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Review Of The Software Used For 3D Volumetric Reconstruction Of The Liver

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In medical imaging, segmentation of different areas of
human body like bones, organs, tissues, etc. is an important issue.
Image segmentation allows isolating the object of interest for further
processing that can lead for example to 3D model reconstruction of
whole organs. Difficulty of this procedure varies from trivial for
bones to quite difficult for organs like liver. The liver is being
considered as one of the most difficult human body organ to segment.

Performance Analysis Of Absorption Power Cycle Under Different Source Temperatures

Kyoung Hoon Kim
The absorption power generation cycle based on the
ammonia-water mixture has attracted much attention for efficient
recovery of low-grade energy sources. In this paper a thermodynamic
performance analysis is carried out for a Kalina cycle using
ammonia-water mixture as a working fluid for efficient conversion of
low-temperature heat source in the form of sensible energy. The
effects of the source temperature on the system performance are
extensively investigated by using the thermodynamic models. The

Hydrological Method To Evaluate Environmental Flow (Case Study: Gharasou River, Ardabil)

Mehdi Fuladipanah & Mehdi Jorabloo
Water flow management is one of the most important
parts of river engineering. Non-uniformity distribution of rainfall and
various flow demand with unreasonable flow management will be
caused destroyed of river ecosystem. Then, it is very serious to
determine ecosystem flow requirement. In this paper, Flow duration
curve indices method which has hydrological based was used to
evaluate environmental flow in Gharasou River, Ardabil, Iran. Using
flow duration curve, Q90 and Q95 for different return...

Robust Anova: An Illustrative Study In Horticultural Crop Research

Dinesh Inamadar, &
An attempt has been made in the present
communication to elucidate the efficacy of robust ANOVA methods
to analyse horticultural field experimental data in the presence of
outliers. Results obtained fortify the use of robust ANOVA methods
as there was substantiate reduction in error mean square, and hence
the probability of committing Type I error, as compared to the regular

Production Of High-Content Fructo-Oligosaccharides

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Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are produced from
sucrose by Aureobasidium pullulans in yields between 40-60%
(w/w). To increase the amount of FOS it is necessary to remove the
small, non-prebiotic sugars, present. Two methods for producing
high-purity FOS have been developed: the use of microorganisms
able to consume small saccharides; and the use of continuous
chromatography to separate sugars: simulated moving bed (SMB). It
is herein proposed the combination of both methods. The aim of this

Graded Orientation Of The Linear Polymers

Levan Nadareishvili, Roland Bakuradze, Barbara Kilosanidze, Nona Topuridze, Liana Sharashidze & Ineza Pavlenishvili
Some regularities of formation of a new structural
state of the thermoplastic polymers - gradually oriented (stretched)
state (GOS) are discussed. Transition into GOS is realized by the
graded oriented stretching - by action of inhomogeneous mechanical
field on the isotropic linear polymers or by zone stretching that is
implemented on a standard tensile-testing machine with using a
specially designed zone stretching device (ZSD). Both technical
approaches (especially zone stretching method) allows to manage the

Model Reference Adaptive Control And Lqr Control For Quadrotor With Parametric Uncertainties

Alia Abdul Ghaffar & Tom Richardson
A model reference adaptive control and a fixed gain
LQR control were implemented in the height controller of a quadrotor
that has parametric uncertainties due to the act of picking up an
object of unknown dimension and mass. It is shown that an adaptive
controller, unlike the fixed gain controller, is capable of ensuring a
stable tracking performance under such condition, although adaptive
control suffers from several limitations. The combination of both
adaptive and fixed...

Thiopental-Fentanyl Versus Midazolam-Fentanyl For Emergency Department Procedural Sedation And Analgesia In Patients With Shoulder Dislocation And Distal Radial Fracture-Dislocation: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial

, , , &
Background and aim: It has not been well studied
whether fentanyl-thiopental (FT) is effective and safe for PSA in
orthopedic procedures in Emergency Department (ED). The aim of
this trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of intravenous FT versus
fentanyl-midazolam (FM) in patients who suffered from shoulder
dislocation or distal radial fracture-dislocation.
Methods: In this randomized double-blinded study, Seventy-six
eligible patients were entered the study and randomly received
intravenous FT or FM. The success rate,...

