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Skiroc: A Front-end Chip to Read Out the Imaging Silicon-Tungsten Calorimeter for ILC

Francois Wicek, Michel Bouchel, Gisèle Martin-Chassard, Laurent Royer, Gérard Bohner, Christophe De La Taille, Samuel Manen, Julien Fleury, Jacques Lecoq, Pascal Gay, Ludovic Raux & Mawafak El Berni
Integration and low-power consumption of the read-out ASIC for the International Linear Collider (ILC) 82-millionchannel W-Si calorimeter must reach an unprecedented level as it will be embedded inside the detector. Uniformity and dynamic range performance has to reach the accuracy to achieve calorimetric measurement. A first step towards this goal has been a 10,000-channel physics prototype of 18*18 cm which is currently in test beam in CERN. A new version of a full integrated read...

ROOT Statistical Software

Anna Kreshuk, R Brun, I Antchevam & Lorenzo Moneta
Advanced mathematical and statistical computational methods are required by the LHC experiments for analyzing their data. Some of these methods are provided by the ROOT project, a C++ Object Oriented framework for large scale data handling applications. We review the current mathematical and statistical classes present in ROOT, emphasizing the recent developments.

Late effects of 2.2 GeV protons on the central nervous system

W Calvo & S W Lippincott

Weak interactions and low-energy nuclear physics

R J Blin-Stoyle

RSIS at the world summit on the information society

Yoshio Utsumi, Frank Rose & Adama Samassékou

At Serpukhov

R M Solyaev

The methods of remmetry in the fields of mixed radiation

V V Markelov, I V Chernykh & L B Keirim-Markus

Visionary presentations

Esther Dyson & Frank Rose

Design and implementation of SNS ring vacuum system with suppression of electron cloud instability

H Hseuh, R Todd, J Wei, M Mapes, L Wang, M Blaskiewicz, S Y Zhang & P He

Couplers and HOM dampers

R F Parodi

Cosmic ray induced '.mu.-e' events

T B Novey

Fermilab fixed target program and schedule

T Yamanouchi

The Kolar Gold Fields neutrino project

B V Sreekantan

The essence of the web

Timothy J Berners-Lee & Frank Rose

LARP Long $Nb_{3}Sn$ Quadrupole

G Ambrosio
A major milestone for the LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP) is the test, by the end of 2009, of two 4m-long quadrupole magnets (LQ) wound with Nb3Sn conductor. The goal of these magnets is to be a proof of principle that Nb3Sn is a viable technology for a possible LHC luminosity upgrade.

Completion of the Muon Barrel Alignment System and its integration into the CMS detector environment

J Imrek, P Raics, B Ujvári, G Christian, N Béni, D Novák, J Pálinkás, Zs Szabó, G Székely, G L Bencze, J Molnár & Z Szillási
v During the past years our group has built, calibrated, and finally installed all the components of the Muon Barrel Alignment System for the CMS experiment. This paper covers the results of the hardware commissioning, the full system setup and the connection to the CMS Detector Control System (DCS). The step-by-step operation of the system is discussed: from collecting the analog video signals and preprocessing the observed LED images, through controlling the front-end PCs, to...

IHEP experimental programme (status and outlook)

Yu Ryabov
The IUHEP U-70 accelerator is a proton synchrotron with strong focusing which provides protons accelerated up to 76 GeV. The synchrotron ring electromagnet consists of 120 units with a total circumference of 1483.6 m. A 100 MeV proton linac is used as an injector for the synchrotron. The cycle time of the proton synchrotron is 8.7 s. The author discusses the particle beams of the IHEP accelerator and the physics programme.

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Jon Richter
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Necessary LIU studies in the injectors during 2012

Y Papaphilippou, G Rumolo & H Bartosik
A significant fraction of the Machine Development (MD) time in the LHC injectors in 2011 was devoted to the study of the intensity limitations in the injectors (e.g. space charge effects in PS and SPS, electron cloud effects in the PS and SPS, single bunch and multi-bunch instabilities in PS and SPS, emittance preservation across the injector chain, etc.). The main results achieved in 2011 will be presented as well as the questions that still...

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