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Smart Management Of The Water Urban Cycle

Antonio Sánchez Zaplana
Aguas Municipalizadas de Alicante, AMAEM, is the company in charge of managing the urban water cycle in Alicante and several neighbour towns: San Vicente, Sant Joan, Petrer, Monforte and El Campello. More specifically, AMAEM provides the water distribution service in all of them, and is responsible for the sewage service in Alicante, Sant Joan and Monforte. The population served amounts to 750,000 inhabitants, supplied by a 2,000 km water distribution network and 700 km of...

Le Siècle Des Objets

Christof Schöch
Review of: Lumières 5, 2005, dossier 'Esthétique et poétique de l'objet au XVIIIe siècle', ed. Christophe Martin et Catherine Ramond.

Betydb 3.0.5

, Carl Crott, , Jeremy Kemball, David LeBauer, Rob Kooper, , , , , , & Michael Dietze
This incorporates the features and bug fixes from the July 1, 2014 sprint. It was deployed to www.betydb.org on July 7, 2014. Release Highlights Allow users with editor access or higher to use provenance tables (RM 2007) Data editors can now include site and treatment information when adding yields data. A Feedback tab has been added conspicuously to all pages to allow easy submission of feedback. Summary of Changes Database Changes Administrators need to do...

Thingking: Memory Mapping The World Wide Web

Matthew J. Turk, Samuel W. Skillman & Michael S. Warren
ThingKing assigns a byte-for-byte correlation between a resource on the World Wide Web (WWW) identified by its Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and a Python virtual memory buffer. The PageCacheURL class defines an LRU mechanism for caching pages from a URL, with a default page size of 1 MB and an active pool of 1024 pages. The HTTPArray class extends this model to numpy arrays, while httpfile supplies a file-like interface. Once the URL is mapped...

First Official Release

Kevin Gullikson
This is the official release version of TelFit. It is the version that was available on my website starting June 24, 2014 (when the paper describing the TelFit code was released)

Scikit-Tracker : Objects Detection And Robust Tracking For Cell Biology

Hadrien Mary & Guillaume Gay
scikit-tracker aims to be a robust Python library to work with cell biology microscopy images. OME XML and OME Tiff are supported to handle input/output to the lib. The two main goals of the library is to implement detection and tracking algorithms relevant to analyse biological microscopy dataset. Several algorithms are featured and it is planned to add others: Gaussian peak detection by deflation loop : Segré et al. Nature Methods (2008) Cell boundary detection...


Pablo O Vieira
Command line tool to update No-IP, DuckDNS and DynDNS hosts IP.

License And Covariance Update

Will Dawson & Karen Ng
A license has been added to the code and the code now properly handles covariance of input arrays.


Jerome Banks, Nemanja Spasojevic, Roman Leventov, , Andrew Price, Kenneth Lee, , , , , , Otis Stamp, Lee Moon Soo & Keith Lui
Checkpoint release to aid an academic citation request

Open Access Journals Charging Publication Fees For A) The Ten Countries With The Highest Output Of Open Access Journals And B) Sociological Journals (2012, 2014)

Ulrich Herb
The files represent data on Open Access journals charging publication fees for a) the ten countries with the highest output of Open Access journals and b) all sociological journals indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ. The data covers a time span of about 18 months, it was collected in November 2012 and June 2014.

Аналіз Методології Патентно-Кон’Юнкурних Досліджень У Бувшому Срср Та

Олексій В. Васильєв & Вікторія В. Чьочь
Матеріали аналізу методик патентно-кон'юнктураних досліджень за період 1982- 2012 рр.

Fish Ocelot 0.2.2

Bring a cute ocelot to minecraft. :3

Computable Geospatial Models

Jan Kolar
15 minutes talk on practical implementation of the Geospatial Manged Objects and the concepts described in the article "Bytecode Unification of Computable Geospatial Models". The time index of the presentation: 1m 43s Minimalistic GMO 4m 08s Functional GMO Definition 6m 07s Accessing GMOs from Shell using Scala scripts 9m 24s Viewing GMOs using Virtual Globe component 12m 03s GRIFIN implementation of GMO technology 12m 36s GMO software clients using GRIFIN 13m 58s GMO models


Stephan Hügel & Flora Roumpani
This is the first stable release of the data and methodology for CityEngine-Twitter, a real-time urban data visualisation project which uses Twitter data to grow buildings within a CityEngine simulation.

Orbital Analysis Of Oxo And Peroxo Dicopper Complexes Via Quantum Chemical Workflows In Mosgrid

CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2013, Vol. 993, Paper 3.

Dataset For Cushing'S And Acromegaly Studies

Irit Hochberg, Quyng Tran, Ariel R. Barkan, Alan R. Saltiel, William F. Chander & Dave Bridges
This dataset contains all the code, raw and processed data associated with the human Cushings and Acromegaly studies.

Sndrizpipe Version 1.2

Steve Rodney & Brian Hayden
sndrizpipe v1.2 : Bug fixes and new features. Major bug fix in final drizzle stage we were weighting by ERR instead of EXP or IVM, which led to suppressed flux in the output sources. this is now fixed, and tested with std star aperture photometry, compared to synphot mags. Improvements in the _epochs.txt file handling when new flt files appear in the flt dir, we update the existing _epochs.txt file, adding new epochs as needed...

\pi N resonances and backward scattering

H Høgaasen

The Birmingham track analysis system

J Simmons

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