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ATLAS-Hadronic Calorimeter

CERN Video Productions
Hall 180 work on Hadronic Calorimeter

The ATLAS hadronic tile calorimeter
The Tile Calorimeter, which constitutes the central section of the ATLAS hadronic calorimeter, is a non-compensating sampling device made of iron and scintillating tiles.
(IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 53 (2006) 1275-81)

The ATLAS experiment (in Chinese)

ATLAS Outreach Committee & Bob Van Gijzel

This award winning film gives a glimpse behind the scenes of building the ATLAS detector.
This film asks:
Why are so many physicists anxious to build this apparatus?
Will they be able to answer fundamental questions such as: Where does mass come from? Why does the Universe have so little antimatter? Are there extra dimensions of space that are hidden from our view? Is there an underlying theory to find?
Major surprises are likely in...

footage visit Her Excellency Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim President of the Republic of Mauritius

CERN Video Productions & Jacques Herve Fichet
VIP vistit of Her Excellency Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim President of the Republic of Mauritius

2010 ENLIGHT Workshops

ENLIGHT-European Network For LIGht Ion Hadron Therapy, Josiane Uwantege & Manuela Cirilli
ENLIGHT was established in 2002 to coordinate the European efforts in hadron therapy. Manjit Dosanjh, CERN’s Life Sciences Advisor (KTT), is also co-ordinator of the ENLIGHT network and some of the related programs. Under the umbrella of ENLIGHT, there are currently four EC-funded projects; PARTNER, ENVISION and ENTERVISION, co-ordinated by CERN and ULICE, co-ordinated by CNAO. The video brings you to the prestigious Nobel Forum at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, where the ENLIGHT community...


CERN Video Productions & Daniel Dominguez
It s an quick overview of the lhc to the collision inside ATLAS showing the pixels.

ISOLDE Facebook Live

CERN Video Productions & Christoph M. Madsen
Live from the ISOLDE control room celebrating the 50th anniversary of ISOLDE's physics program with host Sarah Charley and our guests from ISOLDE, Erwin Siesling, Magdalena Kowalska and Liam Gaffney


OMNI Communication & Andrew Millington

The ATLAS barrel toroid system consists of eight coils, each of axial length 25.3 m, assembled radially and symmetrically around the beam axis. The coils are of a flat racetrack type with two double-pancake windings made of 20.5 kA aluminium-stabilized niobium-titanium superconductor.
The video is about the slow lowering of the toroid down to the cavern of ATLAS. It is very demanding task. The camera is placed on top...

l'Internet Society

CERN Video Productions & Ben Segal
Conference of Vinton "Vint" Gray Cerf in the Intercontinental Hostel. Vinton Gray Cerf (born June 23, 1943) is an American computer scientist who is commonly referred to as one of the "founding fathers of the Internet" for his key technical and managerial role, together with Bob Kahn, in the creation of the Internet and the TCP/IP protocols which it uses. He was also a co-founder (in 1992) of the Internet Society (ISOC) which is intended...


CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

Passport Big Bang Party

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
Shootings from the Inauguration of Passport Big Bang.

Flag raising CeremonyFlag raising Ceremony to mark the accession of Israel to Membership of CERN

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
10:10 Welcome and introduction to CERN's activities by Professor Rolf Heuer CERN Director-General

CERN videonews magazine Nr 2 : December 2002

Audiovideo Service & Photolab
News from :
ATRAP experiment's latest achievements. (CERN Bulletin 45/2002)
CAST experiment. (CERN Bulletin 35/2002)
InDiCo : the European digital conferencing project. (CERN Bulletin 42/2002)
CMS : superconducting cable production

Physics of music

CERN Video Productions & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
12 July, 17:00 - Petit Palais

Virtual Visit to the ATLAS Control Room by ICT 2013 event in Vilnius

ATLAS Collaboration & ATLAS Collaboration
This ATLAS Virtual Visit will be carried out in the framework of the "ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow" event that will be held at Vilnius, Lithuania between November 6 and November 8, 2013.

CERNcorridors (week 6)

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Carlos Leon Aguilera
The corridor is a series of videos that aim to let the public to participate, inviting them to send the questions they would like to be replied on the next videos.
The proposal will be to launch a video every week, with a text inviting the audience to post the questions they would like to ask to someone is this questionnaire. We also invite the audience to reply the questions made on the published videos...

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1995 "for their work in atmospheric chemistry, particularly concerning the formation and decomposition of ozone" : Paul J Crutzen, Mario J Molina and F Sherwood Rowland

CERN Video Productions
Prof. Paul J Crutzen presents "The stratospheric ozone hole : a man-caused chemical instability".
The discovery of the spring time stratospheric ozone hole by scientists of the British Antarctic Survey, led by Joe Farman, was one of the greatest surprises in the history of the atmospheric sciences and global change studies. After intensive research efforts by many international scientific teams it has clearly been demonstrated that the observed rapid ozone depletions are due to catalytic reactions...

Fire Brigade training exercise CERN

CERN Video Productions, Guillaume Padlewski, Rémi & CERN Video Productions

ASP 2010 - Stellenbosch, South Africa - August 1st to 21st, 2010 Part 3

CERN Video Productions
The African School of Fundamental Physics and its Applications First edition

Timelapse CMS experiement clip 2

CMS Collaboration & CMS Collaboration
This video is about Timelapse CMS experiement 1

The fantastic voyage of Nino the neutrino, from the Sun to the Earth

Marco Flore Per 21Lab & Communication Office Of The National Institute For Nuclear Physics
Useful to learn what is a neutrino. Nino the neutrino travels from the Sun to the Earth with his friends (like a proton and a photon). But not everyone arrives to the INFN Lab's of Gran Sasso in Italy. And someone even can't stop there! This funny cartoon shows the properties of the neutrinos. (It's in Italian with English subtitles).

Hangout with CERN: Going pear-shaped (S03E05)

Kate Kahle & Achintya Rao
In this week's hangout we're joined by scientists from the ISOLDE facility at CERN to find out their latest news of pear-shaped atomic nuclei and a fundamental property of the rarest element on Earth. Host ATLAS physicist Steven Goldfarb is joined by Bruce Marsh and Valentine Fedosseev, in the ISOLDE visitor room are Liam Gaffney, KU Leuven, Thomas Cocolios, University of Manchester and Fredrik Wenander, CERN; Mark Huyse connecting from KU Leuven, with Achintya Rao...

ATLAS Calorimeter Part 2/2

IT-UDS-Audiovisual Services
There are two videos about lowering and this one is the second part that shows the final positioning of the object. The first part shows how the ATLAS calorimeter with solenoid is lowered down in the ATLAS cavern.

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