218,203 Works

PerseusDL/canonical-greekLit 0.0.1570

Lisa Cerrato, Bridget Almas, TDBuck, Srdee, Thibault Clérice, Alison Babeu, Scott Fleischman, Ahanhardt, Gregorycrane, Matthew Munson, Aurélien Berra, KATEBHN, Chiara Palladino, Adiel Mittmann, Joel Kalvesmaki & Eric Sowell
XML Canonical resources for Greek Literature

OpenGreekAndLatin/First1KGreek 1.1.4616

Matthew Munson, Alison Babeu, Planatheisa, Annettegessner, Chiara Palladino, Jack Duff, Lisa Cerrato, Thibault Clérice, Ahanhardt, Gregorycrane, A. Burns, Cami33, Lmuellner, Eteske, Seumasjeltzz, Decline93, Caitlinmiller & Joel Kalvesmaki
XML files for the works in the First Thousand Years of Greek Project.

PCMDI/cmip6-cmor-tables: 6.6.30

Denis Nadeau & Mauzey1
CMIP6_CVs- from March 29, 2019

OpenChemistry/tomviz: Tomviz 1.7.0

Marcus D. Hanwell, Chris Harris, Shawn Waldon, Cory Quammen, Yi Jiang, Alessandro Genova, Patrick Avery, Robert Hovden, Robert Maynard, Utkarsh Ayachit, Sebastien Jourdain, Alvaro , Jtschwar, Matt McCormick, Bnmajor, T.J. Corona, Elliot Padgett, Ben Boeckel, Barnaby Levin, Julien Nabet & Janne Blomqvist
Cross platform, open source application for the processing, visualization, and analysis of 3D tomography data

milaboratory/mixcr: MiXCR v3.0.8

Dmitry Bolotin, Stanislav Poslavsky, Chudakovdm, Mizraelson, Tavi Nathanson, Nic Barker & Alexander230
Major changes Alignments are forced to the corresponding edge if the same V/J gene is detected in the opposite PE read mate Average quality threshold (-OaverageQualityThreshold=...) in assembleContigs increased to 20 Added exportAlignmentsForClones action All indels in homopolimeric stretches are now shifted left in all alignment algorihtms Smarter base V/J/C hit selection in assembleContigs Read quality trimming (see help for --trimming-window-size and --trimming-quality-threshold options in align) (disabled by default until 3.1) Fix exception in -mutationsDetailed...

repseqio/repseqio: 1.3.2

Dmitry Bolotin, Stanislav Poslavsky, Bbimber & Alexander230
Fix for empty Chains JSON serialization Some new Chains constants

evaleev/libint: 2.6.0-beta.7

Eduard Valeyev, Drew Lewis, Patrick Seewald, Justus Calvin, Jonathan Dullea, Chong Peng, Katsuhiko Nishimra, Mclement1, Jfermann, Michael F. Herbst, David Williams-Young, James D Whitfield, Ondřej Čertík & Soohaeng Yoo Willow
Release 2.6.0-beta.7 includes minor fixes and improvements.

jmetz/mmhelper: Beta release; final 0.2 beta release

Ashley Smith & Jeremy Metz
Final fixes for beta version added in, next version will be release version.

openpathsampling/openpathsampling: OpenPathSampling 1.0

David W.H. Swenson, Jan-Hendrik Prinz, John Chodera & Bolhuis
OpenPathSampling 1.0 is ready for release! Major changes since 0.9.6 include: New license! OPS is now under the MIT license. Versions of OPS prior to 1.0 are still licensed under LGPL 2.1 or later. Officially supported Python versions are now 2.7, 3.6, and 3.7 Significant refactoring to clean up many parts of the code. In unusual circumstances, these could lead to API breaks. For details, see PRs linked under "Miscellaneous improvements -> Refactoring and API...

LanguageMachines/frog: v0.18.3

Ko Van Der Sloot, Maarten Van Gompel & Irishx
Bug fix release: Fixes https://github.com/LanguageMachines/frog/issues/78

LanguageMachines/ucto: v0.18

Ko Van Der Sloot, Maarten Van Gompel & Irishx
Bug fix release. solving: https://github.com/LanguageMachines/ucto/issues/70

LanguageMachines/libfolia: v2.2.1

Ko Van Der Sloot & Maarten Van Gompel
Bug fix release: There were some problems handling NO setname vs. EMPTY setname, during incremental parsing in folia::Engine. This was sorted out now: https://github.com/proycon/folia/issues/74 This related to some ucto and frog issues too: https://github.com/LanguageMachines/ucto/issues/70 https://github.com/LanguageMachines/frog/issues/72

materialsproject/pymatgen: v2019.7.21

Shyue Ping Ong, Gmatteo, Michiel Van Setten, Will Richards, Joseph Montoya, Anubhav Jain, Xiaohui Qu, Richard Tran, Matthew Horton, Danny Broberg, Kiran Mathew, Geoffroy Hautier, Shyam Dwaraknath, Stephen Dacek, David Waroquiers, Samuel M. Blau, Bharat Medasani, Cedergroupclusters, Nils Zimmermann, Evan Spotte-Smith, J. George, Fraricci, Michael , Alex Ganose, Sai Jayaraman … & Tess
Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen) is a robust materials analysis code that defines core object representations for structures and molecules with support for many electronic structure codes. It is currently the core analysis code powering the Materials Project.

