

Shyue Ping Ong, Gmatteo, Michiel Van Setten, Will Richards, Xiaohui Qu, Anubhav Jain, Geoffroy Hautier, Stephen Dacek, Joseph Montoya, Bharat Medasani, Cedergroupclusters, Kiran Mathew, Richard Tran, Michael , Sai Jayaraman, Shyam Dwaraknath, Nils Zimmermann, Germain Salvato Vallverdu, Yanikou19, Guido Petretto, Dan Gunter, Tess , Saurabh Bajaj, Fraricci, Matthew Horton … & Alireza Faghanina
Magnetic symmetry and CIF support. (Horton) Improved PWSCF Input file generation. Misc bug fixes.

Shenwei356/Csvtk: Csvtk V0.8.0

Wei Shen & Thunfischbrot
Changelog new command csvtk gather for gathering columns into key-value pairs. csvtk sort: support sorting by user-defined order. fix bug of unselecting field: wrongly reporting error of fields not existing. affected commands: cut, filter, fitler2, freq, grep, inter, mutate, rename, rename2, replace, stats2, uniq. update help message of flag -F/--fuzzy-fields. update help message of global flag -t, which overrides both -d and -D. If you want other delimiter for tabular input, use -t $'\t' -D...

It-Challenges Of A Production System

Attila Gludovatz & Laszlo Bacsardi
The purpose of the applied IT solutions during the operation of factories is to support the manufacturing workflow and the strategic decision making of company managers. We reviewed the industrial techniques in nowadays and the newest trends (“Industrial Internet”, “Industrie 4.0”) which are based on the idea of “Internet of things”. In our research, several aspects of furniture production were analyzed: (1) the IT solutions, which can help the manufacturing processes, (2) the required image...

Research Data Management Forum 16, Redux: A Publisher'S Perspective

Fiona Murphy
A presentation showing the publisher perspective on Research Data to an audience of research support managers and librarians. For the Digital Curation Centre "Research Data Management Forum 16: Redux" meeting held in Edinburgh, November 2016.

(It)Technology-Driven New Role Of 21St Century Pharma-Cists: Recommendations For Pharmacy Management

Mayur S. Desai, Kamala Raghavan & Neesha Desai
The main impetus for this study comes from the continued growth of information technology (IT) and its subsequent impact on business processes within various sectors of industry.  Implications of changes in business processes are reflected on the individuals’ job functions within businesses.  IT is causing a major shift in pharmaceutical business paradigm.  This shift can be observed in the changes in the traditional job functions of pharmacists. In this new paradigm, the Pharmacists are no...

Prism Solid-Shell With Heterogonous And Hierarchical Approximation Basis

Lukasy Kaczmarczyk, Zahur Ullah & Chris Pearce
A solid-shell element which does not possess rotational degrees of freedom (DOFs) and which is applicable to thin plate/shell problems is considered. The element approximation is constructed in prisms, where displacements on the upper and lower surfaces are approximated in the global coordinate system. In addition, two other fields are defined in the shell natural (local) coordinate system that represent the components of the displacement vector in both the current shell normal direction and the...

Dmbates/Mixedmodels.Jl: Fold Wttrms And Λ Into Trms

Douglas Bates, Tony Kelman, SimonAB, Patrick Kofod Mogensen, Milan Bouchet-Valat, Michael Hatherly, Elliot Saba, Dave Kleinschmidt, Antoine Baldassari & Andreas Noack
reformulate the LinearMixedModel type by incorporating the wttrms and Λ members into the trms member. create AbstractTerm with subtypes MatrixTerm and FactorReTerm add some benchmarks using the BenchmarkTools package remove some of the instances of method definitions for functions from Base with signatures of Base classes only BLAS-like in-place linear algebra with scalar multipliers are now called e.g. αβA_mul_Bc! the remaining problematic methods are operations with Diagonal for which I plan to create a PR...

Optimization Of Error Compensation For Contact Type Ronald Mdx-20 Scanner In Reverse Engineering

P. Dinesh Kumar, M. Rajaram Pandian & P. Viswabharathy
  The current scenario is product development process adopts the concept of concurrent engineering and uses the technologies CAD, CAE, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is used when the original product design document has been lost or never existed, unable to create the complex shapes accurately. It also used to edit and tailor base model geometry for improved functionality or new application. Reverse engineering process involves four stages viz. scanning the object using...

Px4/Firmware: V1.6.0 Release

Lorenz Meier, Thomas Gubler, Julian Oes, Anton Babushkin, Px4dev, Beat Küng, Mark Charlebois, Daniel Agar, Roman Bapst, David Sidrane, Andreas Daniel Antener, Andrew Tridgell, James Goppert, Paul Riseborough, Mark Whitehorn, Simon Wilks, Pavel Kirienko, Kabir Mohammed, Sander Smeets, JohanJansen, Don Gagne, Ban Siesta, Matthias Grob, Lucas De Marchi, Dennis Mannhart … & Jean Cyr
PX4 v1.6.0 requires a recent version of QGroundControl for the best user experience, currently available as "daily build" here. New Hardware Support Crazyflie v2 FMUv4 PRO (Prototype donation and manufacturing: Drotek) FMUv5 (Prototype donation and manufacturing: Team Blacksheep) New Features New .ulg uLOG logging format which directly logs uORB topics and offers more accurate time stamping. Supported in FlightPlot. New web-graphing engine for .ulg: http://review.px4.io Easier to use camera triggering Basic support for real-time camera...

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