Assessing Chemo-Radiotherapy Induced Toxicity And Quality Of Life Of Cancer Patients

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are one of the major
treatment modalities that play important role in the management of a
number of different cancers. This study for the first time evaluates the
toxicity of these treatment modalities and its impact on quality of life
of cancer patients in Pakistan. The study also for the first time
determines what cancer patients of different ages and cancer stages
believe would be an effective intervention to manage their

Optimal Classifying And Extracting Fuzzy Relationship From Query Using Text Mining Techniques

Faisal Alshuwaier & Ali Areshey
Text mining techniques are generally applied for
classifying the text, finding fuzzy relations and structures in data
sets. This research provides plenty text mining capabilities. One
common application is text classification and event extraction,
which encompass deducing specific knowledge concerning incidents
referred to in texts. The main contribution of this paper is the
clarification of a concept graph generation mechanism, which is based
on a text classification and optimal fuzzy relationship extraction.
Furthermore, the work...

A Novel Approach To Asynchronous State Machine Modeling On Multisim For Avoiding Function Hazards

, &
The aim of this study was to design and simulate a
particular type of Asynchronous State Machine (ASM), namely a
‘traffic light controller’ (TLC), operated at a frequency of 0.5 Hz.
The design task involved two main stages: firstly, designing a 4-bit
binary counter using J-K flip flops as the timing signal and,
subsequently, attaining the digital logic by deploying ASM design
process. The TLC was designed such that it showed a sequence of

Negative Pressure Waves In Hydraulic Systems

Fuad H. Veliev
Negative pressure phenomenon appears in many
thermodynamic, geophysical and biophysical processes in the Nature
and technological systems. For more than 100 years of the laboratory
researches beginning from F. M. Donny’s tests, the great values of
negative pressure have been achieved. But this phenomenon has not
been practically applied, being only a nice lab toy due to the special
demands for the purity and homogeneity of the liquids for its
appearance. The possibility of creation...

Unsupervised Segmentation Technique For Acute Leukemia Cells Using Clustering Algorithms

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Leukaemia is a blood cancer disease that contributes
to the increment of mortality rate in Malaysia each year. There are
two main categories for leukaemia, which are acute and chronic
leukaemia. The production and development of acute leukaemia cells
occurs rapidly and uncontrollable. Therefore, if the identification of
acute leukaemia cells could be done fast and effectively, proper
treatment and medicine could be delivered. Due to the requirement of
prompt and accurate diagnosis of leukaemia,...

Dynamic Risk Identification Using Fuzzy Failure Mode Effect Analysis In Fabric Process Industries: A Research Article As Management Perspective

, &
In and around Erode District, it is estimated that more
than 1250 chemical and allied textile processing fabric industries are
affected, partially closed and shut off for various reasons such as poor
management, poor supplier performance, lack of planning for
productivity, fluctuation of output, poor investment, waste analysis,
labor problems, capital/labor ratio, accumulation of stocks, poor
maintenance of resources, deficiencies in the quality of fabric, low
capacity utilization, age of plant and equipment, high investment...

Production And Characterization Of Sol-Enhanced Zn- Ni-Al2O3 Nanocomposite Coating

& Wei Gao
Sol-enhanced Zn-Ni-Al2O3 nanocomposite coatings were electroplated on mild steel by our newly developed solenhanced electroplating method. In this method, transparent Al2O3 sol was added into the acidic Zn-Ni bath to produced Zn-Ni-Al2O3nanocomposite coatings. The chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of the composite and alloy coatings deposited at two different agitation speed were investigated. The structure of all coatings was single γ-Ni5Zn21 phase. The composite coatings possess refined crystals with higher microhardness compared to Zn-Ni...

Implementation Of The Recursive Formula For Evaluation Of The Strength Of Daniels' Model

Václav Sadílek & Miroslav Vořechovský
The paper deals with the classical fiber bundle model of equal load sharing, sometimes referred to as the Daniels' bundle or the democratic bundle. Daniels formulated a multidimensional integral and also a recursive formula for evaluation of the strength cumulative distribution function. This paper describes three algorithms for evaluation of the recursive formula and also their implementations with source codes in the Python high-level programming language. A comparison of the algorithms are provided with respect...

