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Peema Perspective - Image Alignment And Circular Dichroism Calculation

Baha El Kassaby
This movie describes how to use DAWN to process a set of PEEM data as acquired on the I06 beamline at Diamond Light Source

Diffuse Optical Tomography And Fluorescence Simulation

Guillaume Dollé, Zakaria Belhachmi, Christophe Prud'homme & Murielle Torregrossa
Diffusion of a source of light (Dirac) in a turbid medium. The object owns two inclusions, one more absorbant and one more diffusive than the background. These inclusions can be seen as tumours that have different optical and fluorescence properties compared to the "homogeneous" background. This simulation shows the forward problem solutions for choosen optical and fluorescence parameters and computed with FEEL++, a C++ library for Generalized Garlerkin methods (FEM, HP-FEM, ...).

Aeolotron: The Heidelberg Air Sea Interaction Facility

Bernd Jähne
In 1999 the Institut für Umweltphysik at the University of Heidelberg moved into a new building. There a world wide unique experimental facility is available, the Heidelberg Aeolotron. This annular wind/wave facility with 10 m in diameter was built for the investigation of small-scale air-sea interaction processes. Although these processes are controlled by thin boundary layers of about a millimeter thickness on both sides of the interface, they are of importance for the global climate...

Full Data Reduction Box Profile With Expressions

Mark Basham
This movie describes how to use DAWN to reduce a series of radiography images to a corrosion rate.

Videos For Demonstration

Xi En Cheng
These are videos in which the results are overlaid on the original from-camera videos. Please turn to the section 3.2 and the legend of Fig. 7b for the explanation of the inset(s) of "MovieS1" and "MovieS2".

Industrial Relations In Central Public Administration: Recent Trends And Features

Jane Lethbridge, Ian Greer, Lefteris Kretsons, Charles Umney & Geoff White
This report maps current developments in industrial relations systems in the central public administration secrtor across the Member States, covering all EU Member States except Croatia, which joined the EU in mid-2013. The report explores to what extent there is formal industrial relations processes within the sector, including the organisation of unions and employer representatives, and the role of collective bargaining and consultation. It also examines the specific features of the sector in terms of...


Xi En Cheng
These are videos in which the results are overlaid on the original from-camera videos. Please turn to the section 3.2 and the legend of Fig. 7b for the explanation of the inset(s) of "MovieS1" and "MovieS2".

Zooplankton Imaging With The Lightframe On-Sight Keyspecies Investigation (Loki) System

Moritz Schmid, Cyril Aubry, Jordan Grigor & Louis Fortier
A video presentation on how to build detailed automatic identification models from LOKI zooplankton imagery and how to validate them as well as an introduction to the double filtering algorithm that was developed in our lab. Concluding with some ecological data. This presentation was recorded for the 5ème Rencontre des Technologies Marines. https://projets.dt.insu.cnrs.fr/formations/2014_techmar/

Zero-Postulation Or Null-Postulation And Abstraction

Subhajit Ganguly
The best bet is to find out the most fundamental components within the system and building a theory round these. In other words, a theory that is able to describe the world in totality has to keep the number of basic postulates it depends upon to zero or near zero. Zero Postulation gives rise to abstraction. The abstraction we are talking about here may be defined as, “Postulation of non-postulation” or, in other words, “A...

Speech Stimuli (Aci Experiment)

Speech stimuli involved in the Auditory Classification Image experiment (Alda/Alga/Arda/Arga). Male speaker, wav format, 48 kHz

Communicating Research - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Noémie Serfaty, Daniel Mietchen, Matthew Senate & Maximilian Klein
The results of scholarly research are typically communicated via
research articles. Researchers (or anyone else) can usually get access
to such an article only if they or their institutions have subscribed
to the journal that the article is published in. There are thousands
of such journals.

This system of distributing research made perfect sense in the paper
age, but keeping it this far into the digital age is a serious #Fail
of the research...

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