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Paul McCarthy
funpack - the FMRIB UKBiobank Normalisation, Processing And Cleaning Kit funpack is a Python library for pre-processing of UK BioBank tabular data. The funpack library is developed at the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (FMRIB), at the University of Oxford. It is hosted at https://git.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/funpack/.

1.3GHz Nb Single-Cell Cavity Vertical Electropolishing with Ninja Cathode and Results of Vertical Test

Keisuke Nii, Vijay Chouhan, Hitoshi Hayano, Yoshiaki Ida, Hayato Ito, Shigeki Kato, Hideaki Monjushiro, Hiroki Oikawa, Takayuki Saeki, Motoaki Sawabe & Takanori Yamaguchi
Marui Galvanizing Co., Ltd. has been developing Nb cavity vertical electropolishing (VEP) technologies in collaboration with KEK. Until now, we reported that inner surface state and removal thickness distribution were improved in VEP with Ninja cathode and coupon cavity. This time, a 1.3GHz Nb single-cell cavity VEP with Ninja cathode was performed in Marui and vertical test was performed in KEK. The inner surface state and removal thickness distribution were satisfactory. And as a result...

Electron Spectrometer for a Low Charge Intermediate Energy LWFA Electron Beam Measurement

Andrey Ottmar, Konstantin Gubin, Yuliya Maltseva & Tatyana Rybitskaya
The Laser-driven Compton light source is under development in ILP SB RAS in collaboration with BINP SB RAS. Electron spectrometer for measurement of LWFA electron beam with energy in the range 10-150 MeV and bunch charge 1-10 pC is presented. Spectrometer based on permanent magnet and luminous screen with CCD registrar and this geometry was optimized for best measurements resolution in compromise with size limitations. Preliminary collimation of electron beam allows achieving energy resolution up...

Table 39

L. Adamczyk, J.K. Adkins, G. Agakishiev, M.M. Aggarwal, Z. Ahammed, N.N. Ajitanand, I. Alekseev, D.M. Anderson, R. Aoyama, A. Aparin, D. Arkhipkin, E.C. Aschenauer, M.U. Ashraf, A. Attri, G.S. Averichev, X. Bai, V. Bairathi, A. Behera, R. Bellwied, A. Bhasin, A.K. Bhati, P. Bhattarai, J. Bielcik, J. Bielcikova, L.C. Bland … & M. Zyzak

CERN Yellow Reports: Conference Proceedings, Vol 1 (2018): Proceedings of the ICFA Mini-Workshop "Impedances and Beam Instabilities in Particle Accelerators"

The Impedance of Flat Metallic Plates with Small Corrugations...5 Feedback Systems for Multibunch Beam Diagnostics and Instabilities Suppression...39 A rectangular Waveguide with Dielectric Coatings as a dedicated Wakefield Dechirper at ELBE...87 Analytical Impedance Models for Very Short Bunches...133 The Circulant Matrix Model and the Role of Beam-beam Effects in Coherent Instabilities...25 Studies for the SPS Travelling Wave Cavities Upgrade...57 Design of Low-Impact Impedance Devices: the new Proton Synchrotron Booster Absorber Scraper (PSBAS)...111 Observation and Damping...

Algorithmically random generalized graphs and its topological properties

Felipe S. Abrahão, Klaus Wehmuth, Hector Zenil & Artur Ziviani
This article presents a theoretical investigation of incompressibility and randomness in generalized representations of graphs along with its implications on network topological properties. We extend previous studies on plain algorithmically random classical graphs to plain and prefix algorithmically random MultiAspect Graphs (MAGs), which are formal graph-like representations of arbitrary dyadic relations between $n$-ary tuples. In doing so, we define recursively labeled MAGs given a companion tuple and recursively labeled families of MAGs. In particular, we...

obophenotype/planaria-ontology: 2019 May Release

Steph Nowotarski, Sofia Robb, Erindavies, Eric Ross, Chris Mungall, Joy Roy & Jim Balhoff
deprecated upper ontology terms and replaced with Uberon terms. ie immaterial anatomical entity removed bspo terms and stared creating new PLANA terms that combine a spacial term and an antatomical term like this: PLANA:0000038 | ventral midline | PLANA:0000030 | midline | BSPO:0000084 | ventral region updated ODK

Many-Core Levels

Pieter Hijma & Ceriel Jacobs
Many-Core Levels (MCL) is a framework that allows one to write computational kernels for different kinds of many-core hardware

Alternative Electron Beam Slicing Methods for CLARA and X-ray FELs

David Dunning, Daniel Bultrini, Hector Mauricio Castaneda Cortes, Steven Jamison, Thomas Mansfield, Neil Thompson & David Walsh
Methods to generate ultra-short radiation pulses from X-ray FELs commonly slice a relatively long electron bunch to feature one (or more) short regions of higher beam quality which then lase preferentially. The slotted foil approach spoils the emittance of all but a short region, while laser-based alternatives modulate the electron beam energy, improving potential synchronisation to external sources. The CLARA FEL test facility under development in the UK will operate at 100-400 nm, aiming to...

CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs, Vol 1 (2018): HIE-ISOLDE : Technical Design Report for the Energy Upgrade

edited by Y. Kadi, M. A. Fraser, A. Papageorgiou-Koufidou CERN-2018-002-M, 978-92-9083-492-2 (paperback), 978-92-9083-493-9 (PDF) The Isotope mass Separator On-Line facility (ISOLDE) at CERN occupies a leading position in the field of radioactive ion beams research, as it can produce the largest range of isotopes worldwide —over 1000 isotopes of more than 70 elements. HIE-ISOLDE (High Energy and Intensity – ISOLDE) is an upgrade that aims to increase the facility’s energy and intensity reach, opening the...

Clowder: Open Source Data Management for Long Tail Data

Luigi Marini, Rob Kooper, Indira Gutierrez, Constantinos Sophocleous, Max Burnette, Todd Nicholson, Michal Ondrejcek, Bing Zhang, Inna Zharnitsky, Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan, Smruti Padhy, Yan Zhao, Rui Liu, Ashwini Vaidya, Jim Myers, Mario Felarca, Brock Angelo, Gene Roeder, Jong Lee, Will Hennessy, Theerasit Issaranon, Yibo Guo, Xiaocheng Yuan, Varun Kethineedi, Avinash Kumar … & Kenton McHenry
A customizable and scalable data management system you can install in the cloud or on your own hardware.

mbari-media-management/annosaurus: annosaurus 0.2.4

Brian Schlining
Added a method to make a bulk request for annotations belonging to different videos. Count annotations Count annotations between dates that refer to the given videos via their video_reference_uuid: POST /v1/annotations/concurrent/count Content-Type: application/json { "start_timestamp": "2019-05-06T00:00:00Z", "end_timestamp": "2019-05-06T11:00:00Z", "video_reference_uuids": [ "a8307ef9-8e49-40d3-f163-00b37ce4971e", "ec8de1e1-ea59-49b1-bbdb-3f83260d204f" ] } Retrieve annotations Retrieve annotations between dates that refer to the given videos via their video_reference_uuid. This method accepts limit and offset query params in the URL. POST /v1/annotations/concurrent Content-Type: application/json {...

brianjimenez/lightdock: Release 0.7.0

Brian Jimenez, Miquel Vidal & Jorge Roel
Changes on this release have been tracked in the following issues: Check atoms in PDB parser (#18), which also adds the new flags to setup --noh, --verbose_parser and fixes the behavior of --noxt flag. Fix for bug in ANM calculation which was not using parsed structures (#19). Implementation for all the available scoring functions of the restraints mechanism (#20). Tests for all the post scripts (#21). DNA scoring function has been also updated and now...

KaiyangZhou/deep-person-reid: Torchreid v0.7.7

Kaiyang, Luzai, Bagxi & Yu-Wu
Major updates: Added compute_model_complexity(). Added shufflenetv2.


Hosted By LogPAI Team
Please read the detailed information about the datasets at: https://github.com/logpai/loghub. For example, the README file for HDFS data is available at: https://github.com/logpai/loghub/tree/master/HDFS

Reproductive Biology Of The Mullet Liza Falcipinnis (Valenciennes, 1836) In Two African Complexs Lagoons (Ebrié And Grand-Lahou) (Côte D'Ivoire)

Ebram Luc Gervais DJADJI *1, Soumaïla SYLLA 1, Tizié Thierry ZAN-BI 1 & Boua Célestin ATSE 1
The reproduction of Liza falcipinnis were investigated in both lagoons (Ebrié and Grand-Lahou) from January 2006 to december 2007. 2162 specimens were examined (914 and 1248 respectively in Ebrié and Grand-Lahou lagoons). Fork length was taken to the nearest 1 mm, and total body weight (TW) and eviscerated body weight (EW) to the nearest 0.1 g. The gonads and the liver were then established removed, weighted to the nearest 0.001g. The reproduced period of Liza...

Tuning Low-Current Beam for Nonlinear Quasi-Integrable Optics Experiments at the University of Maryland Electron Ring

Kiersten Ruisard, Heidi Baumgartner, Brian Beaudoin, Santiago Bernal, Benjamin Cannon, Levon Dovlatyan, Irving Haber & Timothy Koeth
Design of accelerator lattices with nonlinear integrable optics is a novel approach to suppress transverse resonances and may be crucial for enabling low-loss high-intensity beam transport. Lattices with large amplitude-dependent tune spreads, driven by strong nonlinear magnet inserts, have reduced response to resonant driving perturbations [*]. This paper describes preparations for tests of a quasi-integrable octupole lattice at the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER). The planned tests employ a low-current highemittance beam with low...

Molecules Can Explain the Expansion of the Universe

Karan R.Takkhi
The Hubble diagram continues to remain one of the most important graphical representations in the realm of astronomy and cosmology right from its genesis that depicts the velocity-distance relation for the receding large-scale structures within the Universe; it is the diagram that helps us to understand the Universe’s expansion. In this paper I introduce the molecular expansion model in order to explain the expansion of the Universe. The molecular expansion model considers the large-scale structures...


Robert Winkler
Data files and results for massypup64 (http://www.lababi.bioprocess.org/index.php/14-sample-data-articles/78-massypup): * Proteomics * Metabolomics * Data Mining

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