Understanding Europe'S Role In The Area Of Liberty, Security And Justice As An International Actor

Sarah Barrere
The area of liberty, security and justice within the European Union is still a work in progress. No one can deny that the EU struggles between a monistic and a dualist approach. The aim of our essay is to first review how the European law is perceived by the rest of the international scene. It will then discuss two main mechanisms at play: the interpretation of larger international treaties and the penal mechanisms of European...

Comparative Study Between Classical P-Q Method And Modern Fuzzy Controller Method To Improve The Power Quality Of An Electrical Network

, , &
This article presents two methods for the compensation of harmonics generated by a nonlinear load. The first is the classic method P-Q. The second is the controller by modern method of artificial intelligence specifically fuzzy logic. Both methods are applied to a shunt Active Power Filter (sAPF) based on a three-phase voltage converter at five levels NPC topology. In calculating the harmonic currents of reference, we use the algorithm P-Q and pulse generation, we use...

Chitosan Functionalized Fe3O4@Au Core-Shell Nanomaterials For Targeted Drug Delivery

, , &
Chitosan functionalized Fe3O4-Au core shell nanoparticles have been prepared using a two-step wet chemical approach using NaBH4 as reducing agent for formation of Au in ethylene glycol. X-ray diffraction studies shows individual phases of Fe3O4 and Au in the as prepared samples with crystallite size of 5.9 and 11.4 nm respectively. The functionalization of the core-shell nanostructure with Chitosan has been confirmed using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy along with signatures of octahedral and tetrahedral sites...

The Effect Of The Side-Weir Crest Height To Scour In Clay-Sand Mixed Sediments

& Hayrullah Ağaçcıoğlu
Experimental studies to investigate the depth of the scour conducted at a side-weir intersection located at the 1800 curved flume which located Hydraulic Laboratory of Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. Side weirs were located at the middle of the straight part of the main channel. Three different lengths (25, 40 and 50 cm) and three different weir crest height (7, 10 and 12 cm) of the side weir placed on the side weir station. There...

Advances In Artificial Intelligence Using Speech Recognition

Khaled M. Alhawiti
This research study aims to present a retrospective study about speech recognition systems and artificial intelligence. Speech recognition has become one of the widely used technologies, as it offers great opportunity to interact and communicate with automated machines. Precisely, it can be affirmed that speech recognition facilitates its users and helps them to perform their daily routine tasks, in a more convenient and effective manner. This research intends to present the illustration of recent technological...

Is The Sense Of Community Towards Participation In Tourism Development Among The Minorities In Multiracial Countries The Same?

Nur Shahirah Mior Sharifuddin, , Muaz Aizuddin &
This paper investigates and compares the community support for tourism development between two groups of minority ethnic descendants in Malacca, Malaysia, namely the Baba-Nyonya and Portuguese. A descriptive research design using a quantitative method with self-reported and self-administered questionnaires through across-sectional approach was applied. Through the descriptive and inferential statistics, some significantly useful insights pertaining to the issue investigated were obtained. The research outcomes indicate that the sense of community is somewhat more effective in...

Development And Validation Of The Response To Stressful Situations Scale In The General Population

, , , , &
The aim of the current study was to develop and validate a Response to Stressful Situations Scale (RSSS) for the Portuguese population. This scale assesses the degree of stress experienced in scenarios that can constitute positive, negative and more neutral stressors, and also describes the physiological, emotional and behavioral reactions to those events according to their intensity. These scenarios include typical stressor scenarios relevant to patients with schizophrenia, which are currently absent from most scales,...

Lattice Boltzmann Simulation Of The Carbonization Of Wood Particle

Ahmed Mahmoudi, , Mohamed A. Abbassi & Ahmed Omri
A numerical study based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) is proposed to solve one, two and three dimensional heat and mass transfer for isothermal carbonization of thick wood particles. To check the validity of the proposed model, computational results have been compared with the published data and a good agreement is obtained. Then, the model is used to study the effect of reactor temperature and thermal boundary conditions, on the evolution of the local...

Gassy Ozone Effect On Quality Parameters Of Flaxes Made From Biologically Activated Whole Wheat Grains

Tatjana Rakcejeva, Jelena Zagorska & Elina Zvezdina
The aim of the current research was to investigate the
gassy ozone effect on quality parameters of flaxes made form whole
biologically activated wheat grains. The research was accomplished
on wheat grains variety

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