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Software engineering

Gottfried Kellner

The practice of SA-SD

S Fisher

Large scale production of scintillator crystals

K Matthews

High and low rate irradiations of scintillators and wave length shifters

U Holm, T Marckmann, K Wick, A Dannemann & M Rohde

The Architecture of the high performance storage system (HPSS)

D Teaff, B Coyne & D Watson

Beam pipe size and impact parameter resolution

F Bedeschi

A forward charged track detector at LHC/CLIC

J B Dainton

Parallel and Distributed Crashworthiness Simulation

S Vlachoutsis, B Elsner, J Clinckemaillie, S Meliciani & G Lonsdale

Science, Society and Microcosmos

Sven Kullander

The accordion calorimetry for LHC

I Vichou

Scanditronix accelerator technology

B Anderberg

The storage ring free-electron laser

R J Bakker

Diagnostics with synchrotron radiation

A Hofmann

Prospects of supersymmetry searches at the LEP/LHC

M Besançon

Unlocking The Legacy: The Untapped Value Of Data In Taxonomic Literature

Jeremy Miller, Donat Agosti, Guido Sautter, Terry Catapano, David King, Serrano Pereira, Rutger Vos & Soraya Sierra
Report from the pro-iBiosphere spider plot and data visualization hackathon delivered at the final conference of the pro-iBiosphere project, 12 June 2014, Bouchout Castle, Agentschap Plantentuin Meise (Botanic Garden Meise), Belgium.

Finding Warm Debris Disks With Wise Around Bright Stars

Rahul Patel, Stanimir Metchev & Aren Heinze
We present a sensitive search for WISE W3 (12 μm) and W4 (22 μm) excesses from warm optically thin dust around Hipparcos main sequence stars within 75 pc from the Sun. We use contemporaneously measured photometry from WISE, remove sources of contamination, and derive and apply corrections to saturated fluxes to attain optimal sensitivity to >10 μm excesses. We use data from the WISE All-Sky Survey Catalog rather than the AllWISE release because we find...

Relevance Of National Policy In The Provision Of Open Data On South African Higher Education Sector

Spreadsheet providing breakdown of the national Acts, Bills and Standards relevant to sharing open data on the governance of higher education in South Africa. Data generated as a component of the situational analysis conducted for the 'Use of open data in the governance of South African higher education' research project, in the IDRC/WWWF 'Exploring Emerging Impacts of Open Data in the South' initiative.

Naming Collections Of Solar Physics Data

Joseph Hourclé
To better deal with tracking cross-discipline data usage, a number of groups have come up with guidelines and principles for data citation. In 2012, the National Academy’s Board on Research Data and Information released the report “For Attribution-Developing Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards” [1] and it was followed last year by the CODATA-ICSTI report “Out of Cite, Out of Mind”.[2] Participants from a number of groups synthesized a single set of principles for...

The Extraction of the beam of the Philips AVF Cyclotron

H L Hagedoorn & N F Verster

Dynamic Matched Filters for Gravitational Waves Detection

L Milano, R De Rosa, A Eleuteri, S Pardi, F Acernese, F Barone & G Russo

Beam Extraction from Sector-Focused Cyclotrons

J A Martin

Electromagnetic form factors of nucleons

P E Beckmann

Closing theoretical remarks

Alvaro De Rújula

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