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Flavour Physics and CP Violation

Antonio Pich
An introductory overview of the Standard Model description of flavour is presented. The main emphasis is put on present tests of the quark-mixing matrix structure and the phenomenological determination of its parameters. Special attention is given to the experimental evidences of CP violation and their important role in our understanding of flavour dynamics.

On-line computer facilities at Argonne

D R Rust

Greeb V0.2.3

Dmitry Ustalov
Greeb is a simple regular expressions-based Unicode-aware text segmentator written in Ruby.

Vexcl V1.3.1

Denis Demidov
VexCL is an opensource C++ vector expression template library for OpenCL/CUDA. It has been created for ease of GPGPU development with C++ and provides convenient and intuitive notation for linear algebra operations, vector arithmetic and various parallel primitives.

First Release

Mike Taptich
Estimating Bus Speed using d3.js and GTFS

A Test Of Github-Zenodo Integration

Ryan Scherle
This is a test release of my test repository. I'm trying out the new Github-Zenodo integration.

Cellulase Production By Bacteria: A Review

Cellulose is an abundant natural biopolymer on earth and most dominating Agricultural
waste. This cellulosic biomass is a renewable and abundant resource with great potential
for bioconversion to value-added bioproducts. It can be degraded by cellulase produced
by cellulolytic bacteria. This enzyme has various industrial applications and now
considered as major group of industrial enzyme. The review discusses application of
cellulase, classification of cellulase, quantification of cellulase, the types of cellulolytic
bacteria and their screening....

Mini-Review: Theoretical And Onsite Evaluation Of Hazard Potentials In The Local Production Of Wara; An Indigenous West African Soft Cheese

, , , &
The effects of food hazards have been felt in various forms over the years by consumers
globally. This study attempts to assess and evaluate pertinent hazards inherent in the local
production of wara (West African soft cheese) which is traditionally produced in small scale
by Fulani women and consumed widely in Nigeria. The producers of wara in most cases
are associated with poor hygiene, and their products are usually inconsistent in quality and
possess very...

Citable Release

Florian Leitner
initial release (DOI)

Mirror Registrations V0.5

James D. Manton, Marta Costa, Aaron D. Ostrovsky & Gregory S. X. E. Jefferis
Mirroring points in various Drosophila melanogaster template brain spaces

Description and performance of the CERN Spiral Reader (L.S.D.)

P Nappey, G Regad, Kryno K Geissler, E Rossa, J C Gouache, H Ponssen, R Buude, G Brandon & J Trembley

The status of the HPD minimum guidance programs at CERN

A Sambles, A E Head, Jacques Altaber, R Messerli, Werner Krischer, P Ferran, D Williams & M Gerard

3.5 Photography, Expansion Dynamics, Optical Inhomogeneities of the Mura Model Heavy Liquid Chamber

W F Fry, M C Gams, M L Palmer, U Camerini, C A Baumann, J F Daufenberg, R H Hilden, I N Sviatoslavsky, W M Powell & W R Winter

4.4 On the Formation of Bubbles in Liquid Hydrogen

S Wolff, G G Harigel & G Horlitz

Big Data And Big Science

Alberto Di Meglio
Brief introduction to the challenges of big data in scientific research based on the work done by the HEP community at CERN and how the CERN openlab promotes collaboration among research institutes and industrial IT companies. Presented at the FutureGov 2014 conference in Singapore.

Pypot V1.6.0

, Matthieu Lapeyre, Rémi Barraquand &
Python library for controlling dynamixel motors.

Re-Release For Zenodo Doi Integration

Ryan G. Coleman
matches 2d projections of proteins to any shape desired.


Yongxiang HUANG
A Matlab package for the time-dependent-intrinsic-correlation. This code is based on a Fortran code provided by Pr. X.Y. Chen and N.E. Huang.

Technological Educational Institution Of Athens, Physiotherapy Department, Papathanasiou G (Editor). Curriculum Design - Course Description

, &
The courses of the Physiotherapy Department’s curriculum cover the physiotherapeutic evaluation and rehabilitation of injuries, dysfunctions and lesions, both congenital and acquired, that cause disturbances to the skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The basic aim and objective of the course curriculum is the development of critical thinking in the proper selection and application of the evidence based appropriate methods, techniques and means for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the pathological conditions mentioned...

LHCb and its electronics

J Christiansen

Computing in High Energy Physics in China

H Chen & G Zheng

Gyroscope technology: status and trends

W F Gaspary

Panel discussion [at the 1st Workshop on Confidence Limits]

G D Cowan, D E Groom, G Feldman, H B Prosper, L Lyons & T R Junk

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