MosquitoAlert/Data: v1.203.2019

Agustí Escobar Rubies & Mosquito Alert
Release of version 1.203.2019

Neurosim-lab/netpyne: v0.9.3

Salvador Dura-Bernal, Padraig Gleeson, Adrian Quintana, Facu, Jjcarre, William Lytton, Barefoothiker, Cliff Kerr, Matteo Cantarelli, Afonso Pinto, Joe Graham, Sam Neymotin, Gil Lee, Jchen6727, IPSIA, Tom Morse, Lucas & David Kedziora
Version 0.9.3 Improved conversion from SONATA format, including 300 biophys cell example Added saveCellConns, pt3dRelativeToCellLocation and invertedYCoord cfg options Added lineWidth as argument of plotRatePSD() and plotLFP() Modified plotLFP and plotRatePSD to use Morlet wavelet for PSD calculation Added lineWidth argument to some raster and LFP plots Added shuffling test to granger causality functions Fixed bug plotting traces with one fig per trace Fixed bug in granger functions - required conversion to int Fixed bug...

choderalab/openmmtools: Storage enhancements and bugfixes

John Chodera, Andrea Rizzi, Levi Naden, Kyle Beauchamp, Patrick Grinaway, Josh Fass, Bas Rustenburg, Gregory A. Ross, Hannah Bruce Macdonald, David W.H. Swenson, Andy Simmonett, Hb0402, Andreas Krämer & Ajsilveira
Bugfixes Fixed a bug in multistateanalyzer.py where a function was imported from openmmtools.utils instead of openmmtools.multistate.utils (#430). Fixed a few imprecisions in the documentation (#432). Enhancements Writing on disk is much faster when the checkpoint_interval of multi-state samplers is large. This was due to the dimension of the netcdf chunk size increasing with the checkpoint interval and surpassing the dimension of the netcdf chunk cache. The chunk size of the iteration dimension is now always...

jstrube/LCIO.jl: v1.2.1

Jan Strube & Elliot Saba
A changelog is being generated, please check back in a few minutes.

buddhi1980/mandelbulber2: Continuous build

Krzysztof Marczak, Sebastian Jennen, Mclarekin, Coast77777777777, Rikard Falkeborn, Bermarte, Orbitcowboy, Biberino, Jeroen Rijckaert, Bruno Duyé, Luchansky, Psyriccio, Probonopd, Danuni, Valera Rozuvan, The Gitter Badger, Martin Herkt & KnifeOfPi
Travis CI build log: https://travis-ci.org/buddhi1980/mandelbulber2/builds/561670359

space-physics/msise00: Improve CI implementation, indices in dict

Ph.D. Michael Hirsch
Manually specified f107 f107s Ap need to be in dict(), if used Improved CI by increasing coverage and moving to Azure, with more test cases.

failys/cairis: Maintenance Update

Shamal Faily, Ash-Ley, Nath, Adamrbu, Robin Quetin, D-Dev, Rachel Larcombe, Ben Coleman & AntonP1337
Fixes for: Issue #406 Issue #407 Issue #408 Issue #409 Issue #410 Issue #411

nightscout/cgm-remote-monitor: Nightscout 0.12.2

Jason Calabrese, Milos Kozak, Sulka Haro, Ben West, PieterGit, Brian Hanifin, Jeremy Cunningham, Ross Naylor, Unsoluble-Test, Scott Leibrand, Pete Schwamb, Bog Dan, Jim Sifferle, Fokko Driesprong, John Costik, Fedor Apanasenko, John Weston, Hristina Dimova, Mark Wilson, Hichame Yessou, Peter Holka, Lixgbg, Dug, Paul Andrel, Martijnmcb … & Thorsten Feige
Another small but important fix: adds X close buttons to all views on the site, to help unstuck iOS users who've added the site to springboard, so they don't have to restart the phone to get back to the graph view

rjfarmer/gfort2py: Fix functions with many string arguments

Robert Farmer, Rob Sitro & Ondřej Čertík
Fix functions with many string arguments

Chirila: Language Data Files

Claire Bowern
Archival data export of Chirila database files, version Jan 1, 2018 Funded by NSF grants BCS-0844550 and BCS-1423711 version July 20, 2019.

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