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Delay Constrained Linear Transmission of a Mixture of Gaussian Measurements over a Fading Channel

Onur Tan, Deniz Gunduz & Jesús Gómez Vilardebó
Delay constrained linear transmission (LT) of a mix-ture of Gaussian measurements over an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) fading channel is considered. At each time slot (TS), the control center (CC) asks for the measurement of a particular system parameter from the sensor, which is capable of measuring multiple independent system parameters. The average mean-square error (MSE) distortion is studied for Gaussian parameters and a Gaussian fading channel under an average power constraint. The optimal...





TEI Lex-0 In Action: Improving the Encoding of the Dictionary of the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa

A Salgado, R. Costa, T Tasovac & A. Simões
This paper describes some experiments made while encoding the first complete dictionary of the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa (DACL) in the context of TEI Lex-0, a community-based interchange format for lexical data aimed at facilitating the interoperability and reusability of lexical resources. Even though the original encoding of the DACL was based on TEI, we decided to switch to TEI Lex-0 because it allowed us to streamline our encoding. Our experiments show that even...

Development of mechanically compliant flip chip interconnect using single metal coated polymer spheres

Daniel Nilsen Wright, & Joachim S. Graff
Most available fine pitch interconnects, like micro bumps and copper pillars, are not particularly compliant
whereas available compliant interconnects, like plastic core solder balls, are not fine pitch. Using Ag plated
polymer spheres (MPS) in conjunction with a nano-Ag conductive ink has the potential to achieve mechanically
compliant flip chip interconnects since the structural integrity is maintained by the flexible polymer core while
the electrical conductivity is maintained by the Ag plated shell. Additionally, the...


Miguel Ángel Vázquez, Aritra Konar, Luis Blanco, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos & Ana I. Pérez-Neira
Owing to the rapidly increasing traffic demands on satellite connectivity, the current exclusive frequency allocation is becoming obsolete. Instead, aggressive frequency reuse and interference mitigation techniques are promising ideas that both industry and academia are investigating. This paper proposes an optimization precoding technique for dealing with the multibeam interference due to the aggressive frequency reuse. In contrast to general multiuser multiple input multiple output (MIMO) schemes, multibeam satellite precoding techniques call for frame-by-frame quadratically constrained...

Lexicography and the Semantic Web: A Demo with LexO

Andrea Bellandi & Anas Fahad Khan
The purpose of this contribution is to present LexO8, the first version of a collaborative web editor for easily building and managing of lexical and terminological resources in the context of the Semantic Web.

Lexicographic Practices in Europe: Results of the ELEXIS Survey on User Needs

Jelena Kallas, Svetla Koeva, Margit Langemets, Carole Tiberius & Iztok Kosem
The paper presents the results of a survey on lexicographic practices and lexicographers’ needs across Europe (and beyond) both for born-digital and retrodigitized resources. The survey was conducted during the period from 11 July to 1 October 2018 in the context of the Horizon 2020 project ELEXIS (European Lexicographic Infrastructure). The survey was completed by 159 respondents from a total of 45 countries, comprising 36 European countries and nine countries outside Europe. Looking in detail...

Corpus Creation for Sentiment Analysis in Code-Mixed Tamil-English Text

, , Ruba Priyadharshini & John Philip McCrae
Understanding the sentiment of a comment from a video or an image is an essential task in many applications. Sentiment analysis of a text can be useful for various decision-making processes. One such application is to analyse the popular sentiments of videos on social media based on viewer comments. However, comments from social media do not follow strict rules of grammar, and they contain mixing of more than one language, often written in non-native scripts....

Holographic Design of Arbitrary Multi-Beam Leaky-Wave Antennas

Xavier Artiga & Fermín Mira
This paper proposes a versatile method for designing arbitrary multi-beam leaky-wave antennas that can be applied to the synthesis of di erent beams with di erent gains, or of more than two beams. The method is based on superposing multiple objective eld patterns in the context of the holographic design of a modulated impedance surface. In particular, dual-beam
leaky-wave antennas with equal beam gains, and with relative gain di erences of 3dB and 6dB are...

Analysis of Personality Traits' and General Attitudes' Differences Among Age Groups and Possible Business Economics Implications

Katarina Kostelić
Abstract. Many types of research of generations and age groups' characteristics emphasize the differences and specifics. This paper emphasizes relatively permanent psychological constructs: personality traits (according to Jung's typology) and general attitudes (according to Spranger's classification), focusing on age groups. Individuals born in period 1996 - 2000 reached adulthood and started making decisions on their own; they have become (or will soon become) part of the labor force, thus increasing their purchasing power, and...

ELEXIFINDER: A Tool for Searching Lexicographic Scientific Output

Iztok Kosem & Simon Krek
Access to lexicographic research is highly important for lexicographers when conceptualizing and compiling dictionaries, and preparing their publications for presentation to the lexicographic community. There have been several attempts to offer a systematic record of lexicographic scientific output, and advanced search of it, but most of them are no longer updated, focus only on bibliographic data, and do not include works from other fields related to lexicography. The tool called Elexifinder has been developed within...

Анализ фазовых соотношений между квазигармоническими составляющими речевых сигналов с использованием оценок фазового инварианта, фазового квазиинварианта и бифазы

, Борисенко С. Ю. &
При решении некоторых задач анализа речи оказывается целесообразной оценка фазовых межкомпонентных связей между квазигармоническими составляющими вокализованных звуков. В докладе приведены результаты сравнения способов оценки фазового инварианта, фазового квазиинварианта и бифазы. Рассмотрены алгоритмы оценки фазовых соотношений между колебаниями основного тона и обертонами речевых сигналов. Предлагаются рекомендации по применению этих алгоритмов в речевых технологиях. Наглядно показано, что оцениваемые величины (инвариант, квазиинвариант, бифаза) речевого сигнала сохраняют постоянные значения при произнесении диктором гласного звука, но резко меняют свои значения...

