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Dspace User Group Video

Michele Kimpton
This is a video file of Michele Kimpton presenting at a DSpace user group meeting for COAR attendees.

Dpm Upgade From Glite 3.2 To Emi 2 - Emi Trainings At Egi Cf12

Emidio - INFN Catania Giorgio
Upgrading a DPM instance from gLite 3.2 to EMI 2 release

Cream Installation And Configuration - Emi Trainings At Egi Cf12

INFN Padova Andreetto Paolo et al.
Installation and configuration of CREAM CE instance, from EMI 2 release

How Emi Contributed To The Higgs Boson Discovery

Alberto Di Meglio & Florida Estrella
This video describes the EMI (European Middleware Initiative) software services and how they have contributed to the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN in 2012 by powering the WLCG computing grid

Galileo'S New Order

Alyssa Goodman, Patricia Udomprasert & Curtis Wong
WorldWide Telescope Tour about Galileo's Discovery of Jupiter's Moons

High-Resolution Air Temperature Observations Near The Surface Using Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing

Matthias Zeeman
Time-lapse animation of air temperature observations near the surface, highlighting wave-like motion in opposite direction of the mean wind.

Site Bdii Installation And Configuration - Emi Trainings At Egi Tf 2012

INFN Padova Aiftimiei Cristina
Installation from EMI 2 release and Configuration of a site BDII instance

Riccati-Based Feedback Stabilized Navier-Stokes Flow

Heiko Weichelt
Closed-loop simulation of Navier-Stokes flow within "von Kármán vortex street". The vertical component of the velocity field is illustrated. The top video shows the velocity field without any feedback. The middle video shows the influence of the initial feedback, compute via a Bernoulli equation. The bottom video shows the stabilizing influence of the Riccati-based feedback for $\lambda=2$.

Science Soft Video

Antonis Makriyannis-Alberto Di Meglio-Makriyannis Design
Science Soft video

Wms Installation And Configuration

Emidio - INFN Catania Giorgio
Installation and configuration of an EMI 1 WMS instance

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