Aceleración del Filtro de Ocupación Bayesiano para Sistemas Avanzados de Ayuda a la Conducción

Luis Medina Valdés, Alejandro Serrano-Cases, Antonio Martínez-Álvarez & Sergio Cuenca-Asensi
El Filtro de Ocupación Bayesiano es una de las técnicas punteras para la sensorización de escenarios no estructurados en aplicaciones de conducción autónoma. En la actualidad se han realizado implementaciones puramente software sobre procesadores de altas prestaciones y GPUs, pero hasta el momento no existe ninguna propuesta para su utilización en sistemas empotrados. En este trabajo se presenta el desarrollo de un IP core que permite acelerar la ejecución del filtro sobre dispositivos MPSoC de...

The ELEXIS Interface for Interoperable Lexical Resources

John P. McCrae, Carole Tiberius, Anas Fahad Khan, Ilan Kernerman, Thierry Declerck, Simon Krek, Monica Monachini & Sina Ahmadi
ELEXIS is a project that aims to create a European network of lexical resources, and one of the key challenges for this is the development of an interoperable interface for different lexical resources so that further tools may improve the data. This paper describes this interface and in particular describes the five methods of entrance into the infrastructure, through retrodigitization, by conversion to TEI-Lex0, by the TEI-Lex0 format, by the OntoLex format or through the...

A conditional extreme value approach to value-at-risk estimation with exchangeable innovations

Chun-Kai (Karl) Huang, Delia North & Temesgen Zewotir
Extreme value theory (EVT) is commonly used for evaluating risk in financial returns. In particular, it can be amalgamated with a GARCH model, where the peaks-over-threshold (POT) method is applied to the innovations. However, this GARCH-EVT approach relies on the assumption that the innovations are independent and identically distributed. To relax this assumption, we generalise the POT method to exchangeable sequences. We apply this new approach, with the GARCH filter, to forecast one-day-ahead Value-at-Risk estimates...

Internet of Radio-Light - EU Horizon 2020 Project - First Year's Main Achievements

Adam Kapovits & John Cosmas
Poster Session at the EUCNC 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Modeling the South African Mining Index with generalized hyperbolic distributions

Knowledge Chinhamu, Chun-Kai Huang, Jahvaid Hammujuddy & Chun-Sung Huang
In the valuation theory of derivative securities, as well as other topics in finance, inaccurate distributional assumptions of the underlying asset returns may lead to substantial error bias. In this paper, after investigating the classical normality assumption, we introduce alternative models to fit the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Mining Index returns with higher degrees of accuracy. A robust model should accommodate for a number of stylized features, such as excess kurtosis and volatility clustering, embedded...

Forecasting Stock Market Volatility in the Presence of Structural Breaks: An Application to Value-at-Risk Estimation in South Africa

Lesley Reddy, Derusha Pillai, Chun-Sung Huang & Chun-Kai Huang
This paper investigates the empirical evidence of structural breaks in stock return volatility for the South African Equity Market by using the Modified Iterative Cumulative Sum of Squares (ICSS) procedure. It then proposes an adjustment to the standard GARCH(1,1) and GJR-GARCH(1,1) models by incorporating endogenously identified structural breaks into the determination of the estimation window used to forecast volatility and explicitly imposing a lower bound on this window size. This is evaluated against a series...

Effect of hip implant surface modification on shear stress distribution

Aleksandra Vulović & Nenad Filipović
Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures in the world. Annually, more than 1 million hip replacement surgeries are performed worldwide, while it is anticipated that this number will double in the next decade. After the damaged or worn out hip joint is replaced with the artificial hip joint, bone healing process starts. In order to ensure the long and proper function of the artificial joint, the connection between the bone and...

Using OntoLex-Lemon for Representing and Interlinking German Multiword Expressions in OdeNet and MMORPH

Thierry Declerck, Melanie Siegel & Stefania Racioppa
We describe work consisting in porting two large German lexical resources into the OntoLex-Lemon model in order to establish
complementary interlinkings between them. One resource is OdeNet (Open GermanWord-Net) and the other is a further development of the German version of the MMORPH morphological analyzer. We show how the Multiword Expressions (MWEs) contained in OdeNet can be morphologically specified by the use of the lexical representation and linking features of OntoLex-Lemon, which also support the...

Towards a Linked Lexical Data Cloud based on OntoLex-Lemon

Thierry Declerck
In this paper, we present some considerations on the current state of both the Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) cloud and the
core module of the OntoLex-Lemon model. It is our perception that the LLOD is lacking a representation and interlinking of lexical
data outside of the context of lexicons or dictionaries, which have been ported to Linked Data compliant formats. And while the
OntoLex-Lemon model and its predecessor lemon have originally been developed to...

Adding Pronunciation Information to Wordnets

Declerck Thierry, Bajcetic Lenka &
We describe ongoing work consisting in adding pronunciation information to wordnets, as such information can indicate specific senses of a word. Many wordnets associate with their senses only a lemma form and a part-of-speech tag. At the same time, we are aware that additional linguistic information can be useful for identifying a specific sense of a wordnet lemma when encountered in a corpus. While work already deals with the addition of grammatical number or grammatical...


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